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Date : 2007-01-17
Description : VOCene #21
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VOCene #21 - Jan 17, 2007

In this VOCene:

I. Letter from the Editor
II. News
III. Slide Shows
IV. Upcoming Trips
   1) Tele-school
   2) Avalanche Course
   3) Backcountry School
   4) Red Rocks
V.  Trip Reports
   1) Long Hike

I. Letter From the Editor

Most mountaineering books miss out on some of the most effective ways
to stay warm on a winter camping trips. These books tend to focus on
'proper' techniques that involve lots of money and little creativity.
Here is a list of helpful ways to stay warm. The VOC tested many of
these techniques during Winter Long Hike. These techniques proved
effective since no one died.

1) Use garbage bags to keep everything dry. Mr Glad has developed rip
stop garbage bags for the extreme outdoor enthusiast. Garbage bags
work well as a rain coat, wind breaker, toboggan, seat cushion, pack
cover, sleeping bag cover/bivy sack, storing water, flagging a trial
(orange type), keeping gear dry, and for garbage.

2) Alcohol technically cools you off quicker than staying sober, but
it sure makes you feel warmer. Mulled wine is especially good to keep
warm because it is hot. Alcohol may also help you to party all night
long, thus allowing you to leave that heavy winter sleeping bag, foamy
and 4 season tent at home. The weight you save by leaving winter
survival gear behind compensates for the extra weight you must carry
in booze.

3) Cuddling, spooning and general over crowding are effective ways to
stay warm. Alternating male and female on a bench allows a much closer
packing of people due to complementary body shapes and helps minimize
heat loss.

4) Stacking sleepers is always suggested, but never tried; probably
because it is so uncomfortable. Two people with summer bags can share
gear and stay twice as warm. Stick one bag inside the other and both
people can get into the new and improved winter version.

5) The slow release of gas throughout the night adds a few degree to a
sleeping bag. A can of beans is weight neutral because it allows you
to take a warmer sleeping bag than normally required. This method does
not work well with methods 3 or 4.

II. News

Get your Journal Articles in by Feb 5. If you have done anything that
someone might want to hear about in the last year (outdoors related),
we want you to write it up and send it to Kaja.

Parks Canada Speaker Series: "The Wreck of the Valencia". Will be
7:30pm on Monday, January 22, 2007 in the Alma Van Dusen-Peter Kaye
Room at the Central Library 350 W. Georgia Street. Admission is free
and all are welcome.

Dan is organizing a Photo competition. All submissions are going to be
on-line via the photo gallery on the VOC web page. Deadline is
February 5. Instructions at

III. Slide Shows

When: January 24, Wed. 7pm
Where: Clubroom

Backcountry skiing trip in Kokanee Provincial Park by Dani!

IV. Upcoming Trips

1) Tele-School
When: Jan 20
Where: Seymour Mountain (different part than long hike)

We have a good crew, I'm stoked!

2) Avalanche Course
When: Jan 27-28
Where: Usually two nights in a class room, one day on the North Shore
and one day at Whistler

This trip is full!

3) Intro to Back Country Skiing
When: Feb 3-4
Where: Backcountry

Last chance to get a good story for the Journal!

4) Red Rocks
When: Reading Week
Where: Las Vegas Baby!

Best trip I went on last year!

V. Trip Reports
1) Winter Long Hike
Longhike was a total success, thank you Andrew. There was close to 40
people who all managed to make it in and probably out. No snow cave
collapsed, the mulled wine was excellent, the singing was boisterous
(thanks to the mulled wine), and we stayed warm (again thanks to the
mulled wine). The weather was clear which meant a cold night, but also
a beautiful sunset and sunrise. Building snow caves was an adventure,
and we all burned twice the calories necessary. Entry tunnels similar
to those used in the Great Escape are a little excessive, but still a
lot of fun.

Quote of the Week:  "Do not burn yourself out. Be as I am-a reluctant
enthusiast... a part time crusader, a half-hearted fanatic. Save the
other half of yourselves and your lives for pleasure and adventure."
-Edward Abbey
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