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Date : 2008-01-09
Description : VOCene #33
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VOCene #33 - Jan. 9, 2008
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
     1) Bonnington Traverse

II. Upcoming Events and Trips
     0) No slideshow tonight
     1) Winter Longhike, Jan. 12-13, Meeting TONIGHT
     2) Letter Writing Night, Jan. 15
     3) Avalanche Courses

I. Trip Reports

1) Bonnington Traverse

Madeleine posted a detailed trip report on the Bonnington Traverse in
the West Kootenays.  Check it out at the link below!  Sound like a
nice hut-hut-hut traverse (if you can find the huts that is!)

II. Upcoming Events and Trips

0) No slideshow tonight
There will be no slideshow tonight because of the Winter Longhike
meeting (see below).  There will be a slideshow/letter writing event
on TUESDAY next week (also see below) but nothing on Wednesday (also
because there are avalanche school classes next Thursday).

1) Winter Longhike, Jan. 12-13
Pre-Trip Meeting Jan. 9, 6pm, Clubroom ---TONIGHT---
Everything is different when you go into the backcountry in the
winter; that's why there is Winter Longhike, an introductory trip for
winter camping. This is usually a big trip with lots of keen people
aboard who want to get out, learn some new skills, and sleep in their
very own snow shelter while still managing to have fun too. It's an
easy, beginner friendly trip, so if you've never even seen snow before
you can still have a good time. Other fun activities that often happen
at Winter Longhike are a cooking competition, sing alongs, costume
competitions, and the occasional great ski run on Sunday.

2) Letter Writing Night, Tues. Jan. 15, 6pm
Next Tuesday we will meet in the clubroom at 6pm to see a slideshow of
pictures from the Phelix Creek (Brian Waddington Hut) area and to
write letters to the government to help preserve our access to the area.

As you have probably heard from reading past VOCenes or watching the
message board, a group of snowmobilers is attempting to derail the
Backcountry Forum Winter Sharing Accord and gain motorized access to
Phelix area.  This is a critical time for maintaining our ability to
enjoy the area free from snowmobiles.  The government has appointed
Kevin Kriese from the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands to look into
the issue.  We are writing letters to him to tell him our side of the

So, come out to the clubroom next Tuesday evening and write a letter
(and see some sweet skiing pics)!

3) Avalanche Courses
The avalanche courses are quickly approaching.  It may still be
possible to run another session so come down to the clubroom and pay
if you are interested (money refunded if the class does not happen).
More info:


The 2007-2008 issue of the VOC Journal (VOCJ) will mark the fiftieth
anniversary of the journal. In celebration the journal will be bigger
(higher page count) and brighter (more colour pages) and will feature
a retrospective section including articles by alums, spotlights on
some gems from the archives, and profiles of key figures and events in
VOC history. We'll send free copies out to all contributing alums and
advertisers. This issue will take more resources (human and monetary)
to put together, so we'll need a lot of help

To help, you can:
-submit an article
-submit photos
-suggest advertisers
-suggest alumni we can profile or contact to write an article
-suggest current VOCers we should harass to write articles
-skim the archives for restrospective vignettes
-sign up to write one of a the suggested articles (on the wiki page)

The deadline is February 11, 2008, but the sooner the better!  Early
submissions (eg. NOW) are greatly appreciated by the editor.

All this info and more is on the wiki page:
CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or
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mailing list, sign in at and
uncheck the 'want VOCene' box

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