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Date : 2008-04-02
Description : VOCene #45
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VOCene #45- April 2, 2008
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports

1) Baker
2) Self Propelled Coliseum
3) Callahagn lake
4) Europa progress

II. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Vantage
2) Outdoor Adventure Relay for Darfur
3) Son of Rock
4) Ski tour during exams
5) XC Skiing at Callahagn

III. Other

1) VOC BANQUET! Wed April 2nd 7:00
2) VOC logo stickers have arrived
3) Please return any stray gear
4) T-Shirts
5) ACC Social

I woke up today and saw a squirrel. Only this squirrel was precariously balanced by one paw (if squirrels have paws) on the gutter of my roof. I blinked and it was gone. Presumably it went up, or at least that's what I'll believe as there was no squirrel pancake when I got on my bike and checked the ground. Indeed, today is the second of April. That's right, the day you've all been waiting for: The end of the year Banquet! Read on to find more details and remember to get snazzy. Lets see if you can out-dress the exec!

I. Trip Reports

1) Baker- 
Roland et al. crossed the border to ski around Baker. Apparently the hamburgers down there are quite good and althought they didn't climb the mountain, they had a good ski.
Full TR here:

2) Self Propelled Coliseum-  
Matthew Parisien made it up Coliseum mountain under his own power. In hail.  An entertaining account of his adventure can be found here: 

3) Callahagn lake-  
Scott and Sandra did some wedding prep doubled with a speedy ski up to the lake: 
4) Skunk Van and Europa- 
Smelly progress has been made and the compressor is where it should be:

II. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Climbing in Vantage April 4-5: The pre-trip meeting has occurred, rides have been found and it looks like a great weekend is in store: 

2) Outdoor Adventure Relay for Darfur: April 19-27.
"Have you ever wondered how people could have sat back and allowed genocide
in Rwanda (1994) or in Nazi Germany to unfold? Well now we know... the
world's been doing the same for the past 5 years. VOC Alumni Jeremy Frimer
invites all VOCers to join a 9-day, 9-leg relay from Whistler to Vancouver,
culminating in a rally downtown Vancouver. The goal is to make a public call
for Canadian intervention into genocide in Darfur. Participate in any ONE
leg (entailing as little as half a day's involvement). Take a stand against
genocide and tell the Canadian government "Not on our Watch!"."

3) Son of Rock April 19-20: 
Spring is prime time to learn how to climb. If you're itching to get out on some rock, this is the trip for you.
Check out the wiki for more details and to sign up as an instructor or student:

4) Ski tour during exams:
Got some time during exams and your priorities straight? Join Madeleine and crew for a multi-day ski tour April 11-17th.
The destination is weather dependant.

5) XC Skiing at Callahagn.  Looks like Eric and Claire are going up Saturday April 5th.
There are spots in the car. 

III. Other

1)VOC end-of-the-year Banquet. TODAY!!! April 2nd 7:00

Free foods, slide show, music (complements of Arlin) and the Salty Dog Rag dance. It's all you could hope for; the VOC banquet and AGM! Come up to the SUB ballroom be merry, eat food and vote for your new Exec. And that's not all. I hear rumors that the fiftieth anniversary journal might just make its debut.
Come early so you can have your say in the AGM.

Dessert donations would be appreciated. This is a non-licensed event so liquor is not condoned.
Remember to wear your formal attire! Shine up those shoes (or sandals) and come out and dance.

2) The VOC Stickers have arrived!
They can be purchased in the clubroom for $1 and are thereafter free to be brutalized by your creativity. Stick them on yourselves, your helmet, or your favorite mode of transportation.

3) Return Gear- The wall of shame has begun. Please Return any VOC Gear.
Drop by the clubroom to visit our friendly quartermasters Piotr or Andrew.
They won't bite, honest. It's nearing the end of the school year and
inventories must be done.

4) T-Shirts
The sweet Tele bailing ethical t-shirts are still in the clubroom and available for purchase.
They will also be sold at the banquet.

5) ACC Social: April 22nd
The ACC - Vancouver Section monthly meetings are held in the Floral Hall,
Van Dusen Gardens W. 37th & Oak Street, Vancouver every 4th Tuesday of the
month starting at 7:30 PM

Tony Hoare: Into Uncertainty - A traverse of the Pantheon,
Whitemantle and Waddington Ranges by 3 Weekend Warriors.

In May 2007 one woman and two men set out to retrace John Baldwin's 1982
traverse from the Chicotin Plateau to the Pacific. Over 27 days the route
took them through the Pantheon, Waddington and Whitemantle ranges. A few
peaks were scaled and adventures were plentiful. Far from being experienced,
professional mountaineers the group had a steep learning curve. Previous
experience was lots of back country skiing and short mountaineering trips.
Chic Scott reviewing the trip plan commented "By God, couldn't you start
out with something a bit more modest"?

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