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Date : 2005-10-11
Description : VOCene #5 2005/2006 Oct. 11, 2005
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 VOCene #5 2005/2006-October 11, 2005

Numero Cinco! Well, the first month of school is officially complete and school is really starting to pick up. Papers and Mid terms and readings...and of course: a little rock climbing. Long hike happened this past weekend, and despite last weeks miserable weather forecast, the weather held together long enough for fun to be had by all. Read on for more detailed trip reports. 


1.	VOC Whitewater Kayaking trip
2.	Skaha Rock Climbing
3.	South America Slideshow


1.	Song books and T-shirts available in Clubroom
2.	New Couch
3.	Return Longhike gear


    1. Longhike trip report by Oker

IV. News from the “Outside” World

1.	ACC monthly meeting- John Baldwin Presentation
2.	Andy Selters-History of Mountaineering Presentation.


1.	VOC Whitewater Kayak Trip
(See Message Board for up to the minute information)
The time has come to hit the rivers! Rainfall and winter storms are on their way, and that means the rivers are flowing. 
The plan is this:
FRIDAY NIGHT(15th of Oct) 
Wet school at lord byng-learning how to get in & out of your boat, wet exits and hopefully, ROLLING!
Paddle the River (to be confirmed) and use the skills you learned the night before. 
Optional SUNDAY: Keep on paddling!

There is going to be a "wet school" on FRIDAY night at Lord Byng Highschool (16th and Crown) where there is access to a pool and boats if you need them. Come at latest 7 o'clock and bring $10 and a bathing suit - get there EARLY or there won't be room (it's an open night for anyone). It's best if you can rent your boat friday night and bring it to the pool so a) you get to practice in your own boat. b) you don't have to go to mec the next day and rent it for the river.
Saturday we are getting to the river however we can. Try to hook up with someone who has a car. Post on this thread and let us know who has wheels and who doesn't. There will be a session on eddylines and cutting into the current saturday morning when we get there. 
And if there is interest we can camp out and do it all over again on sunday!

LOGISTIX: Boats are available from MEC for $25- +$300 deposit(on credit card). Comes with paddle, vest, skirt, helmet.
Rides: You need to get yourself and your boat to the river. So suck up to those who have cars, borrow your dad's truck (best option). Keep checking the thread to see whose coming and who has wheels. 
This is going to be a great trip and as easygoing and chilled as possible, so don't feel this is over your head or beyond you: its all for fun!

2.	Skaha RockClimbing

Rumor has it that an annually Trip to SKAHA Pentiction, British Columbia, is scheduled for some time around Halloween. Stay tuned for more details

3.	Slide Show

When: October 19,2005: 7pm
Where: VOC Clubroom
What: High and snowy in South America
Who: Tyler Linn
Bonus: Free Popcorn

II. Club News

1. Please Return Longhike Gear

Okay, so a lot of gear got given out, some of it accounted for, and some of it not....if you have longhike gear, PLEASE return it ASAP. If you didnt leave a deposit on it, you can leave it in the clubroom even if a quartermaster is not there, and it will be dealt with....If you did leave a deposit, you must come in either mine or Jessie's gear hours, and we will give you back your sweet sweet UBC ID or cash (and the one person who gave me american cash, I forgot who you are, so remind me - else it's mine!)...

Also, someone has a whole pile of club ropes somewhere, and we'd like those back...Hopefully the Honour system will prevail, otherwise we'll have to tighten up for the future...

-The QMs

2. T-Shirts and Songbooks Available

	We've got T-shirts for sale for $10 and songbooks for $8. Come on into the clubroom at Noon-1 or during Jessie or Dan's gear hours to come take a look!

Trish :)

4.	New Couch in the clubroom.

	If you’re looking to relax at lunch, the Clubroom is turning posh!

III. TRIP REPORTS-Long Hike by Oker
Trip report by he who did not climb on Saturday:

Environment Canada repaired their weather machine just in time to change the rain-rain-rain forecast into a weekend of cloudy-sunny-drizzle. I guess if we keep pumping the GST into keeping our weather satellites in orbit, we'll eventually conquer autumn rain.

From a meal of scrounging other people's vegetarian-friendly leftovers to a full course of sugars and icing, meal time proved to be intrepid. The events prior to this, I cannot confer, as my presence was absent from the morning's routine of cliff bungeeing. The night began wonderfully with some clean jokes about sexually frustrated pork'n'bean camp and microwaving babies, to cleaner jokes about the sound of climbers falling off ropes. Next people swallowed their fists, shoulders swallowed beer cans, and eggs swallowed dignity. Only one of these items has since been recovered.

The rest of the evening had something to do with a fire spinner, climbing all over each other, climbing all over tables, hardcore dance moves from a more civilized era, climbing into each other ('s sleeping bags), some intelligent discussion on Hitler, and watching other people drink Old English. Wake up did not happen and yours truly found myself with a mouth full of spices in a Squamish pub. Except by spices, I mean fire, and by fire, I mean lyrical fire. If I had to play word association, the first thing that comes to mind is "gluttony".


IV. News from the “OUTSIDE” World.

1.	A presentation sponsored by the Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Section

The Ways to the Sky:A Multimedia Mountaineering History Show by Andy Selters

This state-of-the-art digital production with historical mountaineering

images from the 1870s to the present day, celebrates

the spirit of mountaineering, from the explorers like

John Muir and Conrad Kain through the tales of Fred Beckey

to the modern ˇüber-climbers.

Location: Anza Club, 3 West 8th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M8

Click Here for a Map
Date: 7:30 PM, Thursday November 24, 2005
Tickets: $10 in advance, $12 at door.
Available at Mountain Equipment Co-op (Broadway store), 
or the next ACC Section Socials Tues. Oct. 25 and Nov. 22, 
or call 604-878-5272, 
or e-mail

2.Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Section
Slide Presentation

John Baldwin: "Beyond the Tahumming: Other alpine Traverses in the Coast Mountains".
Tuesday October 25, 2005 at 7:30 p.m.
Location: Floral Hall, Van Dusen Gardens, West 37th Avenue & Oak Street,
The October Avalanche Echoes is now available on our website at:
Quote of the week: "The distinguishing mark of true adventures, is that it is often no fun at all while they are actually happening."    — Kim Stanley Robinson.
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