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Date : 2004-12-21
Description : VOCene #21 – December 21, 2004
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VOCene #21 – December 21, 2004
Happy Non-Denominational Holidays!

    - VOC Tele School
    - VOC Avalanche School

    - VOC gear rentals over Xmas Break
    - Brew Hut meeting with Terminal Forest Products
VOC Tele School
Want to get into the world of free-heel skiing? The VOC tele school is coming up…
Hey all!
anyone who's interested in Tele School this year sign up outside the clubroom.
The cost is approx $45 (to cover your lift pass, and a portion of your instructor's)
plus ski rentals (if applicable)
This year it's going to be held at Cypress on Saturday the 29th of January. 
There is also a mandatory dry school on Wednesday the 26th of January at 7 PM in Angus 104 to figure out equipment, rides, $, etc. (Please bring payment then if possible)

Let me know if that date doesn't work for anyone (and if there's enough people wanting another date we'll change it) or if you have any questions.

Have a great Christmas!!!!
VOC Avalanche School

Payment for avalanche school is now due, and the course is
oversubscribed so please write a cheque for $139 payable to Matthew
Brown and either

a) Bring it to the clubroom on Tuesday 4th January at noon


b) Mail it to me at:

Appt 307, Green College,
6201 Cecil Green Park Road,
Vancouver BC V6T 1Z1

Please let me know whether you plan to mail a cheque or will meet me
on 4th Jan. If I do not hear from you then your place will be given to
someone on the waitlist.

Also, please fill in the attached forms (sent with the email today) and bring them to the first
classroom session.

Cheers and Merry Christmas!



Hey everyone - your friendly - all too lenient quartermaster here.
I'm leaving to go backcountry skiing tomorrow at 8am until the 26th of Dec and on the 27th I am leaving to california until the 9th of Jan so I will not be accessible for gear requests. However I am giving my key to one of the execs and they will post on the message board when we know who that will be. Until then barrage Maciek's mailbox.

Merry Xmas


From the Brew Hut forum on the message board:

Sandra and I (Scott Nelson) met with Terminal Forest Products on Friday, December 17th. They gave us some maps to look at showing their clearcuts and roads, present and future.

The logging near the summer trail is not being done by terminal, but by western forest products. One of their roads now intersects the trail. I will try to meet with them in the new year.

Branch R200 (the badly overgrown one) was openned up again a few years ago and a new spur will be added soon. The existing road (not the new spur) might be the best starting point for a trail, since it climbs to 1150m.

Also, they said they will be doing some heli logging next summer and will have a vertol helicopter stationed in roe creek (and posibly a chinook too). Most of the logging will be in the spring (may-june) and the fall (september-october). If we can make arrangements to use these helicopters, we won't have to pay for the cost of a helicopter to fly from Squamish ($2000 just to get there?), and we will only have to pay the cost of doing the lift. These are big machines, so they probably can lift everything in one load. The Vertol can handle 10,500lbs, and the chinook 27,000lbs. Operating cost are around $4000/hr for the vertol and $10,000/hr for the chinook. We might be able to get away with as little as 20 minutes of flight time, since these helicopters will be stationed less than 10km away from the hut site.
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