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Date : 2008-07-30
Description : VOCene #6
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VOCene #6 - July 30, 2008

-------------------- About the Vocene -------------

This is the sometimes-weekly newsletter of the Varsity Outdoor Club. If
you don't want to receive it any more, go to and edit
your preferences.

----- Wednesdays -----

Tend to be Frizbee at the beach nights, except for the first Wednesday
of the month, when they're BBQ + Frizbee. Today Frizbee (and
fireworks). Next Wednesday, BBQ + Frizbee.

-------------- This Weekend -------------

This is a long weekend, so we have enough time to do something a little
bit bigger. Hoping for suitable weather, because going to a car-camping
campsite and paying to sit in the rain, kill mosquitoes, and breathe
wood smoke, is mostly not in the plan. It looks like the weather will
be ok, and the slide across the Squamish Highway should be passable in

Trip to Tantalus is very much alive. People are honing their
river-crossing skills. Hopefully this will not be a repeat of the
Pemberton Music Festival crowds, with everybody trying to cross the
cable at the same time.

A small and somewhat beginner-friendly party is planning to cross the
Garibaldi Neve, starting at Elfin Lakes parking lot and ending at the
Barrier parking lot. This does require at least one day of really good
weather. If you want to do this, get onto it asap.

If you are not planning to take advantage of the long weekend, you might
want to join the AMS cystic fibrosis fundraiser this weekend. Read
about it on our web site.

------ Things being planned ------

Veenstra has finally "come out" with the beginner-friendly trip you're
all waiting for. The plan is to hike around Garibaldi lake. This is no
beach walk, as there's not a lot of beaches around Garibaldi Lake. This
should be similar to the Veenstra-induced Mt Price traverse of last
year, so you don't want to miss it. It would be good to embarrass
Veenstra with a turnout of thirty people or so. Weekend of August

----- Ask Ms. Manners ------------

Regarding last weeks' question about getting your date to pay for gas,
the consensus is expressed eloquently by Hobbles:

"Steady, Your new girlfriend should now be offering to pay for gas on
trips but it is a bit tacky to ask her. So you best bet is to fill up
and not ask her and if she has any manners she will offer. It is NOT
okay to charge other car-mates extra for gas to make up the difference,
especially if you want to have car mates for the next trip."

A minority opinion concludes "He should pay for both but she does

This week's question comes from "Weekend Warrior", who asks the
following: "Because we never plan trips before Thursday noon, it's
usually Friday evening before I have a confirmed ride. I don't buy my
trip food until I have a ride, and by then all the stores are closed. I
spend most of Friday night packing, and by Saturday morning I am all
sleep deprived, and I have to survive the weekend on whatever food was
in the cupboard at home. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?"

Please help out Ms Manners with answers to these sticky questions.
Please help out Ms Manners with some questions. How about somebody,
preferably female, writing up "How Can I Miss You if you Won't Go Away"?
Or "I'm Concerned About Global Warming. Most of my carbon emissions
happen when I'm driving to/from the mountains. Should I Stay Home and
Watch TV Instead?"

------------ Clubroom and gear hours over the summer -----------

If you want to take out or return gear, or hang out in the Clubroom, or
join or renew your membership, do this on Monday, Thursday, or Friday at
12:40, when Piotr is there. Piotr will be off climbing somewhere from
the 9th to the 24th of August and thus won't be around to do gear hours.
And Lee is gone for all of August. Maybe somebody can volunteer to take
up the slack?

I won't do a VOCENE after the next one, because Ms Manners and I are
taking off to the Rockies together on Aug 8th.

CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or
additions to: To unsubscribe from the VOCene mailing
list, sign in at and uncheck
the 'want VOCene' box.

UBC Varsity Outdoor Club

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