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Date : 2009-02-26
Description : VOCene #29
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VOCene #29  February 26th, 2009

In this VOCene:

I. Upcoming Trips and Events
1) Yoga with the VOC, Mar. 2
2) Intro to Ice, Mar 7-8
3) Rainbow Lake Ski Camping, March 7th-8th

II. Ms. Manners


I. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Yoga with the VOC, Feb 23
A yoga class is being lead by a former VOCer Monday nights at 6pm in the SUB. $5 suggested donation. All money raised will go to a great non-profit started by a UBC student to rebuild a children's aid organization in Nigeria.

See the wiki for more details and to sign up:

2) Intro to Ice, Mar 7-8
Have some experience rock-climbing and have been wanting to try some ice for a while but never got a chance?

3) Rainbow Lake Ski Camping, March 7th-8th
Ski trip to Rainbow Lake/Rainbow Mountain area, accessing from the Callaghan Valley, via Hanging Lake route.
Fresh tracks will be had on Rainbow and/or Sproatt mountains, then camping somewhere near Rainbow Lake.

Sign up for this trip is now open.
Details and sign up at the following link:

II. Ms. Manners

Dear Ms Manners

Help! I bought these ski boots with the fancy mouldable liners and I
was warned that they would make my feet smell bad after awhile, but I
never expected anything this bad. Last weekend my girlfriend wouldn't
even let me into the tent, and it's my tent! And my feet are starting
to dissolve. Tell me what I can do to deal with this terrible and
extremely embarrassing medical problem.


Please contribute to Ms. Manners. Please contribute questions, comments, and/or answers.

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