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Date : 2009-02-12
Description : VOCene #27
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VOCene #27 - February 12th, 2009
In this VOCene:

I. Upcoming Trips and Events
1) Holy Neve Trip Batman, Feb 14-16
2) Intro to Ski Mountaineering, Feb 20-22
3) VIMFF Feb 20-28
4) Parks Canada Speakers Series, Feb 23
5) ACC Vancouver Photo Contest, Feb 24th

II. Photo Contest

III. Ms. Manners


I. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Holy Neve Trip Batman, Feb 14-16
Neve traverse at the beginning of spring break. Perhaps you can still join?

2) Intro to Ski Mountaineering, Feb 20-22
This is a mixed-friendly trip. You can adjust, somewhat, the difficulty level. The basic idea is to go up to the Burton hut Friday, get VOCers on top of as many of the peaks around there as possible Saturday, and cross the Neve to get out on Sunday.

3) VIMFF, Feb 20-28
Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival. You must sign on up on the wiki soon to receive discounted tickets.

4) Parks Canada Speakers Series, Feb 23
Habitat Restoration for Bighorn Sheep: Kootenay National Park
Bighorn sheep are a blue-listed species threatened by declining habitat in southeastern BC. A large herd occurs near Radium Hot Springs on the edgeof Kootenay National Park. Life history and seasonal migrations are all part of this charismatic, mountain-dwelling species.

Alan Dibb, wildlife biologist with Kootenay, Yoho, and Banff National
Parks, has led a 7 year radio-telemetry research project on the Radium
bighorns: find out how Parks Canada is reversing the declining trend.

Look for events on the 23rd:

5)ACC Vancouver Photo Contest, Feb 24th
“Come see results of ACC- Vancouver Sections of Annual Photo contest.”
Joseph Blackburn a professional photographer will present the top 3 winners in 5 categories and explain his choices.
All are welcome, Floral Hall VanDusen Gardens 7:30 pm Feb 24th “

II. Photo Contest

Annual VOC photo contest. Deadline is the 23rd of February.

III. Ms. Manners

Dear Ms. Manners,

I have this friend that I like to go on trips with. He's always positive, a great guy in general and a great skier. The problem is that he likes to eat totally bizarre things, like an entire block of cheese drenched with mustard for one meal, dehydrated cuttlefish with instant noodle flavor packs for the next, etc. Often after accomplishing one of his gastronomical feats he proceeds to totally pollute the tent. I've tried dropping the hints that maybe he'd... lets say... be healthier if he were to eat like a normal person but he hasn't seemed to have clued into what I'm getting at.

The next time I see him eating a big bag of dried lentils, should I come out and lay it on the line or should I just steal two lentils and jam one up each of my nostrils?


Dear Scrunches,

I once pondered that question while the snowcave ceiling slowly crept downwards. While still here, I had my doubts about surviving the night.

Most people take lightly the destruction of the ambience of the local environment. By craftily sneaking one out as they stand to stir the food, or make a light joke, they hope their heinous act will ‘pass’ unnoticed. Often it only takes a remark to lay down the fact that their deception doesn’t get past anyone and straighten them out. Retaliating with your own contribution is not the way to go.

Your particular case smells like your dealing with an obsessive-compulsive light and fast traveler. Perhaps you should force them to carry a can of febreze. Its slightly lighter than stove, fuel, and decent food. Alternatively, they may be craftily acting as an alarm clock, encouraging you to be well out of the tent when they open their sleeping bag, as to get that alpine start you planned for. May I suggest an alarm clock?

-Ms. Manners

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