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Date : 2008-03-20
Description : VOCene #43
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VOCene #43- Mar. 19, 2008
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
1)Spetch Creek/ Saxifrage
2) Rainbow in a Whiteout
3) Neve alternative

II. Upcoming Events and Trips
1) C5
2) Battle Royal
3) Smith Rocks
4) Skaha
5) Hiking over Easter long weekend
6) Misty Icefield traverse

III. Other
1) GAS letter
2) Budget Suggestions
3) Return Gear
4) T-Shirts!
5) Awards and Exec Nominations
6) UPASS Referendum
As a stand-in for Scott Webster I'll do my best to not, in three electronic messages, become dreaded spam in your inbox. So thanks in advance for putting up with me. 
 And now, for an important announcement:
Spring has sprung! There are rumours that it has arrived early this year due to the 2008 leap year. (This is debatable... I was going to mention something about consulting a ground-frog but thought better of it). For all of you who are relieved that the ski obsession is over,  Apologies, but traverse season has only begun! Yes indeed... time to get out on the long weekend.  
Ski, hike, climb... GET OUTSIDE!  Looks like you have lots of options.

I. Trip Reports

1) Spetch Creek/ Saxifrage
In attempts to avoid the crowds on the Neve, a handful of VOC'ers joined Richard, Pete and Kristen to ski up Spetch Creek and take a classic VOC photo. Clear skies that next morning sparked an attempt at Mt. Saxifrage. Pete Hudson's TR can be found here: 

2) Rainbow in a Whiteout
Scott, Sandra and I approach to Rainbow Mt. via Hanging lake from the biathlon parking lot at Callahagn.
The summit was reached at 2 pm in a blanket of clouds. A full trip report can be found here:

3) ACC/ VOC joint Neve crossing
No word back yet... someone should post something. 
I assumed they survived the penguin huddling.

II. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) C5- Charlie Caunt is back and organizing a ski trip somewhere this weekend.
the destination will be decided tonight, 6:30 pm at the pre-trip meeting.

2) Battle Royal-  Europa is still looking for victims.  Sign up on the wiki. 
Who wouldn't want to move dirt?

3) Smith Rocks- Some people are thinking about heading down to Smith Rocks for the long weekend.
But they sound a bit confused and might switch destinations (see upcoming trip # 4). I don't know why...
Oregon's a nice place. 

4) Skaha-  Some other people are thinking of heading over to Skaha. 
Also a nice place, but it's not Oregon. Sounds like there's space in the car:

5) Hiking over Easter- Want to  spend the weekend hiking on the island? 
Check out the Konrad's thread on the forum: 

6) Misty Icefield Traverse-
If the weather clears a few parties might attempt the Misty Icefield traverse. Phelix has been suggested as an alternative poor weather destination.

III. Other

1) GAS- Think that the proposed resort development 'Garibaldi At Squamish' stinks?  
Write the government and let them know.

2) Budget Suggestions
Next year's budget will be decided at the banquet so we are taking suggestions. Please see the message board thread and provide your input!

3) Return Gear
Inventories must be done so please bring in those VOC skis you have kicking around the house.

4) T-Shirts!
The new t-shirts have arrived!!! $15, clubroom. Check them out. 
Uber- ethical, fair trade, and locally printed on organic cotton.

5) We need nominations for awards! See the thread:

Next year's executive will be elected at the banquet. Forms are posted outside the clubroom for executive nominations! Check out the positions here:

6) Get out and vote during the AMS referendum! Not everyone bikes to school.
More info:
CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or additions to: To unsubscribe from the VOCene mailing list, sign in at and uncheck the 'want VOCene' box

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