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Date : 2010-11-18
Description : VOCene #28.1
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VOCene #28.1  November 17th, 2010

Due to this week's VOCene editor being a total newbie, an addendum to the weekly VOCene is being sent to trouble your inboxes. There was a fairly important typo, and a glaring omission. This type of behaviour will not happen again once our trusty iss Manners gets back in town.

I. Upcoming Events and Trips

  10) Winter social, Nov 29, 7pm, the Gallery (SUB) (please note that the date is November and not December 29)

Our end-of-year party. We typically do a potluck followed by a couple of slideshows, followed by about five minutes of dancing. This year there was a near-unanimous vote for more dancing, and our amazing VP managed to get us the Gallery, so this year we'll have a potluck, followed by a couple of, well, dancing, and five minutes of dancing too at the end. We'll have a DJ and a beer special. Look for more details in the message board.

  11) Piotr's slide alder destruction carnival, Nov 27-28

The plan is to "interact destructively with some slide alder on the Skookum E Branch, a logging road which leads up towards Mamquam mountain from the Mamquam valley near Squamish. Mamquam is a beautiful peak which is otherwise hard to access in a normal 2-day weekend (access via Elfin and Mamquam lake), but this logging road leads right up towards it from the valley - although it is now horrendouly overgrown by slide alder. The idea is to use the very last of the fall to clear as much of this road as possible so that folk can ski-mountaineer their asses up to Mamquam this coming spring. The trip will involve hiking up and down the logging road cutting, pruning and sawing dense bush. There'll be car camping, bonfire-ing, and hopefully lots of VOC merry-making on saturday night".

This is Piotr's leg's homecoming party, and recent reports claim that workhikes with the death machine (featured prominently in Machete) are actually lots of fun. It's a karma thing even, specially if you've been whacked by alder on your way down a logging road.
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