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Description : VOCene #15 – November 9, 2004
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VOCene #15 – November 9, 2004
Well, this was going to be sent out last night... until my phat pipe Internet connection was severed. $%#!@&* Telus!!

    - Smith Rock, Oregon
    - Brew Hut
    - long weekend ski trip

    - VOC Climbing Wall
    - Wednesday slideshow

    - Hanes Valley - Grouse Mountain, North Shore Mountains
    - Black Mountain, North Shore Mountains
    - ACC memberships
    - Cypress Mountain discount passes pick-up


The exodus to Smith Rock begins later today, with cars leaving this afternoon and tomorrow morning. There are still a few seats up for grabs, so if you’re real keen check out the message board ASAP!!

For those left behind in the better half of North America, there’s other stuff happening closer to home…


Boris Khramstov is seeking interested parties for an overnight trip to this hut. Looks like Saturday/Sunday. See his thread on the website or email him for details.


Winter can’t get here soon enough. Yann Bourdon has 2-3 seats, leaving this evening in search of powder. If you are interested, call his friend Freddie at
(604) 970-0759.


Important notice from Nick Waber:

The SUB proctor got in touch with me (kinda) the other day... she needs me to provide a list of climbing wall members, and all members need to have a card, so...

1) If you are signed up (payed your $5) and HAVE a card, email me so I put your name on the official list. (My little lists have wandered off.) 
2) If you've payed your $5 and DON'T have a card, email me and tell me. I'll make cards available at the clubroom ASAP.
3) If you're NOT payed up, pay up! You can get in touch with me by email (, OR find me at the clubroom Tuesdays around 12:30ish or so.

NOTE: put "VOC climbing wall" in the subject field of your emails so I don't assume that it's junk because I don't recognise your email address/name.

I'd like to get this sorted out as quickly as possible, so please respond quickly.

Kari the bookings lady has asked me to let a band use the Norm for practice tomorrow (Wednesday) from 2-5. WE CAN STILL CLIMB AT THIS TIME! It is not an "accidental double booking". Yeah. So.... this doesn't really affect us, except that now our 2-5pm Wednesday climbing has musical accompaniment.


From Sarah Harrison, on this week’s slideshow:
Hey All!
Well the threat from last week came true; due to a lack of presentors, the slideshow this week is cancelled. (Boooo!) Stay tuned for an update on next week's show. 
Everyone who's interested in presenting please e-mail me at All types of shows are welcome, and remember that often the best shows come from great stories, and not necessarily amazing slides.
by Robin Attas

Here's a bit of a trip report from Robin, who is so glad she decided to come last-minute...

Thanks to Scott and Natasha, we were able to drive rather than bus, which was wicked. Hiking through the rain in Lynn Headwaters was no problem, especially with all the flat land, and playing on the suspension bridge at Norvan Falls was also a treat. After crossing Lynn Creek (no need to create a makeshift bridge this time, although slippery logs led to at least one sore ass) we headed up towards Hanes Valley, where there was lots of snow and water, more than expected. Undaunted, we scrambled up snow-covered boulders to Crown Pass, swapping trail-breaking duties as needed. The snow was even deeper at the top of the ridge (up to shorter members' waists at times!) but we slogged onwards and upwards, ignoring loss of feeling in appendages, and once again trading who got the joys of going in front and playing snowplow. With plenty of chocolate breaks, however, we did succeed in reaching the Grouse chalet by about 3:15, and had a bit of a chance to warm up and dry off (although stupid Grouse didn't have the fire lit...poor form) before heading down the skyride (more poor form...should one really have to pay $5 if one just did a hike that puts the Grouse Grind to shame?) and back to the cars.

And I learned that even if you have proper hiking boots, warm clothing, and are prepared for a bit of snow, this is still an incredibly challenging hike (see my article in last year's VOC journal if you want to hear my views on the first time I did this hike...). But I love the challenge. Hanes Valley/Crown Pass, you have not defeated me yet!!! Boo ya!!

By Kevin Dolan:
I suppose I should put in my two cents as well: 

Well we started off at 8:30, thanks to Natasha and Scott with their cars! Natasha set a fast pace for the first leg of the trip. It was level and easy, until we got to the bouncy suspension bridge. This marked the second, more difficult section of our trip. There were a few wet log creek crossings, and patches of snow, until we got to the foot of *shudder* Crown Pass. The crown pass climb basically consisted of boulder scrambling uphill with 6 inches to a foot of snow so you couldn't tell what you were stepping on! At the top of Crown pass, which took a bit out of me, everyone suddenly broke out their chocolate bars! (bet you didn't see that one coming). The last leg of the trip made all of our past accomplishments seem a warm up! It was almost straight up, the trail was unrecognizable, we had to use chains to hoist ourselves up, aaaand there was 2-3 feet of snow! (which isn't very fun in shorts.) When we finally stumbled into the Grouse Lodge, soaked from head to toe, there was only coals of a long gone fire. So to show our discontent, we starting wringing the water out of our gloves, hats, shirts, pants, socks, ect... Very fun, and yet very wet.

By Chris Petrus

Hike #46 in 103 Hikes, 5th edition. Woke up 5:30 for early start. Rain didn’t let up all day. Goretex doesn’t breath as much as hoped. Brought snowshoes in case snow was deep near summit. Encountered more mud than snow. Froze hands, discovered mitts are better than gloves for pulling onto wet fingers. Hot tea was crucial. Got back to car when night fell. No more hikes in rain for me.


The Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) is once again offering free membership to student VOC members. We will announce when the cards are available for pick up in the Clubroom.

If you’re wondering just what an ACC membership entails, here’s a message from Antje Wahl, VOC rep from the ACC:

In the past 2 years the VOC-ACC partnership has consisted of
- joint ski trips (Spearhead Traverse)
- joint slide shows on campus
- discount rate for VOCers in ACC workshops
- ACC membership for all VOC student members


Antje Wahl submitted the forms this weekend. Note that you will NOT receive a letter from Cypress; you can go to any Cypress Mountain booth AFTER NOVEMBER 15 to pick up your pass. Just give them your name and you will be issued your pass on the spot. Cypress has booths at Pacific Centre Mall, Park Royal Mall and Metropolis/Metrotown (check mall websites for exact location) or you can get the pass on Cypress Mountain on your first ski day/night.

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