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Date : 2010-04-14
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VOCene  #1  April 14th, 2010
In this VOCene:

I.  Upcoming Events and Trips
    1) Weekly Kayak Polo, April 14 (Wed)
    2) Wilderness First Aid, April 17-18 (Sat-Sun)
    3) Red Heather (Ski), April 17/18 (Sat/Sun)
    4) Squamish (Climb), April 20 (Tue)
    5) MEC Club Night, 10% off, May 4 (Tue)

II. Miscellaneous
    1) VOC Executive Elections: Results
    2) Pick Up Your Free Copy of the VOC Journal!
    3) Huts
    4) FMCBC Articles Needed (by April 15)
    5) Ms. Manners

I.  Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Weekly Kayak Polo

Under the excuse of practicing eskimo-rolls, VOCers are holding weekly kayak-polo sessions at the UBC pool. Typically, half the time is spent practicing rolls, as there's always people that want to learn, and the rest of the time we play kayak-polo. The pool is warm so you don't need a wetsuit and beginners are always welcome. This usually happens on Tuesdays from 8:30 to 10pm, but this week it will be on Wednesday (same hours). Please check the message board thread, and if you are coming write your name on the wiki page.

2) Wilderness First Aid, April 17-18 (Sat-Sun)

The long awaited Wilderness First Aid course is happening this weekend! If you didn't register and pay in advance, and still want to take the course, you might be able to snatch two discounted spots that have recently become available due to final exam sickness:

3) Red Heather (Ski), April 17/18 (Sat/Sun)

Roland is planning on doing some skiing at Red Heather this weekend, on whichever day is nicer. If you need skis, of course you can get Club Gear. If you want to get out, learn to ski, or whatever, let Roland know asap and he'll reserve a spot in his car for you (only one or two spots remain).

4) Squamish (Climb), April 20 (Tue)

Chris is going up to Squamish and looking for partners to climb with. If you are interested, you can contact him by email or on the message board:

5) MEC Club night, 10% off, May 4 (Tue)

That's right - after regular hours on Tuesday May 4th our very own Mountain Equipment Coop will be opening their doors to allow our members a chance to buy gear at 10% off the retail price. This event is for members of the VOC and ACC, in addition to getting a good price on gear it will give you a chance to see what these clubs are all about and how your free ACC membership works (did you know you get a free ACC membership as a VOC member?).

Be there at 7:00pm for a quick presentation about what MEC, the VOC, and the ACC can do for you, then shop 'till you've got all the gear you need, you run out of money, or 9:00pm - whichever comes first!

Please sign up in advance on the Wiki:

II. Miscellaneous

1) VOC Executive Elections

The Banquet was awesome, as always, and now we have a new Exec.
These are the positions, the people, and what they do in 5 words or so.

Note that we are still looking for someone to fill the Special Projects position. In this exciting position, you would mostly be responsible for organizing the work and maintenance on our huts and possibly some trail clearing work. If you are interested, please contact our new President, at

President: Phil Tomlinson (makes it all happen)
Treasurer: Emily Ackroyd (just say no / money matters)
Vice President: Lisa Pittl (Long Hike and Social)
Secretary: Maki Sumitani + Janine Welton (minutes, Correspondence)
Membership chair: Emily Payne (recruiting new members)
VOCene Editor: Gili Rosenberg
Trips Coordinator: Christian Veenstra (hassles people to lead trips)
Quartermasters: Caitlin Schneider, Skyler Des Roches, Jacob Slosberg (gear)
Journal Editor: Robyn Hooper (journal)
Archivist: Laura Morrison (archive, books, maps)
Public Relations: Ignacio Rozada (slide shows)
External Relations: Breanne Johnson (FMCBC, ACC, etc)
Special Projects: TBD (huts)
Climbing Wall: Piotr Forysinski (maintenance, route setting, climbing comp)
Useful Person: Roland Burton (misc)

2) Pick Up Your Free Copy of the VOC Journal!

The latest edition of the VOC Journal was released at the banquet. It's a bound book containing stories, exploits and photos from the VOC over the past year - the stories and photos you submitted (warning - contains nudity and explicit language). All paying members (i.e. students and others, but not alumni) are entitled to one free copy of the VOC Journal for the past year - so if you were in the club this past year there's a copy there for you!  Stop by the clubroom during gear hours, pre trip meetings, or any other time it's open and pick up your free copy.

We're on the honour system - there's no list to cross your name off of, just a box full of journals on the desk and some more under the couch.  If you'd like more than one, extra copies are available for $20.

3) Huts

We have four huts. Recently a trip to a non-VOC Hut, Lizzie Hut, East of Pemberton, found it in need of some work, as heavy snow has cracked one of the roof supports.  The club is considering "adopting" this hut, as the previous person who looked after it died several years ago.  This may not involve spending a lot of money and building a new hut to replace the existing one.  What we talked about was a couple of trips up there this summer to cut out some brush, possibly improve the river crossing where the road is washed out, and perhaps putting in a post to take the weight where the roof beam is cracked.  Anyways, sounds like we have at least a couple of weekends of trips to Lizzie.

We also have some work planned for Brew, perhaps a whole week's worth. If you want a fairly mellow, pretty cheap week's holiday/work, talk to the Special Projects Person, or to Roland.

4) FMCBC Articles Needed (by April 15)

Since I'm sure you are all full of article ideas after writing one for the VOC Journal, you should write one for Cloudburst! The last issue of Cloudburst featured a VOC trip photo on the cover so we should make it happen again.

Here is the info for writing your article:
Just a reminder that we will be accepting articles for the Spring/Summer issue of Cloudburst until April 15th. The sooner you send them in the better so we can review them and request any missing information.  Please include photos if you have any as they really add to the articles.We welcome articles which inform our readers about mountain access, recreation, and conservation issues or activities in B.C. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words. Photos should be approximately 4x6 inch photos with 150 DPI resolution . With submitted articles please include the author. With submitted photos please include location, names of people in the photo and the name of the photographer.
Email articles to Jodi at:

5) Ms. Manners

Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? If so, email it to to your friendly neighbourhood VOCene editor and it'll get forwarded Ms. Manners for review. Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away.

Dear Ms. Manners,

I've been a member of the VOC for a while now and I'm really looking forward to being active during the summer. I was busy during the year with schoolwork, but now a few months of relative freedom await me. Are there still going to be trips and events during the summer, or does the VOC go into summer hibernation?

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Freedom Fighter


Dear FF,

Now that exams are upon us, and in that power vacuum in between executives, one might start wondering - just what happens with the VOC over the summer anyway?

Well, generally, trips still happen although you'll find that there aren't two "big exec run" beginner friendly trips every weekend.  More
member run trips tend to happen - and that means check the message board. You could also post your own trip, or even just an idea, such as "let's go climbing on the 20th of April".

Also, there will be a BBQ the first Wednesday of each month down near Jericho beach, where Tolmie meets the ocean.  It's a good time to cruise around for other members keen to get out on trips with, recount hard person tales, play some frisbee, and generally hang our with your favorite fellow VOCers.

Ms. Manners


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