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Date : 2008-10-08
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VOCene #13 - October 8, 2008
In this VOCene:

I. Upcoming Events and Trips
1) Longhike, Oct 11-12
2) Bike Tour, Oct 11-13
3) Post Longhike Alpine Trip, Oct 12-13
4) Slideshow, Oct 15
5) VIMFF Speaker Series, Oct 16
6) Phelix Creek Trail, Oct 18-19
7) MEC Gear Swap Fall 2008, Oct 18-19
8) Skaha, Oct 25-26

II. Miscellaneous
1) Budget

III. Ms. Manners


I. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Longhike, Oct 11-12
A quick reminder for everyone that went to dryschool that Longhike is this upcoming weekend.

2) Bike Tour, Oct 11-13
No concrete plans, but musings of bike tour of the Sunshine coast and Vancouver Island this upcoming weekend. From the message board, “You don't have to be a rabid cyclists to come! … I think all you really need is a reliable/comfortable bike, some endurance strength, and enthusiasm.” Sounds like a good opportunity for an introduction to bike touring.

3) Post Longhike Alpine Trip, Oct 12-13
For those people looking to sneak a little alpine time into the weekend. A good opportunity for people who attended glacier school to try out some their skills.

4) Slideshow, Oct 15
Waddington and Pantheon Range Traverse!

Come see Tim Blair's slideshow of 5 intrepid adventurers who traversed the Waddington and Pantheon Range self supported over 19 days; including 4 days of double carrying at 2km per day and summiting Mt.Waddington’s NW summit. Club room at 7:00pm Wed 15th.

5) VIMFF Speaker Series, Oct 16
Kevin Vallely: Adventures Around the World
Skiing the 2000 km Iditarod trail in Alaska in a 33day odyssey, summiting active volcanoes in Java in the midst of a Jihad, kayaking the icy waters of the oldest, largest and deepest lake in the world in Siberia, Russia with Kevin’s 9 month-old daughter, bicycling into gold rush history by retracing the famous ice bike of 1901 journey down the frozen Yukon River and joining teams of jungle patrollers atop Asian elephants in Aceh, Indonesia hunting poachers and illegal loggers in the Leuser Ecosystem, the last great jungle of Southeast Asia.

6) Phelix Creek Trail Workhike, Oct 18-19
A continuation of the Phelix Creek Trail Construction Saga. Tasks include Brushing, Route/Markers, Logs and Bridges, and Treadway work. Experience for this trip is on the low side, but you do need a decent bit of fortitude. For those looking to be taking out gear in the upcoming ski season, this is definitely counted as a workhike.

7) MEC Gear Swap Fall 2008, Oct 18-19
Every year VOCers camp outside of MEC to be first in line for the gear swap. Gear Swap is a great opportunity to buy a variety of personal gear for cheap, or if you’re looking for a workhike, club for the gear.

8) Skaha, Oct 25-26
Skaha is a rock climbing area located near Penticton, BC, in the Okanagan Valley. It is generally pretty dry, making it a common destination for times of the year when Squamish is a little soggy. The VOC usually runs a trip there around Halloween. Skaha has climbs at all levels, in both the traditional and sport styles. Typically there’s a potluck Saturday night and a Halloween celebration.

II. Miscellaneous

1) Budget

What does VOC do with its money? Responding to several inquiries, Roland drew up a condensed form of our accounts.

Briefly, in the Spring, we have a General Meeting to discuss and vote on a Budget for the next year. All Student Members at the meeting are entitled to vote. Usually the Treasurer figures out what to include in the Budget, based on the priorities recommended by the Exec, or any suitably noisy Member.

So Here's the main (net) income and expenses budgeted for this year (only the 3-4 largest items are listed):

Membership Fees = 350 * $35 = $12250
Net "donations" from use of our Huts = $1200
Total income = $13450

Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC ($10/member) = $3500
Club Gear, to be "rented" to Members = $3000
VOC Journal, published each Spring = $2800
Other (Banquet, stationery, books, wall, CAC) = $4150
Total expense =$13450

Things that are (in theory) revenue neutral (i.e. we charge members for the cost, or somebody pays us for the work)
Longhike, Avalanche School, Glacier School, trail building

So you see, that's where it comes from, that's where it goes. Rumors about the Exec taking long all expense paid vacations using your fees, are exaggerated.

IV. Ms. Manners

Last week's question was on bailing schemes. (Main street, not wall
street, style bailing). Bailing has degrees of severity. This explains
the phenomena of drivers being last to join trips; they're not looking
to disappoint anyone by backing out at the last minute. If you're
riding as a passenger, bailing still affects others. Filling in the
empty seat is the best way to keep your karma in good standing. Being
one person short means gas price is split between less people. It
could also mean that the third man on the rope team is absent when
someone plunges into a crevasse. Bailing is appropriate when by
withdrawing from the trip, you improve the conditions for others. This
could be when your grievously ill, or realize the trip is out of your

Specifically in response to last week's question asker's motives of
bailing, I turn to the VOC Journal 50, article "The Delicate Art of
"The only other type of bailing I dislike more than these two types is
the bailing-because-of-a-better-option bail. It's a bit like having
salt thrown on your wounds to realize that not only have you been
bailed on, but it was because you or your trip wasn't good enough"

Please bail delicately. Please bail remorsefully.

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