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Date : 2008-02-27
Description : VOCene #40
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VOCene #40 - Feb. 27, 2008
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
     1) Red Rocks
     2) Traverse in the Trophys
     3) Neve
     4) Juan de Fuca
     5) AST 2

II. Upcoming Events and Trips
     1) No slide show tonight
     2) Rainbow Lake, Mar. 1-2
     3) VOC/VOCO Phelix Trip, Mar. 1-2
     4) Brew Trail Markers?, Mar. 1-2
     5) Phelix Trail Markers, Mar. 8-9
     6) BCMC Social, Mar. 11
     7) Banquet, Apr. 2

I. Trip Reports

1) Red Rocks
Read a brief TR from some VOCers who made the long drive down to Red Rocks:

2) Traverse in the Trophys
A report on a ski traverse in the Trophy Range in the South of Wells Gray Park:

3) Neve
An intriguing photo-TR from Pawel's highly unusual Garibaldi Neve Traverse:

4) Juan de Fuca
Juan de Fuca by the numbers:

Number of participants: 9 (6 male, 3 female)
Total km hiked: 47
Number of days hiking: 4
Longest distance in one day: 18km
Shortest distance in one day: 2.5km
Amount of food forgotten at home: 4 bagels
Percentage of food brought that was more than 9 people needed to survive: 40%
Total number of falls or slips on mud, bridges, logs, or boardwalks: 4387
Good times had by: 9
Total number of raindrops felt, seen, or otherwise noticed: 0.00000

5) AST 2
All AST 2 participants survived and are now certified avalanche masters.  Even Ed.

II. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) No slide show tonight
There is also no slide show this week, you might want to attend the
VIMFF ski night instead.
Next week (March 5), Buchanan A203, 7pm:
Jeremy Frimer will present "Thirteen Expeditions---Pakistan, India,
the St. Elias, Peru, Alaska---and What they all have to do with
Genocide in Darfur."

2) Rainbow Lake, Mar. 1-2
Matt Parisien is organizing a ski trip to Rainbow this weekend.

3) VOC/VOCO Phelix Trip, Mar. 1-2
A VOC/VOCO joint trip to Phelix is going on this weekend.  It's almost full
and the pre-trip meeting already happened.

4) Brew Trail Markers?, Mar. 1-2
Scott N. might be going to Brew this weekend to work on the trail
marking.  This trip doesn't seem entirely certain, so check out the

5) Phelix Trail Markers, Mar. 8-9
Christian V. is installing the trail markers on the trail to Phelix!
He would like your help!  More info:

6) BCMC Social, Mar. 11

This info passed on from the BCMC (British Columbia Mountaineering

The March presentation is one some VOC members might be interested in.
John Baldwin will be speaking on ski touring in the coastal mountains.
John will be familiar to many members both as an ex-VOCer and author
of "Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis."

It is hoped the new, updated version of his book will be completed and
available but you never know with these things.

While we're expecting a good turnout for this meeting there is always
room for a few more. So, if any VOC members are interested they are
welcome to attend. There is no cost for attendance.

Starting next Wednesday the front page of the BCMC website (
with have all the pertinent information. The actual date of the
presentation is Tuesday, March 11.

7) Banquet, Apr. 2
SUB Ballroom
Mark it on your calendars, the banquet has been scheduled!


This passed on by VTACC:

Vancouver Quadra By-Election: Candidates Debate Climate Change

March 6th, 7pm.  St. James community Square.  W. 10th Ave and Trutch.

Voters Taking Action on Climate Change (VTACC, is
hosting a town hall style meeting with the political candidates
running in the March 17th Vancouver Quadra by-election. The focus of
the discussion will be on climate change. More specifically we want to
have an engaging debate with the candidates and the audience about
what each candidate and their party will do about climate change if
elected and how the electorate should vote to get real action on
climate change. Invite your friends and neighbours from across the
political spectrum to attend and get some answers. Kirk Lapointe,
Managing Editor of the Vancouver Sun, will be moderating. So far the
Liberal, NDP and Green party candidates have agreed to attend. We hope
that the Conservative candidate will come as well.

VTACC is compiling a list of candidate questions prior to the town
hall event. If you have a question that you would like to ask a
candidate, please email it to us prior to the event
( Although we will be taking questions
throughout the night, we anticipate a big crowd and want to make sure
that we make enough time for your questions.
CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or
additions to:  To unsubscribe from the VOCene
mailing list, sign in at and
uncheck the 'want VOCene' box

UBC Varsity Outdoor Club

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