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Date : 2008-03-29
Description : VOCene #44
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[Editors Note: So you might have noticed this is not a Wednesday. In fact, ideally you'd all be outside right now anyways and out of electronic contact. But perhaps it is now Monday and you are scanning your inbox, wondering why the VOCene was sent on a Saturday. Well I must admit guilt. When I clicked the send button on Wednesday, the weekly digest was only sent to Alumni members and was only just brought to my attention. The current member mailing list was misspelled. Oops.

As a bonus though for your patience you get BREAKING NEWS the alumni missed: the VOC stickers have arrived! Hooray! Time to stick them all over your uncertain-if-they-really-cause-cancer Nalgenes. Below is your missed installment, delivered with the utmost apologies for its late arrival.]

VOCene #44- Mar. 26, 2008


In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports

1) C5 at Phelix Creek

2) Vantage

3) Red rocks

4) Manning Park

II. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Backcountry Skiing somewhere this weekend

2) Outdoor Adventure Relay for Darfur

3) Intro to White-water kayaking

III. Other

1) VOC BANQUET! Wed April 2nd 7:00

2) U-PASS Referendum

3) Homesick Gear= Wall of shame

4) T-Shirts

5) Exec nominations

6) Job opportunity

Don't forget about the VOC Banquet that's coming up. Who wouldn't
want to be at the AGM? Read on for more details.

I. Trip Reports

1) C5: Sounds like Phelix was the place to be this weekend as reports of
inclement weather made for good hut tripping.

Not to mention the occurrence of the impossible... beating Veenstra to the
Brian Waddington hut! Found out how this impressive feat was accomplished

2) Climbing in Vantage: Sounds like a frozen morning lead to a delayed start
on the rocks but otherwise a fantastic trip.

3) Red rocks journal: Stephen had a solid eleven day dirt-bagging adventure.
His full TR can be found here:

4) Manning: Shuyu, Roland et al went for a beginner friendly ski at Manning.
Sounds like they had some amazing powder:

II. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Skiing somewhere this weekend:
Some people are going up to Brew this weekend. Others might be headed
elsewhere due to capacity issues.
Find out the latest:

2) Outdoor Adventure Relay for Darfur: April 19-27.
"Have you ever wondered how people could have sat back and allowed genocide
in Rwanda (1994) or in Nazi Germany to unfold? Well now we know... the
world's been doing the same for the past 5 years. VOC Alumni Jeremy Frimer
invites all VOCers to join a 9-day, 9-leg relay from Whistler to Vancouver,
culminating in a rally downtown Vancouver. The goal is to make a public call
for Canadian intervention into genocide in Darfur. Participate in any ONE
leg (entailing as little as half a day's involvement). Take a stand against
genocide and tell the Canadian government "Not on our Watch!"."

3) Intro to White-water March 28th: Sounds like fun, but it also looks
pretty full. Check out the wiki for more details and waiting list

III. Other

1)VOC annual BANQUET!!!! Wednesday April 2rd 7:00

Ok guys. It's what you've been waiting for. the VOC banquet and AGM! Come
out, be merry, eat food and vote for your new Exec. There will be the usual
AGM shenanigan, dinner (provided by the exec. bring your own plates), a
slideshow by the awesome VOC alum Helen Lemon-Moore and (of course) dancing
with music provided by Arlin.

The exec will provide food for the membership although dessert donations
would be nice. This is a non-licensed event so liquor is not condoned.

Remember to wear your formal attire! According to the wiki "even mountain
people like to get dressed up once in awhile".

It is coming up NEXT week already so get

2) Save the U-Pass!

Only 5 more days to get on-line and vote in the AMS referendum:


3) The wall of shame has begun. Please Return any VOC Gear.
Drop by the clubroom to visit our friendly quartermasters Piotr or Andrew.
They won't bite, honest. It's nearing the end of the school year and
inventories must be done.

4) T-Shirts!

The new t-shirts are still in the clubroom. They're pretty cool you now.
Mine got its first run through the drier.

5) Next year's executive will be elected at the banquet.
Forms are posted outside the clubroom for executive nominations! Check out
the positions here:

6) Job Opportunity: Several research assistant positions (part-time) are
available, related to a study of how infrastructure in Vancouver affects
cycling injuries. The "site observer" position entails visiting sites
around the city and recording information about the infrastructure. There is
also an "interviewer" position, which involves interviewing cyclists who
have been injured and hospitalized. Pay is around $20 per hour and closing
date for applications is March 31st. The positions would typically last for more than one year. If you
are interested, contact Melody Monro at:

CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or
additions to: To unsubscribe from the VOCene mailing
list, sign in at and uncheck the
'want VOCene' box

UBC Varsity Outdoor Club

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