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Date : 2005-03-22
Description : VOCene #31 - March 22, 2005
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VOCene #31 - March 22, 2005

    - Easter trip to Mt Adams, WA
    - Easter Weekend trip to Vantage, WA
    - Post-exam Kayaking around Broken Islands Group
    - Joint ACC-VOC Garibaldi Neve Traverse

    - VOC Foosball Tournament
    - Exec Elections (FREE PIZZA)
    - End of Year Awards: call for nominations
    - Brew Hut Progress
    - End of Year Banquet

    - Cloudburst Mountain, March 19

    - Share gas/driving to Rockies (end of Term)
    - ACC Avalanche Echoes Newsletter



Tyler Linn and company plan to drive down to Mt. Adams in Washington State and ski the south side route off the summit (a 8000 foot ski run at 35 degrees from 12,800 feet down to 5000 feet).  


Vantage seems to be the destination of choice this long weekend. The Tofino trip fell through so that group is now joining the Vantage people. Rides, tents, etc are being sorted out on the message board. 


Eamon Mauer has researched this trip and come up with this:

I've started to do some research into costs for this trip. It looks like this so far.

Kayak rentals are about $50 per day for a double ($25 each person) and the first and last day count as half a day so if we go for a week that would be 
6 days rental = $150 per person.

Also there is a $50 return ferry fee per passenger to Sechart from Port Alberni, we'd arive in Sechart at 11 am and be paddling in the broken group by 1 pm.

There is an $8 per person camping fee per night, times 6 nights = $42 which I think is a good thing since it minimizes our footprint on the area.

Food could be about $50 or less per person, so say $50.

The bc ferries ferry to the island costs $10.50 and you can get to it using your U-Pass ($0 or $3 without U-Pass or something like that)

On the island I should have my car there so I could take 4 people, with gear snug and maybe on peoples knees in the back seat, but most should fit in the trunk

There is a bus service if necessary, though someone else probably (?) has a vehicle

There is a 10 person maximum group size for groups traveling in the broken group islands

Gas would be about $30 from Nanaimo to Tofino and back

So in total it would be about $350 per person with rentals included etc.

Honestly, I'm going to have to look into this myself, to see whether I have the money. It may be possible for me to borrow a few kayaks from my friends at the kayak shop in the Comox Valley, it'd involve transporting them to the west coast and may be a long shot, but it would only cost $20 to transport the kayak by ferry to Sechart then without any rental fee (or maybe a discounted rental fee).

Also, honestly, I'm considering potentially going later in the summer after I've worked for a while, if that were to happen would there be anyone interested in going then?

Cost information can be found at

A map of the area can be found at:

It is possible to also rent kayaks in Uculet, they cost about $50 per night for a double still, if this was chosen we could paddle from there and not pay the $50 ferry fee.

Open to ideas, what do you guys think?


Weather is cooperating. Sign up sheet is now available on VOC Wiki, under 'Trips'.



Foosball was such a hit at Jordan’s shaker this past weekend that he’s decided to host a tournament. Be careful of Richard though… never saw a guy make the foosball goalie the most dangerous offensive player on the table before.


Hey guys!
So it looks like it's time to drop some of this weight we've been carrying and find ourselves some new meat... I mean graciously pass on the torch and elect a new executive for next year's VOC- YAY!!!
Anyone who is a member, or is planning on being a member next year is invited to come out 

Wed. March 30th at 5:30 (location TBA)

We will be serving pizza so come hungry!! (ohh, consumable incentive)

So yeah, if you've got a killer cousin who loves dangling from ropes who is coming to ubc next year, invite them out, or if you want to be involved but were, shall we say, a backseat member this past year, that's cool and so you too can be intimately involved (ohhh, sexy) in the inner workings of the best club on campus!
There are a variety of positions available- check the WIKI for detailed descriptions but to name a few: 

President - Yees , we will need one of these!
Climbing wall coordinator
Vice President
Public relations
Journal editor
VOCene editor
Quartermaster (x2)
Membership chair
(you need to have been on the exec before for President and for treasurer, but all others are up for grabs by anyone!)

I may have forgotten a couple, but like I said, check the WIKI for detailed info on all of the positions and COME ON OUT!!
we won't have a club next year without an exec so even if you're not interested spread the word to all those leader- types around you and get them interested!
If you have any questions please e-mail me at or the officer to whom your question most closely applies and we'll do our best to answer your questions

See you Wed March 30th!!!



Still not too late to get a nomination in for end-of-year banquet!

Awards are:

The Broken Board - Originated in 1970 when a load of lumber destined for the Neve Hilton (a hut build on Mt Garibaldi, later demolished by snow creep) was destroyed after falling from a helicopter onto the only rock in a
snowfield for miles around. It is awarded to a member who has broken
something in an equally silly manner, or who has performed what is deemed to be the most spectacularly stupid act of the year.

The Loving Cup - An award cup designed to embarrass couples whose romance has blossomed during the past year OR to an individual who has tried repeatedly to engage other club members in relationships and failed.

Most Active New Member-male and female - Usually this is a book prize given to the new member who has developed their outdoor skills the most during the previous year (not necessarily given to novices).

Chorus Line - best backcountry entertainer.

And any other award that you can think of, let me know and maybe we can find a suitable prize.

Please send nominations to Jess D. at


The annual VOC banquet will be early April. Updates on the location and other specifics will be published in upcoming VOCenes. 


By Matt Brown

Matt Brown, Scott Nelson, Scott Napier, Richard Truman, Doris Leong
and Graham went to Cloudburst Mountain on Saturday. The weather was
suprisingly OK, given the horrible forecast, and in the morning we
even had a few bursts of sunshine. We took the Branch 100 route,
aiming for the NW Ridge on Cloudburst. After an hour of crawling up a
clearcut, we rejoined our road (DOH!), which is drivable to about
1000m. From there we bushwacked up the ridge. We reached our high
point about 200m below the summit at 2pm. We decided to turn back
there as big black stormclouds were approaching from the South. We
then had an enjoyable ski down open slopes to the N of the ridge
(which would also be a better ascent route) and made it back to the
cars about 5pm. By that time the clouds had closed in and it was
snowing heavily. Maybe the ski season is not over yet?

From Jordan Tam:
Hey, so - I'm supposed to go home to Calgary after exams, but I'm still debating whether to fly, or drive - both cost about the same to me when I count convenience etc... if I drive alone, however if there are people interested in driving back with me I may do that - Just to gauge interest I want to drive back probably on the 26th or 27th - anyone out there want to head that way?
The March 2005 edition Avalanche Echoes is now available at:
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