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Description : VOCene #12 - October 19, 2004
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VOCene #12 - October 19, 2004
Bleh…high midterm season, where Time ceases to have meaning. Halloween paraphernalia is in stores with Christmas decorations right beside them. Only 66 shopping days till Christmas!

    - Elfin Lakes
    - Skaha rockclimbing, Hallowe’en

    - VOC Climbing Wall
    - Conservation & Recreation Committee
    - Wednesday slideshow
    - Brew Hut Rebuilding Committee meeting
    - VOC apparel
    - work hikes

    - Mount Cheam and Lady Peak, October 16 
    - ACC memberships
    - Cypress Mountain discount passes


A group of VOC’ers is currently deciding who will organize a trip (dayhike or overnight) for this weekend. Elfin Lakes seems a probable destination. From what I gather, there is likely a trip meeting tomorrow (that’s Wednesday) in the clubroom noonish. Check the “adventure the weekend of the 23rd” thread on the message board to see what ultimately is decided.


From Jordan Tam, VOC Gearmeister 1 of 2:

“Hey everyone, so what're you doing for halloween weekend? Well here's another annual club trip that you may be interested in attending. 

Skaha climbing is awesome ledgy climbing in Penticton (interior BC) where it should be relatively warm and dry and where all of us can put the climbing practice we've had from Longhike 'till now into good use!

So set this weekend aside. The club is looking to get a rough estimate of how many people are planning on attending so if you're interested post here. More detailed plans will come, but we're looking into the possibility of getting a bus (depending on interest and amount of people) and we may stay at the Stathers house or a campsite (TBA at a later date). So keep your eyes and ears open, questions? Drop me an e-mail or come to the clubroom.

NOTE: This is not an instructional trip so you should have the basics down pat, also, if you need gear, then plan for it and come during regular hours to the clubroom. We will be enforcing the workhike rule as well, so if you haven't done one, sign up for one at least, the exec is looking into projects for all yee members! Other inquiries, direct them to my (Jordan Tam) e-mail!”


Tuesday night climbing sessions continue at the Wall. Please note the following from Nick Waber, Climbing Wall Coordinator:

Remember... if you need gear, get it from the QM's during regular hours (lunch time). And bring your membership card (if you were not given one when you purchased your membership, come by the clubroom during regular hours and get it). Lastly, bring $5 for your year climbing wall membership. 

The climbing wall schedule is now online on the Wiki at:    (thanks Tom)


A Conservation and recreation committee is being formed to address all the recreation access and conservation issues that are of concern to club members. The committee will be writing letters to government and stakeholders expressing the views of the VOC's members and will help keep the VOC informed of current issues.
Meetings will be held on the last wednesday of every month, with the first meeting Oct 27. If you're interested please email Tim Blair ( for time and location.


Sarah Harrison informs me that this week’s slideshow (Wed Oct 20) is CANCELLED.... but drinks are still on for all who are keen. Come to the Gallery at 7:00 on Wed for friends and fun! Next week's show is still on - check the WIKI part of the website for more info.

For everybody who missed Roberta Holden’s slide show about sailing up to Alaska this summer, it will be presented again at the ACC monthly meeting (details below):

ACC Monthly Meeting and Slide Show

Date: Tuesday October 26  at 7:30 pm.
Location: Floral Hall, Van Dusen Gardens W. 37th & Oak Street, Vancouver

Slide show: Ferris Wheels and Grizzly Byways: Why mountains don't start
at 10,000 feet - an ascent of Mt. Fairweather as a traverse from Glacier
Bay to Lituya Bay presented by Vance Culbert, Cecelia Mortenson and
Roberta Holden.

We'll focus our presentation on the Fairweather trip (an ascent of Mt.
Fairweather from sea level as a traverse from Glacier Bay to Lituya
Bay), but as this climb was part of a 4 month/ 5000 nautical mile
sailing/mountaineering trip from Vancouver to the Aleutian Islands and
back , we might just throw in a few slides of the sailing part too.


Jean-Philippe Mercier (VOC Special Projects Exec) has this announcement; if you’re interested in getting involved in this endeavour, you should attend this meeting:

“I am planning to organize a meeting thursday (october 21st) for
people interested in the Brew hut project. This is a very important
meeting both for people who volunteered in the past and people
interested to participate this year.  The meeting will hold in Calhoun
3035 West Broadway at 7h30.”


To borrow VOC gear, we ask that you perform an altruistic act that directly benefits the club. We call this a “work hike”. If you are looking for one to do, sign up on the sheet on the gear room door or contact an Exec member. If you are a new member, do this and you will be able to take out gear.


Still have some VOC shirts sale. Long sleeve tees are $15, short sleeve are $12, older styles going for $5.


Scott Nelson, Sandra Nicol, and Tom Chen went hiking in the Cheam range on
Saturday.  We climbed Lady Peak on some class 2 and 3 terrain made more
difficult by the snow on the rocks and in the air, and had lovely views of the
fog from the top.  We then descended back to the Cheam-Lady col and followed a trail to the summit of Cheam.  The weather cleared for our arrival and we could
see down the Chipmunk Creek valley - very pretty in fall colours, but with a
lot of steep clear cuts.  The trail was in very good shape although some of the
meadows had ATV tracks where they had done donuts.  The weather continued to improve for the hike down.  Down the road, through Chilliwack to the Yellow
Barn vegetable store (mmm, squash), and home.


The Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) is once again offering free membership to student VOC members. We will announce when the cards are available for pick up in the Clubroom – stay tuned!

If you’re wondering just what an ACC membership entails, here’s a message from Antje Wahl, VOC rep from the ACC:

In the past 2 years the VOC-ACC partnership has consisted of
- joint ski trips (Spearhead Traverse)
- joint slide shows on campus
- discount rate for VOCers in ACC workshops
- ACC membership for all VOC student members


Antje Wahl is also organizing a group purchase for these passes. Prices are listed below, contact her (not me) for more info. NOTE THE DEADLINE!!

Last call for people interested in getting a Cypress ski pass for this winter at group discount rates. Prices for downhill passes are below. If you want to purchase a pass, send Antje an email, and she’ll email you the application form. I can pick up forms & cheques at the clubroom this Friday Oct 22 at noon. 

Downhill season passes
***Prices include all taxes***

Full Privilege Pass (open to close, 7 days a week)
Regular $869.91
Group $547.95

DayNiter Pass (open to close, Mon-Fri)
Regular $579.94
Group $364.98

NiteTimer Pass (4pm to close, 7 nights a week)
Regular $469.73
Group $295.64

OneNiter Pass (4pm to close, one specified night a week)
Regular/Group $200.09

Adult ski & snowboard lesson program
(OneNiter season pass + 5 full day lift tickets + 5 two-hour lessons)
Regular $325.28
Group $234.97
Regular with rental skis/snowboard $424.70
Group with rental skis/snowboard $305.39

Cross-country & snowshoe passes also available - ask Antje for prices.

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