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Date : 2008-09-10
Description : VOCene #9
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VOCene #9 - September 10, 2008
In this VOCene:

I. Upcoming Events and Trips
1) Mandatory Glacier Dry School, Sept. 15
2) Club Days, Sept. 17-19
3) Kluane National Park and Reserve Talk, Sept. 17
4) Wednesday Night Frisbee, Tonight

II. Miscellaneous
1) Gear Hours
2) Membership

III. Ms. Manners

The VOCene looks a bit different this week. Donít Panic! Only the format of the VOCene has changed. Itíll still be keeping you up to date on the all the happenings of the VOC. The weekly delivery schedule will also be resumed. Iíd like to thank Roland for taking over the VOCene while I was away for the summer.

I. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Mandatory Glacier Dry School
The glacier dry school will be taking place on the 15th of September, 7pm, in Buchanan A-100. The wiki page has nifty information as to what happens, and what should come along with you to dry school. As this is a mandatory dry school, people who donít come by will be losing their spot. If youíre on the waitlist and are hoping to snag a spot, come to the dry school.

2) Club Days
Lots of keen people are needed to represent the VOC to potential new members, and to the campus. Thereís a wikipage online where you can sign up to man the VOC table during club days. This weekís letter to Ms Manners inquires about potential dilemmas at Club Days. This is a nice opportunity to take care of your workhike.

3) Kluane National Park and Reserve Talk
Thereís a Parks Canada Speaker event Wednesday Sept 17 in the Alma VanDusen and Peter Kaye Rooms in the Vancouver Public Library. Hereís the description they give: Kluane National Park and Reserve, located in southwest Yukon, is home to the highest mountains in Canada, breathtaking valley glaciers, numerous wildlife, and the Southern Tutchone people that have lived on this land for generations. See and learn this incredible story from Parks Canada interpreter Emma Hansen.

4) Wednesday Night Frisbee
Frisbee playing will go on at the usual beach at the end of Tolmie. Games are getting started earlier (6:00-6:30) due to the rather early disappearance of the sun.

II. Miscellaneous

1) Gear Hours
Gear hours are around lunchtime. Specific times are on the wiki. Gear hours are also a typically one of the better times to drop by if you have questions, need a place to eat lunch, or want to chat.

2) Memberships
My VOC membership card reads that it expires in September. Chances are many of yours do as well. Club days are a good chance to update your membership, or you can drop by the clubroom to beat the rush. If youíre no longer a student, but were with the club and want to keep in touch, have the VOCene delivered to you, and have access to the forums, chances are youíre eligible to sign up as an Alumni member.

III) Ms. Manners
Already workhikes are on peopleís minds, as well as potential new members. This week Booth Minder is wondering how to make the most out of both.

Dear Miss Manners,

If I am doing a workhike at the booth during club days, and someone attractive joins up, is it ok to sneak their phone number off the membership form and invite them to go climbing?
As an aside do you have any tips on what to say (or not to say) to those cute potential new members to get them to join?

Booth Minder

If youíre an experienced club days volunteer maybe youíve pondered this question. Perhaps you were invited to go climbing as you signed the membership form. Please help Ms. Manners respond. Similarly, donít hesitate to pose questions to Ms. Manners.

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