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Date : 2007-03-07
Description : VOCene #26
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VOCene #26 - Mar 7, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Letter from the Editor
II. Work Hikes
III. News
IV. Slide Shows
V. Upcoming Trips
   1) Line's Backcountry Birthday Bash
   2) Duncan's non-Instructional Mountaineering Camp
   3) Cliffhanger
   4) Banquet
VI.  Trip Reports
   1) Ice Camp
   2) Birthday at Brew
I. Letter From the Editor

Although the VOC executive is usually pretty happy in their ivory
tower, they sometime decide that it is important to try and
communicate with the general VOC population. This is your chance to
tell the executive what you truly think! The executive needs feed back
on three important issues.

1) The executive needs your input on the budget for next year. Dan has
decided to do this by electronic survey
(, please fill the survey
out only once . You can also harass Dan directly by e-mailing him at
( Better yet, do both.

2) We need nominations for next years executive. Can you spell? If you
answered yes, you are more qualified to be the VOCene editor than I am
and should go write your name down on the sign-up sheet outside the

3) We need nominations for awards. The wiki outlines all the possible
awards ( Read the categories, and send
your opinion to Duncan at (

I should mention that the executive is not bound by any rules or
protocol on issues 1 and 3. We just wanted to get some fresh ideas and
VOCers have never been shy expressing how they feel.

II. Workhikes

1) Crap Crags
When: Always
Where: The Chief

Falcon season is a lot later than initially thought, but there is
still a ton of work left to do. Cleaning crap crags is actually a very
enjoyable experience if you believe that you do not have to be having
fun to be having fun.

2) Letter Writing
When: March 13 @ 6pm
Where: Club room

They will be writing on a number of issues including Heli-skiing in
Waddington, Lodges in BC parks and Skaha access. Please bring food to
share if you have food to share/the ability to cook something that
other people will want to eat.

III. News

-Natalie Stafl was nominated as tough for keeping up with Tim and
Christian on the Brew hut trip while developing blisters that devoured
most of her feet and not saying a word.

-Parks Canada Speakers Series at the Vancouver Public Library will be
presenting "Wolverines: Skilled Hunters of the North" by David Henry.
The presentation will be Wednesday, March 14 @ 7:30 pm. Location is
Alma Van Dusen and Peter Kaye Rooms, Lower Level Central Library, 350
West Georgia Street. Most importantly, Admission is Free.

-Two field assistants required for research in the Rocky Mountain
Trench and national parks this summer.  Backcountry
experience is a requirement.  Contact is Carmen Wong @ 604-827-5754
(office phone)

IV. Slide Shows
When: 7pm
Where: Clubroom

* March 7: Craig's Crazy Cross-Continental Adventures - Part II:
Kathmandu to Taiwan, featuring trekking and mountaineering in Khumbu,
Nepal and Climbing and Deep Water soloing in Krabi, Thailand
* March 14: Two Months in Africa:  Trekking and scrambling in South
Africa, Namibia, and Ethiopia as well as skydiving in the desert, an
animal safari, ancient monasteries, 17th Century castles, the frenzied
markets, and much, much more...

V. Upcoming Trips

1) Line's Back-Country Birthday Bash    
When: March 9-10
Where: Baker, probably.

Line is turning one year older, so we are following the example set at
Brew and celebrating her birthday in the middle of no where. I think
the plan is to head down Friday night, camp in the parking lot, drink
some mulled wine and then head up the mountain early the next day with
a nice light day pack. One car will be heading back Saturday night.
Another car may stay longer.

2) Duncan's non-Instructional mountaineering camp
When: March 3-4
Where: Matier/Joffre

Basically, Ducan is organizing rides and the mulled wine. The rest is
up to you. If you want instruction, you will have to bring your own
instructor. There will be mulled mine so it will be a good time,
especially if you bring a cute instructor!

3) Cliffhanger

Some VOCers go climbing at cliff on Monday and Thursday at 6pm. We
have instituted a three part training regime to get into shape for a
summer of road trips. We climb until our bodies are sore, then head to
the cheapest Asian cookery to test the limits of our digestive tracts,
and finish the night/early morning off pushing the endurance of our
livers. It is a little harsh to start, but once you get into the
rhythm, it isn't so bad.

4) Banquet
When: April 4
Where: ANZA Club, 3 West 8th Avenue Vancouver, BC

We have a DJ (Arlin) and access to liquor. It will be a fun time. If
you show up before 6pm, cover is $2, and $5 if you show up after 6pm.
This is the general meeting (I'm providing more than two weeks
notice), and we need quorum which is over 100 members, so you better
show up.

VI. Trip Reports
1) Ice Camp    

Five students and 3 instructors went to the Rambles and climbed some
wet ice. There were no women and too many Americans (~50%). They
obviously did not read the gear list that clearly requires at least a
token women.

2) Brew Hut

There are two trip reports listed on this thread
( I could have
copied and pasted them, but I didn't feel like it.

Question of the Week: "How do you distinguish between being off-route
and putting up a first ascent ?"     Bruce Bindner.
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