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Date : 2014-05-12
Description : VOCene #2 2014
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Welcome to a beautiful sunny week here in Vancouver! Here are a few of the awsome events coming up.

1. MEC Spring Clubs Night; TUESDAY MAY 13, 2014 7:00 PM
2. Harrison Hut Workhike; May 17-19.
3. Victoria Long Weekend Climbing Trip; May 17-19
4. Spring Hike-in Skiing- Intermediate Skiiers; May 24-25
5. Lead Ladder 2014, May 29th-June 22nd
6. Miss Manners

1.MEC Spring Club Night- TUESDAY MAY 13th!!! 7:00 PM!!!
Receive 10% off all club purchases this Tuesday from 7-9PM Tuesday this week (tomorrow!). Please sign up online to get your name on the list.

2. Harrison Hut Work Hike May 17-19
The main goal of the weekend will be to hike the trail and take stock of what needs to be done over the next few months. Work may include: 

filling in gaps in reflective markers along the trail
marking where major & minor footbed work is needed  
measuring hut dimensions for sheet metal purchase & cutting
evaluating where a new outhouse might be built
3. Victoria Long Weekend Climbing May 17-19

The location of this trip is weather dependent. Vantage is one option, since it's not a long weekend in the US so it will be less busy. Skaha is another. Smith Rocks is a little far and could be too hot. If the weather is good locally, then we'll stick to Squamish.

This trip is non-instructional for the most part. If you don't know how to set up anchors but can get a club rope and can top rope belay, people will probably set up anchors.
4. Spring Hike-in Skiing; May 24-25
Intermediate Skiiers only! Objective ski something steep and long on spring snow on sunny day. Possible locations: Wedgemount area, Rainbow, Joffre, Aussie Couloir, Alalok, other Duffy slopes.

5. Lead Ladder 2014; May 29th-June 22nd

The Lead Ladder is an instructional rock climbing course designed for those who aspire to lead climb traditionally protected single and multi-pitch routes.  It consists of 4 x 2 hour evening sessions and a weekend in Squamish. Please see page for more details and sign up by this Wednesday if you have interest.

6. Miss Manners

Dear Miss Manners,

I learned a lot of awesome new skills at Son of Rock this last weekend. How can I go about sharpening my skills and going climbing more this summer, even though I am just a beginners?


Keen Climber

Dear Keen Climber,

There are many beginner friendly climbing trips that are organized regularly and posted on the trip agenda that you can participate in. There are also opportunities to go to Squamish to climb with club members nearly every week! If you are looking for some climbing partners who may have more experience than you, then be sure to check out the message board for people looking for climbing buddies and also to check out the VOC wiki for when the climbing wiki page 2014 is up and running, where you can add your name to a list of interested climbers on any given weekend.


Miss Manners

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