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Date : 2008-09-03
Description : VOCene #8
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VOCene #8 - September 3, 2008

-------------------- About the Vocene -------------

This is the weekly newsletter of the Varsity Outdoor Club. If you don't
want to receive it any more, go to and edit your

--- New Members ---

About a dozen have joined recently. Welcome to the Club.

The big rush to join happens around the "Clubs Days", but if you are
planning to join, or re-join, why not do it now and avoid the rush.

Note that if you have just graduated or dropped out of UBC, but want to
remain connected with VOC and receive this lovely newsletter and access
to the notice board, you are probably eligible to join as an Alumni
Member. You still have to come to the Clubroom and fill out a
membership form and sign the liability waiver, though.

----- This Wednesday (today) -----

Being the first Wednesday of the month, we will bring the BBQ, you will
bring the food, and we will all meet to tell outrageous stories, cook
our tasty items, and chase around Frisbees. When: Sept 3rd @ 6:00 pm
Where: End of Tolmie St, by the beach. (Note it's getting dark earlier,
so we moved the time earlier. But if you have to arrive later, that's
OK too.)

-------------- This Weekend -------------

Nothing on the notice board for this weekend, but we can make plans at
the BBQ.

------ Things being planned ------

Glacier School is full and has a waiting list. Longhike tickets are not
yet being sold. A trail-clearing/firewood trip to Brew might be
appropriate this coming weekend or next.

----- Ask Ms. Manners ------------

Ms Manners is be back after her big trip to the Rockies, and cannot
remember what interesting social problem she was trying to solve in the
previous newsletter. Help her out, somebody. Maybe a story about how
to get a ride if you don't have a car...?

------------ Clubroom and gear hours over the summer -----------

Sorry I haven't been on Campus so haven't read the notice board outside
the Clubroom to see what the gear hours are for this week. If nothing
has changed, try Monday, Thursday, or Friday at 12:40, when Piotr is

----- Finally -------

Final question: Is it VOCENE or VOCene? Or Vocene? Why?

We received two answers to this question

1) the first VOCENE was prepared using a teletype, and it had only
capital letters.

2) Most certainly VOCene.

VOCENE: Looks far too aggressive / unwieldy / shouting. However in the
world of Scrabble, more specifically Scrabble based literature, when
referencing words played, all letters are capitalized. Unfortunately
VOCENE is not a valid word, nor does it anagram into one. However, given
an N (or a blank) you get CONVENE (+50 for using all your letters).

Vocene: If vocene was a valid word, surely this would be the way to
spell it. Nuff said.

VOCene: Although grammar sticklers may bemoan the mixed case, it's a
good indication that we are not dealing with a valid word. This will
save untold man hours of effort by the linguistic elite, who will think
they've stumbled upon a rare, archaic specimen and attempt to track down
it's etymology. Other advantages: the emphasis on VOC clues the
uninitiated into the word's root and affiliation, and it would look
killer as a logo.

CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or
additions to: To unsubscribe from the VOCene mailing
list, sign in at and uncheck
the 'want VOCene' box.

UBC Varsity Outdoor Club

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