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Date : 2008-01-17
Description : VOCene #34
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VOCene #34 - Jan. 17, 2008
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
     1) Winter Longhike
     2) Letter Writing

II. Upcoming Events and Trips
     1) Avalanche Courses, CLASSROOM SESSION TONIGHT (Jan. 17)
     2) Skiing at the Waddington Hut, Jan. 19-20
     3) Slide Show: Sea Kayaking in the Queen Charlotte Islands, Jan. 23
     4) Ski Tune Night, Jan. 24
     5) Tele School, Jan. 26


IV. BOG Elections
I. Trip Reports

1) Winter Longhike
Here is a TR from Natalie:

After everyone's patience at the pre-trip meeting and the expected
chaotic doling out of rides I decided to keep the location at Falls
Lake due to rain potential at Seymour.

Fortunately the roads were good and most cars got the trailhead
more-or-less on time after an unplanned rendezvous at Timmy's. The
usual carfaff was accompanied by the sound of skidoos.

One by one people snowshoed/ skied/ boot-packed-b/c-bindings-broke-off
to Falls lake. As soon as we got off the main road the roar of engines
was muffled by the snow and it altogether disappeared by the time we
reached the lake. People got right to work and made good use of their
shovels and by the time I arrived with the last couple of groups
around one in the afternoon a bonified snow village was effectively
under construction. Massive snow structures sprung up like
mushrooms. Wind gusts whipped across the lake but the forest made for
a nice cozy kitchen haven despite the unexpected clumps of snow
sloughing off the trees overhead. After dark most of us gathered round
for dinner while a group of igloo architects across the lake kept
sawing away at massive ice blocks and digging out a ridiculously long
tunnel; its only entrance. Singing, bottomless cookies, mulled wine
and jokes were had, all contributing to the late Sunday start (with
the exception of Fred Touche's car who left as soon as the sun came
up). Some of us went skiing and drank in the early afternoon sunshine
on Zoa while other slowly proceeded to the car. A quick tromp around
the abandoned snow village upon my return revealed the only
casualties, a lone plastic water bottle and a glass maple syrup
container. Well done. No one died, fun was had and the sun came
out. Thanks to all who came.

Pics and more in the message boad thread:

2) Letter Writing
A dozen or so people came out to the Phelix slideshow and letter
writing night on Tuesday.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  We'll
let you know how our meeting with Kevin Kriese goes after Monday.

II. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Avalanche Courses, CLASSROOM SESSION TONIGHT (Jan. 17)
Two groups of the level one course start TONIGHT at Canada West
Mountain School.  7-10pm, 47 W. Broadway.  The on-mountain portion of
these courses is of course this weekend.

A third level one course is being organized, possibly for the
following weekend (Jan. 26-27).  See the wiki and watch the message board:
If you want to participate, the best thing to do is come to the
clubroom and pay.  If things don't pan out you'll get a refund.

A second group has been added for the level 2 course
(Feb. 16,17,23,24).  Sign up now in the clubroom.

2) Skiing at the Waddington Hut, Jan. 19-20
Some people are planning to celebrate Matthew Carroll's birthday at the
Waddington Hut.

3) Slide Show: Sea Kayaking in the Queen Charlotte Islands, Jan. 23
Tim Blair will be presenting a slideshow next Wednesday, Jan. 23 at
7pm in the clubroom.

4) Ski Tune Night, Jan. 24
I'll be doing a demo on how to wax and edge sharpen skis (possible
simple base repairs) next Thursday.  5pm in the clubroom (probably
going to around 7pm).  Bring your skis and whatever waxing/tuning gear
you have.  We could also practice on the club skis, which probably
need some love.

5) Tele School, Jan. 26
This year's telemark school is approaching!  Sign up on the wiki:


The 2007-2008 issue of the VOC Journal (VOCJ) will mark the fiftieth
anniversary of the journal. In celebration the journal will be bigger
(higher page count) and brighter (more colour pages) and will feature
a retrospective section including articles by alums, spotlights on
some gems from the archives, and profiles of key figures and events in
VOC history. We'll send free copies out to all contributing alums and
advertisers. This issue will take more resources (human and monetary)
to put together, so we'll need a lot of help

To help, you can:
-submit an article
-submit photos
-suggest advertisers
-suggest alumni we can profile or contact to write an article
-suggest current VOCers we should harass to write articles
-skim the archives for restrospective vignettes
-sign up to write one of a the suggested articles (on the wiki page)

The deadline is February 11, 2008, but the sooner the better!  Early
submissions (eg. NOW) are greatly appreciated by the editor.

Alumni can pre-order a journal for $15.  Contact Jeff Mottershead.

All this info and more is on the wiki page:

IV. BOG Elections

Andrew Silversides sends along this message regarding the upcoming UBC
Board of Governors elections and a fellow VOCer:

The AMS elections start next week!  Long time VOC member Tim Blair is
running for Board of Governors and I'd like to avoid being blatantly
political but I think you should vote for him. More to the point he
needs you to vote for him.

Tim looks to be the forerunner for the VOC old geezer award this year
and you can find his name as far back as the Pemberton Ice Field Epic
(circa VOCJ 1997). He has served on the VOC Exec, and is a strong
advocate for conservation and the UBC Farm. Tim would like for you to
vote for him because he would advocate for proper student consultation
but I would like you to vote for him because he would serve the
interest of the VOC in the upper AMS echelon, is generally good guy
and throws great wine parties. Tim also has experience in sustainable
community planning (eg. stormwater systems, building design and
construction) as well as strong community connections (University
Neighourhood Association, Friends of Pacific Spirit Park, BC Nature,
Federation of Mountain Clubs), which are very relevant to a position
on the Board.

Vote Online From Jan 18th to the 23rd.  Log into the SSC and click on
Web Vote:
CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or
additions to:  To unsubscribe from the VOCene
mailing list, sign in at and
uncheck the 'want VOCene' box

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