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Date : 2004-06-21
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VOCene #2 - 21 June 2004

Upcoming Trips


July 17-18, 2004, Marriot Basin (Wendy Thompson Hut)

If you are a new leader looking for support and ideas for leading club
trips, or if you have led lots of club trips, and are looking for tips and
techniques, and are looking to connect with other club trip leaders, this
will be a great workshop weekend for you. Topics to be covered include
trip planning, screening participants, group management, leadership
methods, decision-making, safety, what-to-do if you\'re caught out
overnight, or if someone has forgotten something vital on the trip, and

This will be a fun and lively session, with lots of participation and role
playing, led by professional experiential education instructors as well as
volunteers.  Cost is $30.00 for ACC members; $20.00 for VOC members.  
Space is limited, so sign up early! Contact Fern Hietkamp at 604-872-4290;  
email: (the space is an underscore), leaving
your email address.


Rock climbing by the sea, Tuesday 5pm at Lighthouse Park. For details
check the message board, or contact Trish 

Club News

The VOC clubroom is moving to new and improved quarters next to the Bike
Kitchen at the north end of the SUB. Many thanks to Conor Reynolds for his
tireless work in making this happen. The renovations work is NEARLY
FINISHED! ...but of course there have been some slight delays.  Early next
week (21 - 25 June) the final electrical work and painting will be
completed, and we hope to have \

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