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Date : 2005-01-05
Description : VOCene #21 – January 4, 2005
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VOCene #21 – January 4, 2005
Happy New Year! Welcome to Winter Session 04/05, Term 2. Tuition fees are now due.

    - VOC Tele School
    - VOC Avalanche School

    - Wednesday slideshow 
    - VOC Climbing Wall
    - Brew Hut redesign scale model
    - Bake Sale for Red Cross Tsunami Relief
    - Gear returns/rentals

    - Joshua Tree, California
VOC Tele School
A reminder that the sign-up sheet for Tele School is outside the clubroom.
The cost is approx $45 (to cover your lift pass, and a portion of your instructor's)
plus ski rentals (if applicable). This year it's going to be held at Cypress on Saturday the 29th of January. 
There is also a mandatory dry school on Wednesday the 26th at 7 PM in Angus 104 to figure out equipment, rides, $, etc. (Please bring payment then if possible).
Contact Sarah ( for more info.
VOC Avalanche School

Avalanche school is coming up! The cost is $139 per person (payable to Matt Brown) and if you haven’t paid yet, you better talk to Matt and get on it ASAP. Since most people preferred the Whistler option, the second day will be run at Whistler. If you do not
already have a pass for Whistler you will have to buy a backcountry pass which costs about $30.

An email with medical forms, waivers and equipment lists for the trip was sent earlier. Bring completed copies to the first classroom session. The course itself will be Sat-Sun January 15th-16th, with day 1 at Seymour, and day 2 at Whistler. There will be a pre trip classroom session Thursday January 13th 7-10pm and a post trip classroom session Monday 17th 7-10pm (location TBA). 

If you have any more questions please reply to me, and not to the whole list.

Matt Brown


Slideshows will resume in the clubroom next week (January 12), with a Big Ol' Random Slideshow/ Dessert Potluck!! - If you too would like to have your digital photos in this communal slide show of random photos and funny stories please e-mail them to Matt Brown @ See you there!
(as always if you're interested in giving a slideshow presentation, contact Sarah harrison @


The Wall will be available shortly. Nick wasn’t able to get the schedule up on the Wiki so hopefully a hard copy will be on the board outside the clubroom. Nick will be resetting routes this Thursday; if you’d like to help taking down holds, let him know ( ) or show up around 11 AM on.


Yesterday (Jan 3/05) I built a model of the Hut which we propose to build at Brew. The model will be left in the Clubroom, starting today around noon. If you have any suggestions or proposed changes, this notice board would be a good place to put them. 

Note we do not yet have a permit to build this specific Hut, and we do not yet have the opinion from a civil engineer, that it is strong enough. We are working on these items. 

I am also drawing construction plans in as much detail as I can, and updating the cost estimate periodically.



Hey all!

Well I hope that everyone had a wonderful break here in Canada or where ever you went, but obviously not everyone did.

I think that it would be a great idea for the VOC to hold a fundraiser to, well, raise funds to give to the Red Cross to aid those affected by this disaster. My idea is a bake sale to be held in the next week. (Perhaps next Tuesday??)

Anyone interested in helping by manning the table, baking, or simply donating money please e-mail me at 
Or, if you have other suggestions as to what we as a club can do, post. We'll chat. 

Thanks everyone!!!


Jordan is out of town till next week, so contact the other quartermaster Maciek directly if you need to return/rent to confirm a mutually agreeable time. Because (unfortunately? fortunately?) no one else has the key!!

from Jordan Tam et al.

December 29. It is wet. WE LOVE IT.
Kristen's tent fell on her in the middle of the night. The theme for our campsite yesterday was "A River Runs Through It"
We are now all at Hidden Valley Campground it is gorgeous, people were playing music in a cliff hole - well "music" (A banjo, a tombone, drums, and a dijeridoo)
Mike says there was no digeridoo
Other say otherwise.

Anyways, maybe tomorrow we will climb. Oh and we're buying a crash pad. I will be reimbursed. So there.

The forecast is predicting sun for the next few days - perhaps some showers - hopefully though, no more rivers, and no more cyclonic winds will blow our tents away. We still have four minutes so I will keep writing until we are done. Afterall we did pay 2 AMERICAN dollars for this. Verbal Diarrhea Natasha says...but hey everyone loves reading fun trip reports. WE had a whole chicken yesterday. It was amazing.

Goodbye, will talk soon
Al, Tyler, Kristen, Mike, Jordan, Natasha, Max(Power)

Editor’s note: Apparently there was some sun later, so they climbed. Then it rained again. And Jordan did indeed buy a crash pad.  So there.

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