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Date : 2010-05-12
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VOCene #5 – May 12th, 2010
In this VOCene:

I.  Upcoming Events and Trips   
  1) Ultimate on the Beach (ongoing, Wed - Today!)
  2) Workhike: Sorting Climbing Shoes, May 13 (Thu)
  3) Cycling Galiano Island, May 15-16 (Sat-Sun)
  4) MEC Gear Swap, May 16 (Sun)
  5) Weekly Kayak Polo (ongoing, usually Tue)
  6) Brew Recce, May 22-24 (Sat-Mon, long weekend)
  7) Kayaking - Desolation Sound, May 22-24 (Sat-Mon, long weekend)
  8) Son of Rock, May 29-30 (Sat-Sun)

II. Miscellaneous
  1) Ms. Manners

I.  Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Ultimate on the Beach (ongoing, Wed - Today!)
On every Wednesday when it is not pouring rain, you'll find VOC'ers down at the beach playing Ultimate Frisbee. Come out and enjoy some exercise with fellow VOC'ers, and maybe even some sunshine!

Where: Jericho beach, on the lawn by the parking lot at the foot of Tolmie st.
When: 6:30ish

2) Weekly Kayak Polo (ongoing, usually Tuesdays)

For a while now, VOCers have been holding weekly kayak-polo sessions at the UBC pool. Typically, half the time is spent practicing rolls, as there's always people that want to learn, and the rest of the time we play kayak-polo. The practices were recently moved to the beach, and are usually on Tuesdays 8:30-10:00pm (but this might change). Please check the message board thread for updated information (scroll down to the bottom - it's long).

3) Cycling Galiano Island, May 15-16 (Sat-Sun)

Avery and Doris are planning to check out Galiano Island this weekend and wondering if anyone would like to join them.
The plan is to catch the 8:35am sailing from Tsawwassen on Saturday morning (about a 50km ride from Vancouver) and camp at Dionisio Provincial Park (or one of the other campgrounds if we can't access Dionisio). Ferry leaves Galiano back to Vancouver @ 5:05pm on Sunday.

Post on the message board if interested:
4) Workhike: Sorting Climbing Shoes, May 13 (Thu)

Hello new and old members!
If you are new to the club, each member is expected to complete a 'workhike' for the club, which could be one of millions of things (see wiki page:

This Thursday is your chance to help out the club! We have huge piles of new rock shoes that need to be labeled and sorted.
Caitlin (one of our quartermaster) is looking for 2-3 people to come in during gear hours on Thursday (12:30-13:30) and a few more to come in between 5:30-6:30 Thursday evening.
5) MEC Gear Swap, May 16 (Sun)

Twice per year MEC holds a great big gear swap. Due to the popularity of the event, people will show up and sleep in front of the store starting on Saturday afternoon/evening to get the best choices and deals. Many VOCers have done the trip over the years and it has become a tradition.

Usually the way they run things is to only allow people into the tent where the swap takes place in waves. If you are one of people in the first wave then you will get the best choice. It doesn't really make any difference if you are the first, or the 20th, as long as you are in the first wave.

6) Brew Recce, May 22-24 (Sat-Mon, long weekend)

The plan is to go up to our Brew Hut, and take measurements and notes and otherwise fine tune our plans for the two renovation trips which will happen in June. We will probably not do a lot of work on this trip unless we get bored.

This is a three day weekend, but we probably have a max of 2 days work to do on the recce, so we have time for some serious hiking around in addition to working. If you want to stay only one night, that should also work, depending on your driver.

7) Kayaking - Desolation Sound, May 22-24 (Sat-Mon, long weekend)

Ignacio, Noriko and Pascale want to explore Desolation Sound this coming long week-end (May 22-24).The launch will be at Lund, going around Malaspina Peninsula to Desolation Provincial Marine Park, and then going back through Roscoe Bay and a few islands on the way. There are many options for camping and water supplies. That route should suit beginner to Intermediate. We have been doing a few kayak trips and still fall into that category.So we are looking at people who have at least done a few kayak day trips and any overnight trip (hiking, cycling, skiing...)

8) Son of Rock, May 29-30 (Sat-Sun)

Son of Rock is the traditional spring/summer instructional climbing trip. The rock is finally dry, the snow sucks, and the days are long. The plan is to have several stations set up in the vicinity of the Smoke Bluffs in Squamish. There will be at least one instructor at each station. All ability levels are welcome and no climbing experience is necessary. Tentatively there will be 4 skill levels: absolute beginner, anchor placement, sport lead climbing, and trad climbing. Group size will be determined by instructor availability.

II. Miscellaneous

1) Reminder: Look at Message Board

Are you looking for something to do? Are you looking for a ride to Squamish or Whistler? Midweek or weekend, take a look at the "Trips" forum. People often post their plans a few days before a potential trip. Recently, we had offers for rides to Whistler, beginner-friendly climbing in Squamish, midweek backcountry skiing at Ring Creek, cycling from Vancouver to the Rockies, and skiing/hiking at Red Heather. If you don't find what you want, try posting your own trip/message! Try and be specific, and don't forget to put the date in the subject line.

Trips Forum:

2) Ms. Manners

Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? If so, email it to to your friendly neighbourhood VOCene editor and he'll forward it to Ms. Manners for review. Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away.

Dear Ms. Manners,

I'm broke. I spend all my money on rent, tuition, food and Starbucks coffee (three times a day), so I have close to nothing left for gear. Summer is coming up, and I need a tent, sleeping bag, backpack etc. Where can I get cheap gear in Vancouver?

I hope to hear from you soon,
Cheap Gear Now


Dear CGN,

This week I'll be writing about ways to save money by buying online (see last week's VOCene for ways to save money in Vancouver).

1. MEC Online Gear Swap
Here you will find everything: skis, rockclimbing shoes, GPS, bikes, and more.

2. Spadout: Comparison Shopping
Spadout is a comparison search engine for outdoor gear. For each item it shows prices at many different online stores. It doesn't always catch all the latest discounts, but it's still very useful. Check it out:
3. Deal A Day Websites
There are a few websites that offer sharply discounted items but only for one day or even just a few hours. For example, is a popular one, but there are many others. Most of these sites conveniently appear all together on one page here: If you find something you want, hurry up and get it as soon as possible - the deal might end soon.

4. Discounted Stores
There are a few stores that specialize in discounted/clearance gear.
For example, try:

5. eBay, craigslist
Then of course there are eBay and craigslist:

6. Other Search Engines
General search engines for shopping can be useful too. For example, I use

7. Online Forums
Some online forums have a buy and sell section. For example:
Cascade Climbers:

Perhaps our readers have other suggestions?

Ms. Manners


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