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Date : 2007-11-29
Description : VOCene #29
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VOCene #29 - November 29, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
     1) Brew Hut
     2) Marriott Basin
     3) Cloudburst

II. Upcoming Events and Trips
     1) 3rd Annual Jared Stanley Mountain Safety Lecture, Nov. 29
     2) Skiing this weekend, Dec. 1,2
     3) Waddington Hut Trip, Dec. 9-14ish
     4) Snowshoe Abomination, Dec. 14-16
     5) Avalanche course, Jan. 19-20

...better late than never!

I. Trip Reports

1) Brew Hut
The Brew Epic was... not epic!

For the first time in recorded history it was not a white out at the
Brew Hut!  Everyone made it to the hut, went skiing, and even made it
back down!  There was apparently some sick pow too.

You can find photographic evidence in the message board thread:

2) Marriott Basin
Bram sends this report:

Thomas, Lara and I went up to the Wendy Thompson hut (Marriot Basin,
off the Duffey Lake Road) last weekend. Great weather on both days,
but especially on Sunday.
Easy skin up the snow covered FSR (~30cm of snow at the start), not
much more snow in the forest. Some trailbreaking after the
Rohr/Marriot Basin juction.
Snow cover is fairly marginal around the hut. We did some skiing off
the small bump on the W of the hut (a bowl with some wind deposits),
but still experienced the occasional scraping noise...
Sunday Thomas and I went up to the slope towards the SW (pass @
7200ft), which had more than enough snow to ski (again wind deposited;
all other aspects looked really marginal, if not impossible, to
ski). Great views from a sea of clouds below us, and blue skies
above. Lara decided to spent some quality time trying to finish a
50,000 word novel (during the national novel writing month), and got
5,000 words closer towards the month-end goal.
After some lunch at the hut we skied down, trying to avoid all the
trees, bushes, logs and other (partly hidden) obstacles.
Could use some more snow ;-)

3) Cloudburst
This from Alexander Rauscher:

My friend Hugh and I met at 7 am to ski Cloudburst Mountain north of
Squamish. We drove the Chance Creek Forest Service Road which leads
into the valley north of Cloudburst (taking the right branch at an
intersection marked by an orange rock) up to ~ 550 m and parked the
car where some old logging road branches to the left. After a few
hundred m the road becomes a bit overgrown but still skiable. After 15
min to the right, over a clear cut and again keeping right into the
forest. Somehow we made it through the forest without any problems
(except that I lost my jacket and had to walk back 10 minutes). We
chose to skin up to the ridge on the right instead of into the steep
bowl straight ahead of us. On the ridge there were some windslab and
small unstable zones on exposed slopes. The last ten minutes to the
summit are straight forward. There are large cornices on the
right,which should be kept in mind during bad visibility. It took us 4
hours to the summit. We had perfect weather, snow was good on the
upper half of the hill, but another metre would have allowed for great
skiing in the lower regions.
Some photos are here:

II. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) 3rd Annual Jared Stanley Mountain Safety Lecture, TONIGHT Nov. 29
The 3rd annual mountain safety lecture is happening on Nov 29,
5:30-7:30pm, in Geography RM 100. Looks like it's featuring Curtis
Jones from North Shore rescue, with a short ski film.

2) Skiing this weekend, Dec. 1,2
Despite some plans changing around a lot, it appears that some people
will be going skiing this weekend.  There seems to be a group planning
to go to Manning Park, and a different trip to Sproatt in the works.
Keep your eye on the message board if you are interested:

3) Waddington Hut Trip, Dec. 9-14ish
A bunch of people are going to be hanging out between exams at the
hut.  Check out the board and wiki page.  Note that the ski into and
out of the hut can be a little tricky.  Combined with the lack of
very easy terrain at the hut, this might not be the best trip for
total beginners.

4) Snowshoe Abomination, Dec. 14-16
Jeff Mottershead will be leading a group of snowshoeing VOC hooligans
up to Golden Ears. This trip doesn't assume any experience, but does
require that you're in somewhat decent shape. The path gains 1500m in
potentially deep snow over 12 km. Avalanche gear (shovel, probe,
transciever) is required. There will be a pre-trip meeting at 7:00pm in
the club room on Tuesday, December 12.

5) Avalanche Course, Jan. 19-20
The VOC is organizing a Avalanche Skills Training (Level 1) course
through Canada West Mountain School in the new year.  This is an
excellent course to take in order to learn about avalanches and how to
avoid them in the backcountry.  More info:
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