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VOCene #27 – November 10th, 2010
In this VOCene:

Note on Club Ski Gear

I. Upcoming Events and Trips
 1) Climbing in South Africa (slideshow), Nov 10 (Tonight!)
 2) Smith Rock 2010, Nov 11-14
 3) Breanne and Vicky's "Phelix the Hut" ski trip, Nov 11-14
 4) Annual Beginner Friendly Skiing Debacle to Brew Hut, Nov 13-14
 5) Remembrance Day Climbing, Nov 11
 6) Ski/Snowshoe Red Heather, Nov 20-21
 7) Sitka Sufboards Buy Night, Nov 16 (Tue)

II. Miscellaneous
 1) Avalanche Course signup
 2) T-shirt design competition!
 3) Rewards and incentives for trip organizers
 4) Looking for slideshow presenters
 5) VOC Journal: call for articles and your help
 6) Banff Mtn. Film Festival: tickets on sale

III. Ms. Manners

Note on Club Ski Gear:
Ski and avalanche gear is in short supply. Seems like demand far
outpaced supply, and the gear room stands practically empty. Because
of this, it's important that members return gear after each weekend,
so that everyone gets an opportunity to enjoy the snow. For those
skiing this weekend, but weren't able to score avi gear from the gear
room, MEC is renting avalanche gear.

I. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Climbing in South Africa (slideshow), Nov 10 (Tonight!)

Dan Gainer is giving a presentation in the clubroom about climbing in
South Africa's Rocklands. Dan spent three months traveling around
South Africa and climbing extensively.
"Climbing in South Africa, a slideshow" by Dan Gainer (clubroom, 7pm)

2) Smith Rock 2010, Nov 11-14

Smith Rock State Park is the premier rockclimbing destination in
Central Oregon and is famous worldwide as an early birth place of
bolted sport climbing in North America. Climbing is on two primary
volcanic rock types. The welded tuff of the main formations provides
knobby and pocketed face and irregular crack climbs at all angles and
all difficulties. The basalt columns of the upper and lower gorges
provide steep splitter cracks and delicate bolted face climbs.

Fall and Spring are prime seasons, winter can be cold and snowy but
manageable, summer is formidably hot.

Top-ropeable climbs are limited in number as most formations are more
than 1/2 rope length high. However there are numerous quality bolted
and traditionally protected climbs at easy grades for the beginner
lead climber.

3) Breanne and Vicky's "Phelix the Hut" ski trip, Nov 11-14

Vicky and Breanne are organizing an intermediate trip to the Brian
Waddington Hut to ski, snow levels permitting, for a make-shift long
weekend. Both the ski access and the yo-yo difficulty are both rated
difficult, thus the intermediate classification of the trip. There
will be no instruction and you're expected to have some avalanche
training or pair up with someone who does.

Pre-trip meeting was yesterday, but perhaps there's still room for a
last minute participant?

4) Annual Beginner Friendly Skiing Debacle to Brew Hut, Nov 13-14

Lisa is organizing a beginner friendly skiing trip to the Brew Hut.
People interested in participating should probably have some winter
camping skills, have carried an over night pack and have been on
backcountry skis before or be very keen/tough/willing to suffer a bit.
The last point is key - if you don't mind suffering and are in
reasonable shape, I'll make sure you make it to the hut.

In fact, that's the whole point. This should be a trip in the classic
VOC skiing style - a bunch of keen VOCers, never having been on tele
skis before, will tough their way up to the hut and discover that
(despite the suffering) they really love the mountains in winter.
Exchange students who've never seen snow before are ideal, and this is
probably the best place to start if you want to be skiing across the
Garibaldi Neve this spring (this, or one of Roland's Red Heather

Past trips of this style have taken anywhere from 4 to 17.5 hours to
reach the hut (in the good old days before GPSs sometimes they didn't
find the hut at all). Days are short and the snow is fluffy - so put
your headlamp at the top of your pack.

Pre-trip meeting tonight, 6pm.

5) Remembrance Day Climbing, Nov 11
Climbing Squamish depending on the forecast.

6) Ski/Snowshoe Red Heather, Nov 20-21

The plan is to drive up Saturday and park. Pay the box at the start of
the trail $5 for the privilege of using the park. Haul our tents and
all our worldly possessions the 5 kms up to Red Heather, and camp in
the snow. Sunday, we do a few ski runs (lots if the weather is good)
before heading down. Beginner Friendly. Pre-trip meeting is next
Wednesday at 6pm.

7) Sitka Sufboards Buy Night, Nov 16 (Tue)

Sitka Surfboards Vancouver, located at 1864 West 4th Avenue, will be
hosting a buy night for the UBC Varsity Outdoor Club on Tuesday,
November 16th from 6:00-9:00pm. With exclusive deals being offered to
members of sure to come out and score some west coast
inspired gear.

II. Miscellaneous

1) Avalanche Course signup

Don't want to get hit by an avalanche this winter? Well, the easiest
thing would be to stay in the city... but if you want to keep going on
out into the mountains then taking an avalanche course would be a good
start.Soon there will me meters of snow covering our favorite
playground, and these courses give you the basic knowledge you need to
start becoming aware of the special hazards so much snow poses - that
way you can actually make decisions. Information on specific
dates/prices is posted on the wiki, so find a date which works for you
and pay as soon as possible - payment is the only way to secure your
spot, and these courses fill up quickly.

2) T-shirt design competition!

Every once in a while the club designs its own shirts so that you can
show the world that you are part of this awesome club! We would like
to get new shirts out before Christmas and therefore we're looking for
a new design. This is where you come in. We need your ideas, your
creativity and your talent for a new fun VOC shirt!

3) Rewards and incentives for trip organizers

In an effort to reward our dedicated members who spend time teaching
and leading our beginner members on some of the most fun trips to some
of the most beautiful places in BC, we have developed a partnership
with to offer discounts on backcountry brands. These
discounts are open to members who we call VOC Trip Organizers. You may
be thinking to yourself, "I have led trips for the VOC! Am I a VOC
Trip Organizer?" Or "how do I lead trips for the VOC to become a VOC
Trip Organizer?" Well, in order to answer these questions, the exec
has come up with a handy check list to determine if trips you have
already led qualify you as a VOC Trip Organizer, or how help you lead
your first trips to qualify you as a VOC Trip Organizer. See more info
in the links below.

4) Looking for slideshow presenters

Every year we hold weekly slideshows at the clubroom (and sometimes in
bigger rooms if it gets crowded). We're looking for people to talk
about cool trips and adventures they've been involved in, basically
show us your cool pictures and tell us about all the cool/hardcore
stuff involved. After the slideshows we usually go for a beer at the
Gallery upstairs.

Email Ignacio at if you want to give a slideshow.
The format is very flexible and we've had a few instructional seminars
too (how to build a harness, how to pack super light). We might even
show some of the movies in our library, especially since we now have a
new fancy projector.

5) VOC Journal: call for articles and your help

Every year around March/April the VOC publishes its annual journal.
This wouldn’t be possible without the help of all of you! To find out
how you can contribute/help take a look at the links below, and feel
free to contact the Journal Editor, Kathrin Lang at First deadline for articles covering stories from
April to October 2011 is December 1st!

6) Banff Mtn. Film Festival: tickets on sale

This is a great chance to see a selection of mountain films from the
famous Banff Mountain Film Festival, from the comfort of Vancouver. We
are selling a limited number of tickets. The shows will be December 2
and 3 in the Hollywood theatre, and December 4 in North Van. If you
buy them from the VOC you'll save $3 compared to if you buy them
online. To buy the tickets drop by the clubroom during gear hours or
most days during lunch time and ask an exec member to sell you the

III. Ms. Manners

Ms. Manners was unavailable this week to answer the mass emails and
letters that have landed on our office lately. In fact, the whole
editing board of the VOCene is on vacation in an undisclosed location.
Rumors have it that they will experience the wonderful phenomenon of
blue skies and warm sunny weather. This has not been confirmed so far.
Apparently a replacement has been found for the next two weeks, but
don't be surprised if you see some changes.

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