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VOCene #2 2005/2006-September 19, 2005
In this VOCene:

Welcome to VOCene number 2. Since the last edition the club has seen, at the very least, a fun dry school, a very successful glacier camp and a bear encounter. The fun does not stop here however; the “trips” just keep coming.

1. Brew Hut Trip
2. Club days 
3. Tofino Surf Trip 
4. Needle Peak
5. Long Hike


1. The Club needs you! 
3. What is the “WIKI” anyway????


1. MEC Gear Swap


1. Mt Gillespie by Sandra Nicol

1. Brew Hut Trip
When: September 24-25, 2005
Where and what: keep reading

First, a little history…

The old Brew Hut was built in 1982, damaged in 1983 and then rebuilt in 1984. The hut was damaged again in 1999, pushing in one wall a bit and making the roof a bit leaky. A new hut was constructed this summer (still a few minor things to finish up) nearby. This trip is planned to dismantle the old hut, and cut up some of the wood for firewood over the winter. The plan is to hike in either Friday evening or Saturday morning, work Saturday and Sunday, and then hike out Sunday starting at about 3 or 4 pm. We will need to carry up some tools, like a battery powered drill, hand saws, crow bars, etc. There are already some good tools up there, but not enough for a full dismantling effort by 20 people. This trip counts as a work hike, which will allow you to borrow VOC equipment for the rest of the year.

The hike in to the hut takes about 3 hours. The trail has a few steep sections before Brew Lake, and from the lake it is a nice hike through heather meadows to the hut. Total elevation gain is 950m from where we can park to the hut. Some people can stay in the new hut, so not everyone needs to bring a tent. Please sign up on the wiki if you are interested.


When: Sept. 19-22 10am to 4pm, and Sept. 23rd 10am -2pm.
Where:  South Plaza of the Student Union Building (SUB)
What: Drop by and meet this year’s VOC execs, and learn more about the club, at the annual event that allows new students to explore the clubs and associations on campus.


When: October 1st and 2nd
Where: West Coast of Vancouver Island
What: Long boards, Neoprene, and Waves.
Who: “Kiwi” Jay is putting this one together, check the message board for updates.


When: October 1st and 2nd
Where: see above
What: a scramble/hike.
Who: Tyler Linn is organizing the trip, check the message board for new developments.

5. LONG HIKE (AKA, Rock Climbing and fun, fun, and some more fun. Keep reading to find out what Janet has in store for what is quite possibly the most exciting weekend of the year.) 
Hey guys (and girls), 
It's almost time again for the biggest climbing trip of the year...Long hike! 

When: October 8th-9th 

Where and What: Climbing in Squamish, followed by a huge aprˇčs climbing party and sleepover at the Coast Mountain Outdoor School in Pemberton.

Cost: $30 includes climbing instruction, gear rental (plus a refundable damage deposit), accommodation for the night, and all the food you can eat the night of the party and breakfast the next morning, as well as a dessert potluck!

All ability levels are welcome and no climbing experience is necessary. There will be 3 different climbing groups:

Rock 1: for people will little or no climbing experience, and who want to learn how to get off the ground safely. Topics covered include tying in, buddy checks and belaying. 
Rock 2: for people with some climbing experience who want to learn how to build anchors and set up top ropes. Topics covered include anchor building and rappelling
Rock 3: for people with extensive seconding experience who want to learn how to lead climb. Topics covered include belaying a leader, gear placement and rope management

Tickets are now available and can be purchased at our clubs days booth (outside the SUB) this week from 12-4pm and in the clubroom between 11ish-3ish. 

There will be a mandatory dry school a few days before the trip (date to be announced) in order to plan out rides and other details. I am also looking for instructors and people to help out with the cooking so if you are interested in either let me know. I will post a thing about it on the wiki soon so that people can sign up.

So everyone come buy your tickets soon because space fills up fast! The weekend will be great! We usually get around 100 people at this event, so it's a great way to meet the existing and new members, party, and get some rock-climbing in. We have lots of great plans for this year's trip so it will be tonnes of fun!

1. The Club wants you!!!! Yes You.

If you are detail oriented, if you like to organize and assemble, and if you like to hang around with a bunch of humanoids who meet once a week to discuss the clubs activities( in between sharing their weekend stories), then you are the right person for the opportunity we have available. The club requires an individual to join the executive and to take on the upkeep and future design responsibilities of our little piece of paradise in the SUB. This oasis is known as the Clubroom, and all those interested in making the clubroom a better place should contact Trish Stathers at

2. The Club is looking for a small couch for the clubroom and a small fridge. If you have either, in relatively decent shape of course, and are looking for away to dispose of the said items, please contact any member of the exec, thanks.

3. What is the Wiki anyway?????

For those who may not know what the WIKI is, here goes. It is a interactive and editable web page that is accessible via the VOC website for those with a password and username(members) the WIKI is used to organize trips and rides and share information overall. If you have not already, check it out. 


Mt Gillespie, Sept 18, 2005

Scott Nelson and Sandra Nicol scrambled up Mt Gillespie in the Mamquam River drainage on Sunday. The day started out with some excitement when a bear woofed at Sandra. We took the long way around, especially when we saw that there were
2 bears, possibly a mother and cub, feeding on blueberries. A few hours of scrambling on granite slab and piles of rocks followed, then a straight forward summit. Unfortunately there were no views due to clouds. We took a slightly different route on the descent, skirting the small pocket glacier. We found the bears again on the way down (we think), and took the long way again. The trail is intermittent, but the ridge that it follows is lovely and obvious, with views down the Mamquam drainage onto giant clear cuts.

Sandra Nicol.

What: The MEC gear swap
When: October 2, 2005
Where: MEC Broadway Store
What: Used gear sale, you can take your gear for sale, or find some good deals on others gear, check it out. Check their website for more details:
Quote of the week: "No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible."    —George Burns.
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