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Date : 2005-10-03
Description : VOCene #4 2005/2006 October 3, 2005
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VOCene #4 2005/2006-October 3, 2005

Welcome to the 4th addition of this years VOCene. This addition is all about Longhike, and the many other great benefits that we as members receive. Read on…  


1. Slideshow Oct 5, 2005
2. Long hike Dry School
3. Long Hike 


1. New Gear
2. Alpine Club of Canada Affiliation
3. Return your Gear from Glacier School


Despite rumors of many activities, this desk has not received any stories from the past weeks trips. However, I am told photographs of Tyler’s Needle Peak Trip, Trish’s trip to Brunswick, and Scott and Sandra’s trip to Brew Hut are available via the message board.



   	When: Wed. Oct, 5, 2005 8pm (after dry school)
   	Where: VOC Clubroom and the “Lounge” (upstairs in SUB)
What: Slide Show: Karakoram Fever -- The First Ascent of a 60+    pitch rock route in Pakistan this past summer

  	Who: Jeremy Frimer

All 100 plus participants in the long hike are required to attend the Dry school. Rides will be organized, groups determined and questions answered. See long hike below for more beta.

	When: Wed. October 5th, 2005
	Where: Woodward 1
Time: 6pm-everybody, 5:30 instructors, and 5pm (clubroom) for those helping to carry the gear from the clubroom

4. LONG HIKE (sold out)

Where: Squamish (pray for sun) and Pemberton (social)
When: October 8th-9th 

Where and What: Climbing in Squamish, followed by a huge aprŽès climbing party and sleepover at the Coast Mountain Outdoor School in Pemberton.

All ability levels are welcome and no climbing experience is necessary. There will be 3 different climbing groups:

Rock 1: for people will little or no climbing experience, and who want
to learn how to get off the ground safely. Topics covered include tying in, buddy checks and belaying. 
Rock 2: for people with some climbing experience who want to learn how
to build anchors and set up top ropes. Topics covered include anchor building and rappelling
Rock 3: for people with extensive seconding experience who want to
learn how to lead climb. Topics covered include belaying a leader, gear placement and rope management

Note: VOC short sleeve t-shirts will be on sale Sat. night. Cost is $10.00. Also the highly anticipated and legendary VOC song books will be on the block (for sale). They will be $5.00 and are guaranteed to transform wet, rainy tent/hut bound days into spirited vocal affairs.



The MEC gear swap was a success. The club purchased some new plastic telemark boots, some transceivers, new skins, and some more rock shoes to add to the collection.


If you have a rope or other gear from Glacier School please return it this week as the ropes will be needed for long hike. 

2. THE VOC and The Alpine Club of Canada

As members of the VOC we are fortunate to have a positive relationship with the Alpine Club of Canada. Below are the outlines of this agreement:

Thank you to Antje Wall(VOC-ACC Rep) for sending us the particulars of the arrangement.

The ACC will provide to the eligible VOC members: 
• National membership cards. This national membership is equivalent to basic ACC and Vancouver Section membership except as indicated below.
• Member rates at the ACC Clubhouse in Canmore, Alberta, the Canadian Alpine Centre in Lake Louise, Alberta, and the Tantalus Hut near Squamish, BC.
• Eligibility to purchase “membership options” to provide better and less expensive access to ACC Huts, or to provide the Canadian Alpine Journal, or full membership in Sections.
• The national quarterly newsletter (The Gazette) and the Vancouver Section newsletter (The Avalanche Echoes) will be provided to the VOC for its members by URL link when available.
• Regular ACC discounts on National Club merchandise, (books, clothing, ACC accessories, etc).
• Eligibility to attend ACC National and Section meetings and social events.
• Eligibility to participate in ACC National and Vancouver Section trips, camps, and training courses subject to space availability.
• Eligibility to apply for financial grants from ACC funds.
• The ACC – Vancouver Section will name an executive member of the Section to act as a liaison between the ACC and VOC. (that's me, Antje)

ACC membership cards for VOC student members will be
sent out once the National ACC office in Canmore has
updated their membership lists with this year's VOC
student members. This normally happens in
October/November. The membership cards will be sent to
the VOC clubroom.

Your name needs to be in the ACC members database only
if you do something through the National ACC office in
Canmore that requires basic ACC membership, e.g.
advance booking of a hut in the Rockies.

For going on local ACC trips, just mention to the trip
organizer that you are with the VOC.

ACC Vancouver Section website with trip list:

National ACC website:

For more information:
Antje Wahl, ACC's VOC Rep,

See, I told you it was empty…

Quote of the week: "I teach beginners this simple rule: If you are unsure that the rope reaches the ground or the next anchors, let someone else go down first."    — Brutus of Wyde.

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