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Date : 2008-07-01
Description : VOCene #4
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VOCene #4 - July 01, 2008

-------------------- About the Vocene -------------------

This is the sometimes-weekly newsletter of the Varsity Outdoor Club. It
gets sent to current members, and alumni members. Expect it on Tuesdays
or Wednesdays, while you still have time to plan your Weekend Adventure.
If you don't want to receive it any more, go to and
edit your preferences.

------------- Paarty Time ----------------

This week's party hasn't been announced yet; we're still recovering from
the wedding at Phelix, and Canada Day celebrations.

Tomorrow, being the first Wednesday of the summer months, is BBQ at the
beach day. As usual, show up with toys, something to cook on the BBQ,
and stories. Expect the usual violent Ultimate game. As always, it's at
the foot of Tolmie St, on July 2nd @ ~ 7:00 pm.

-------------- Weekend plans -------------

--- Roland's going up to Brew Hut with one or more small children.
You're welcome to tag along, shouldn't be too stressful, and we may even
have a few spare seats in the cars. Guaranteed to see snow on the way,
but no special equipment is required other than boots and a sleeping bag
that isn't too warm. If you're coming, announce your plans soon so you
can secure a ride.

------------------ Things being planned ----------------

Chilcoot trips leaving real soon. There's probably a farewell party,
and a returning party, you get the idea.

Tantalus, ask Maria. No new developments on this.

------------------ Some trip ideas -----------------

We don't generally plan things that don't actually need any planning.
Our speciality is planning things that you might not attempt on your
own. Trips are welcome. We all like to be entertained. So if you want
to do a trip, post it, invite the world, and see what happens.

Anybody want to do a summer Garibaldi Neve crossing? Trip to Sphinx
overland, now the lake's melted? Last year we had the very memorable
"up Brohm Ridge, across the Warren, up Price, and down the Barrier"
adventure. Can we put together something that is beginner-friendly and
still intrepid enough to be memorable?

----------- Clubroom and gear hours over the summer ------

If you want to take out or return gear, or hang out in the Clubroom, or
join or renew your membership, do this on Monday, Thursday, or Friday at
12:40, when Piotr is there. Otherwise, the Clubroom is a pretty lonely
place over the summer. We still get one or two people every week,
trickling in from places like Australia, and joining, though the big mob
scene doesn't happen until September.

>From Lee Wasilenko: "The Gear rental page on the wiki,, has been updated with my
contact info. Although Piotr and I have decided to leave the hours as
they are for the summer I am available to provide emergency/last minute
gear access until Aug 1." Expect some chaos after Aug 01 as probably
both Piotr and Lee will be away.

CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or
additions to: To unsubscribe from the VOCene mailing
list, sign in at and uncheck
the 'want VOCene' box

UBC Varsity Outdoor Club

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