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Date : 2005-03-15
Description : VOCene #30 - March 15, 2005
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VOCene #30 - March 15, 2005

    - Skiing at Whistler, March 19-20
    - Climbing at Skaha, March 19-20
    - Easter Weekend trip to Vantage, WA
    - Post-exam Kayaking around Broken Islands Group

    - VOC Party
    - Exec Elections (FREE PIZZA)
    - End of Year Awards: call for nominations
    - Brew Hut Progress
    - End of Year Banquet

    - ACC Avalanche Echoes Newsletter and next General Meeting


Richard Truman on the board:

i'm thinkin about skiing at whis next sat/sun (mar 19th / 20th) and camping at calcheek creek or somewhere closer saturday night. there'll probably be some beer drinking involved. anyone interested?


This group is looking for someone with wheels. See Marjolaineís thread.


Vantage trip meeting tomorrow (Greg Dennis is rolling with this one):

For anyone interested in coming to Vantage, WA to climb (and eat chocalate) over our Easter Weekend, please meet

Wednesday, March 16 (This Wed)
4:00 pm

We will discuss rides, times, gear, etc.


Eamon Mauer is working on the logistics but this trip looks to be a go. A group of beginner kayakers splashed around today in False Creek so practice is underway.



Jordan Tam is hosting a get-together for VOCerís this Saturday:

Hello, I've said for a long time I would have people over and finally I'm going to do it!

WHAT: Potluck, casual lounging/drinking, a night of yummy foods, tasty beers, catching up, and stories - all put to music

WHERE: My place! 3716 W19th Ave. just off dunbar, if you know where cheapskates on 19th is it's just a bit further west, and I'm hidden behind rather tall hedges with a huge cherry tree in front. (look for my civic, the house will be nearby)

WHEN: March 19th 7pm, be here! With foods ready and beers in hand

WHO: You! and whoever else you want to bring, my place is a decent size but definitely not huge

WHY: Time to catch up! year is coming to an end's just fun..right?

Rules: Bring one dish, enough to feed 2 people as if this was their entire meal - 
NO: ceasar salads, hummous, or two-bite brownies - come on put some effort into it! Otherwise, it's all up to you I'm sure everything will balance itself out, so please RSVP me if you can come so I know approx numbers, you might also want to bring a plate and fork just in case...coz...I don't have THAT much cutlery, and of course bring some beer if you like!

Hope to see you all

Contact: (604)222-9770


Hey guys!
So it looks like it's time to drop some of this weight we've been carrying and find ourselves some new meat... I mean graciously pass on the torch and elect a new executive for next year's VOC- YAY!!!
Anyone who is a member, or is planning on being a member next year is invited to come out 

Wed. March 30th at 5:30 (location TBA)

We will be serving pizza so come hungry!! (ohh, consumable incentive)

So yeah, if you've got a killer cousin who loves dangling from ropes who is coming to ubc next year, invite them out, or if you want to be involved but were, shall we say, a backseat member this past year, that's cool and so you too can be intimately involved (ohhh, sexy) in the inner workings of the best club on campus!
There are a variety of positions available- check the WIKI for detailed descriptions but to name a few: 

President - Yees , we will need one of these!
Climbing wall coordinator
Vice President
Public relations
Journal editor
VOCene editor
Quartermaster (x2)
Membership chair
(you need to have been on the exec before for President and for treasurer, but all others are up for grabs by anyone!)

I may have forgotten a couple, but like I said, check the WIKI for detailed info on all of the positions and COME ON OUT!!
we won't have a club next year without an exec so even if you're not interested spread the word to all those leader- types around you and get them interested!
If you have any questions please e-mail me at or the officer to whom your question most closely applies and we'll do our best to answer your questions

See you Wed March 30th!!!



Still not too late to get a nomination in for end-of-year banquet!

Awards are:

The Broken Board - Originated in 1970 when a load of lumber destined for the Neve Hilton (a hut build on Mt Garibaldi, later demolished by snow creep) was destroyed after falling from a helicopter onto the only rock in a
snowfield for miles around. It is awarded to a member who has broken
something in an equally silly manner, or who has performed what is deemed to be the most spectacularly stupid act of the year.

The Loving Cup - An award cup designed to embarrass couples whose romance has blossomed during the past year OR to an individual who has tried repeatedly to engage other club members in relationships and failed.

Most Active New Member-male and female - Usually this is a book prize given to the new member who has developed their outdoor skills the most during the previous year (not necessarily given to novices).

Chorus Line - best backcountry entertainer.

And any other award that you can think of, let me know and maybe we can find a suitable prize.

Please send nominations to Jess D. at


Update from Roland:

We continue to make speedy progress with the Brew Hut prefabrication in my back yard. We had just the right number of people there this weekend, and some actually quite talented. Saturday we finished building the upstairs floor and cut the studs that go into the side walls, and painted the interior walls. Sunday we finished the first coat on the interior walls and nearly built the two end walls.

The main tasks to do are:

1) Cut the styrofoam insulation to fit under the floor.

2) Finish the end walls, framed for door and windows.

3) Plan now includes windows in the South wall, so we have to frame them.

4) A second coat of paint on the interior walls, perhaps we'll even buy some in a chosen colour instead of going for mis-tint.

5) Big job, cut and fit the 36 roof rafters.

6) Buy more stuff.

7) Build a bunch of windows.

8) Maybe build furniture if we have time and money.

9) Paint or treat the floor to make it waterproof.

This coming weekend we may build the roof rafters. If you want to help, please let us know so we know who's coming. If you ust want to drop by and see what we're building, that should work too.

If you have a digital camera and can bring it, we could post progress photos on the internet and save us the cost and time of travelling


The annual VOC banquet will take place in the next few weeks. Itís a chance to see people you havenít seen since Septemberís Longhike and also to celebrate the VOC year that was. Updates on the location and other specifics will be published in upcoming VOCenes. 

The March 2005 edition Avalanche Echoes is now available at:
Also a reminder to join us for our next General Meeting on Tuesday March 22, 2005 at 7:30 PM at Floral Hall in Van Dusen Gardens, 37th & Oak, Vancouver. 
Join wilderness guide/photographer Dave Quinn on ďA Purcell TraverseĒ Ė an evening of images and tales from a mixed summer/winter traverse of the Purcell Mountains, from Kimberley to Rogers Pass. This show will examine the diversity of the Purcell range, as well as touch on the threats to its world-class values.
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