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Date : 2009-03-05
Description : VOCene #30
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VOCene #30 - March 5th, 2009
In this VOCene:

I. Upcoming Trips and Events
1) Yoga with the VOC, Continuous
2) Sicktastic Powder Fest, 2009

II. Journal Editing Workhike, March 13

III. Call for Executives

IV. Ms. Manners


I. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Yoga with the VOC, Continuous
A yoga class is being lead by a former VOCer Monday nights at 6pm in the SUB. $5 suggested donation. All money raised will go to a great non-profit started by a UBC student to rebuild a children's aid organization in Nigeria.

See the wiki for more details and to sign up:

2) Sicktastic Powder Fest, 2009
Brew Hut; beginner friendly trip.

II. Journal Editing Workhike, March 13

For all you slackers who claiming there arenít any workhikes, from the Journal Editor:
The printer deadline for the journal is coming up REALLY soon! I will need your help to get that last editing crunch in before the Monday, March 16th deadline. The type of editing you can volunteer for varies but includes proof-reading already edited articles for typos, criticizing my Journal layout, fixing levels of photos, and fully editing last minute articles. I think that the best way of doing this is to share a pitcher of beer (or tea) at a great big table, thus minimizing internet static and email faff.

Bring your laptop and your thinking cap. Please sign up on the wiki - but remember that by doing so you are committing yourself to those few hours next Friday. I cannot do this alone, and I cannot pull the weight for people who bail out last minute. You don't have to be an English student to be a good editor - You just need to have a fine set of eyes to spot the stuff I missed.

III. Call for Executives

Who runs this club anyways? The VOC executive, more-or-less - and that could be you. Believe it or not, most of the exec are not chest-beating hardmen - in fact, mostly we're just a bunch of people who had a good time in the club last year and want to give something back. You don't need to be an expert at anything, other than donating your time and effort - these are mostly organizational roles (although experience, of course, helps).
Check out the link to see what positions you might be interested in.

IV. Ms. Manners

Dear Ms Manners

Help! I bought these ski boots with the fancy moldable liners and I
was warned that they would make my feet smell bad after awhile, but I
never expected anything this bad. Last weekend my girlfriend wouldn't
even let me into the tent, and it's my tent! And my feet are starting
to dissolve. Tell me what I can do to deal with this terrible and
extremely embarrassing medical problem.


Dear Stinkyfeet

Have no fear, Ms Manners has a solution, in fact she has a whole gallon. Talk to President Veenstra because he has found a wondrous all natural product containing vitamins and herbal supplements, and guaranteed to make your feet stop rotting immediately and also cures impotence and other problems* which we won't go into here. If you supply a suitable container and make other financial arrangements, our President can supply this wondrous substance. Or you can buy it from Acklands, but beware you'll have to lie because they are a wholesaler and they won't deal with mere customers, and they only have the one gallon and two gallon sizes. And you need to know the part number.

Ms. Manners

* not exactly as shown

Please contribute to Ms. Manners. Please contribute questions, comments, and/or answers.

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