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Date : 2004-12-15
Description : VOCene #20 – December 14, 2004
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VOCene #20 – December 14, 2004
There is light at the end of the tunnel – exams are almost over!! 

    - VOC Tele School
    - VOC Avalanche School

    - Brew Hut redesign
    - speak English? Get 6 nights at Whistler

VOC Tele School
Want to get into the world of free-heel skiing? The VOC tele school is coming up…
Hey all!
anyone who's interested in Tele School this year sign up outside the clubroom.
The cost is approx $45 (to cover your lift pass, and a portion of your instructor's)
plus ski rentals (if applicable)
This year it's going to be held at Cypress on Saturday the 29th. 
There is also a mandatory dry school on Wednesday the 26th at 7 PM in Angus 104 to fuigure out equipment, rides, $, etc. (Please bring payment then if possible)

Let me know if that date doesn't work for anyone (and if there's enough people wanting another date we'll change it) or if you have any questions.

Have a great Christmas!!!!
VOC Avalanche School

Signup for avalanche school has now closed and there will be 3 groups
of 8 people each. Unfortunately we will not be able to accomodate
everybody who signed up, and priority has been given to current
members in good standing (i.e. if you didn't pay membership, or you
are alumni, you will be waitlisted - sorry). The latest from Canada
West Mountain School (CWMS), who will be running the course, is that
the cost will be $139 per person, and since most people preferred the
Whistler option, the second day will be run at Whistler. If you do not
already have a pass for Whistler you will have to buy a backcountry
pass which costs about $30.

There will be a PRE TRIP MEETING this Monday 20th December at 6-7pm in
the VOC clubroom. All participants must attend. You should bring a
cheque for $139 payable to me (Matthew Brown), as I'll be handling the
cashflow. The $30 backcountry pass will be bought at Whistler on the
second day if you need one.

I'll also be handing out medical forms, waivers and equipment lists
for the trip at this meeting. The course itself will be Sat-Sun
January 15th-16th, with day 1 at Seymour, and day 2 at Whistler. There
will be a pre trip classroom session Thursday January 13th 7-10pm and
a post trip classroom session Monday 17th 7-10pm (location TBA). I'll
try to answer any more questions that you might have at the meeting.

The (initial) groups are:

Ski 1 (black)
1 Matt Brown
2 Jess Deutsch
3 Rich Truman
4 Robin Attas
5 Sam Middlehurst
6 Max Edkins
7 Zosia Bornik
8 Christina Chan

Ski 2 (blue)
1 Natasha Tam
2 Sonya Powell
3 Fiona Campbell
4 Chris Yearwood
5 Alex Narracott
6 Stuart Mastermann
7 Brad Badelt
8 Joren Pedersen

1 Chris Petrus
2 David Hunchak
3 Russ Haddow
4 Sarah Harrison
5 Kyle Wiebe
6 Rob Florino
7 Charlie Wilson
8 Ricardo Araya

The waitlist is:
Stephanie Grand (Ski 1)
Tom Chen (Ski 2)
Jordan Tam (Ski 2)
Miranda Holmes (Ski 1)

Everybody else is either not a member, or didn't pay up this year, or
is an alumni. If anyone drops out, places will be offered first to the
waitlist above, before being offered to alumni members, and then
everyone else (non-members will have to pay to join).

Please let me know if you feel you are in the wrong group. The minimum
requirement is that you must be confident at skiing on blue runs in
variable conditions.

Also let me know immediately if you no longer wish to participate in
the course. If you want to come but absolutely cannot attend the
meeting then let me know and we can sort out payment and getting you
the waivers etc. In any case, if you do not attend the meeting on
Monday and I haven't heard from you by then, I will assume that you no
longer want to come and your place will be given to the next person on
the waitlist. Sorry!

If you have any more questions please reply to me, and not to the whole list.

Looking forward to a great weekend!


Matt Brown


Today Monday 13 December, Karine finished Autocadding the revised hut design as we actually want to build it. This will be submittted to the Authorities in the next few days, before Karine and JP head off to Quebec for the holidays. 

We will stick a copy of the revised design in the Clubroom. 

Hopefully the Authorities will find it all in order and will give us speedy approval. But even if they take a couple of months, this will not inconvenience us much.

We were looking at the Pointy and the Gothic, with Sandra doing the Gothic. We found the laminated beams to be hard to buy and tedious to make, and we decided that the space in the Pointy might be better for the occasional large group which we tend to have. And the Pointy comes with insulation and a wood heater to burn debris from the previous hut; the Gothic is hard to fit with insulation and a heater. So the Gothic option pretty much faded away. We still don't have the official opinion from a civil engineer that the Pointy is strong enough, but we believe that additional strengthening can be added if required. So, running out of time for our self-imposed deadline of re-submitting before the end of December, we went for the Pointy.


Want to get 6 free nights of accommodation at Whistler starting this weekend? Check out this message from Antje Wahl:

This is a message from an ESL teacher/friend of mine, Sherry, who's looking for somebody who wants to stay for free in Whistler for 6 days starting THIS SATURDAY Dec 18 in exchange for English conversation. Here the details:

A friend/student of mine is looking for someone to share accommodation within minutes of the ski lifts in Whistler starting this Saturday. A friend of mine was going to do it, but is now having to cancel. It's a great deal: the student is a Japanese man who recently retired and enrolled in our 'over 40' ESL program. He's a great skiier, has done heli-skiing recently, seems much younger than his age (of... about 55 or 60?) and speaks English well... not perfect, but well. He's asking that the person be male (he's not comfortable sharing accomodation with a female). The accomodation is a hotel 'suite' with 2 single beds, small kitchen, ...the works... (you can see the place on their website - I'll email it to anyone interested) and BEST OF ALL, Koji's not asking for ANY money for the price of the accomodation. You just have to provide your own ski equipment, lift ticket and food. Koji doesn't care if you cook/eat together or separate, or ski together or separate. He's just looking for someone to speak English to in the morning and/or evening for a bit before and/or after each day of skiing. He's very easy-going and a lot of fun. His English is good enough to 
easily converse, and I can see him getting along with practically anybody.

It'd be easiest if you have a vehicle and can drive up Saturday morning (and 
give Koji a ride), but he could also take the bus and meet you up there. Accomodation is booked for this Sst. (18th) until the 23rd (night of 22nd, I think). Great deal, great opportunity, easy-going company.

PLEASE let Sherry know ASAP if you know of someone who'd be interested in this. 
If it's someone who could meet with him one night this week to plan details, 
all the better.

Email Sherry if you are interested:

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