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Description : VOCene #22 – January 11, 2005
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VOCene #22 – January 11, 2005
To members joining us for Term 2 – welcome to the club!

    - VOC Tele School
    - Skiing Jan 22-23 to locale with hut
    - VOC Winter Longhike

    - Wednesday slideshow 
    - VOC Climbing Wall
    - Free climbing clinics at the Birdcoop
    - Gear returns/rentals
    - VOC Journal submissions

    - Cypress Adventure

Heaps of people are enlisted but there’s still space and time to sign up! The sign-up sheet for Tele School is outside the clubroom.
The cost is approx $45 (to cover your lift pass, and a portion of your instructor's)
plus ski rentals (if applicable). This year it's going to be held at Cypress on Saturday the 29th of January. 
There is also a mandatory dry school on Wednesday the 26th at 7 PM in Angus 104 to figure out equipment, rides, $, etc. (Please bring payment then if possible).
Contact Sarah ( for more info.
Interested? Good. Interested and have a car? Even better.  See Natasha’s post on the message board.
If you attended the Longhike for rockclimbing in September, then you’ll want to come on this trip too.  From the VOC Wiki:
Everything is different when you go into the backcountry in the winter, and that's why there's Winter Longhike, an introductory trip for winter camping. This is usually a big trip with lots of keen people aboard who want to get out, learn some new skills, and sleep in their very own snow shelter while still managing to have fun too. It's an easy, beginner friendly trip, so if you've never even seen snow before you can still have a good time.
Past destinations:
-Red Heather Meadows, Garibaldi Provincial Park
-Fat Dog Creek, Manning Park
-Mount Seymour

This year’s destination has not been finalized. Watch the message board and upcoming VOCenes for more info and signup.


Slideshows will resume in the clubroom this week (Wed, January 12), with a Big Ol' Random Slideshow/ Dessert Potluck!! - If you too would like to have your digital photos in this communal slide show of random photos and funny stories please e-mail them to Matt Brown @ See you there!
(as always if you're interested in giving a slideshow presentation, contact Sarah Harrison @


This week’s schedule is posted outside the clubroom and hopefully will be up soon on the Wiki. Climbing wall coordinator Nick and some keen VOC’ers recently reset the routes so now you can test your mettle on ‘em!

Also from Nick:
Your brilliant and handsome climbing wall coordinator has triumphed in negotiations with the dreaded Filmsoc!!! We have climbing nights this semester! 
And even better.... they're MONDAY nights instead of Tuesday. Why are Monday's better? Ummmmm.... "M" has more lines than "T"? You don't have to skip seeing cheap movies anymore? The climbing wall coordinator has classes 'till 5pm Mondays but only 'till 11 am Tuesdays and doesn't want to sit around on campus for 8 hours? Whatever.

Note: climbing will not be EVERY Monday, as several other groups have booked the theater. Watch this message board and info will be posted.

First climbing night....drumroll].... 7pm Monday January 17th. Show up at the entrance to the Norm theatre. If you have a climbing wall membership card, great. If not, bring $5 and make sure you know how to belay.


Check it out… FREE (!) climbing clinics, hosted by fellow VOC’ers:

Are you an occasional climber, and want to pick up some tips?
Are you a regular climber, and want to change your climbing
Come and climb with others in a fun, focused environment!

Starting Wed, Jan 12 (this Wednesday), Miranda and Zev will be
running weekly climbing clinics at the Birdcoop, every Wednesday
at 5pm. The clinics are geared for novice to intermediate
climbers (~V1-V3, although all levels can benefit), and
will be entirely drop-in. Part of the session will be spent
learning specific skills, and part will be spent on a workout
designed to train technique, strength, and/or endurance. The
cost is FREE, (but you are responsible for entrance into the
Birdcoop.) Before each session, we will send a group email about
what will be covered in the upcoming session to those who are
interested. (This way you can decide whether you want to come
that week.) To join this email list, or if you have any
questions, email us at See you there!


Returns and rentals should be back to normal hours. So bring back all that gear you’ve used over the break and get your deposit $$$! The current hours are as follows and may change with the new term:

Mon,Tues,Thurs: 12:10 to 12:30
Wed: 11:10 to 11:30
Fri: no gear rentals/returns

If these hours don’t fit your schedule, then tough. Well, not really. Contact one of the quartermasters directly and you might be able to arrange something more amenable.


Now accepting submissions!

The Journal, published annually by the club since 1958, is a compilation of trip reports and club activities written by members (that means you!) and is a synopsis of the year that was.  A free copy of the journal is provided to members at the end of the academic year, with a complete collection available in the VOC clubroom.  So bust out a sheet of paper and get writing…. 

by Roland Burton

Yesterday Sunday 9th Jan Carla and the kids and I arrived at Cypress at 11:30 am (Error #1, don't get up late when going to Cypress). The parking lineup for the downhill stretched back all the way to the parking lineup for the XC hill. We looked old and tired and anxious, so they waved us past all the waiting cars and we got a nice parking spot beside the cafeteria (Your results may vary).

We tried two wrong lineups (Error #2) before we found the place to get our free, unadvertised, backcountry day passes, then hiked up about 3 km on the side of Black Mtn. We had a hilarious ski back down in the forgiving powder among the steep slopes and close trees. 

Trip very inexpensive.

ACC “Avalanche Echoes” Newsletter

The January 2005 edition of the Alpine Club of Canada’s “Avalanche Echoes” is now available at:

There is also a meeting on Tuesday January 25, 2005 at 7:30 PM at Floral
Hall in Van Dusen Gardens, 37th & Oak, Vancouver. All are welcome.

This month Pierre and Nikolai Hungr will present: "Getting high in Europe on
10 dollars a day: An exploration of Western Europe's mountain ranges by ski,
bike, rope and foot"

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