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Date : 2014-05-02
Description : VOCene #1 2014
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Hello! Another great academic year has come and gone in the VOC. Thank you everyone who joined us for adventures this past year, and welcome and new members!

 Please see Agenda below.

1. Membership Reminders and Updates
2. Son of Rock- Learn to Rock Climb in Squamish, May 10-11
3. Upcoming Trips and Workhikes
    a. Harrison Outhouse, Ongoing
    b. Phelix Hut, May 2-4
    c. VKC White White Festival, May 2-4
    d. Misty Icefields Traverse, May 4th- May 14th
    e. Mount Seymour Summer Spring Ski-touring, May 4th
     f. Climbing, May 6-9
    g. Help the Squamish Access Society, May 11
4. Meet the new exec!
5. Miss Manners

1. Membership Reminders and Updates
Have not renewed your membership yet? Do not panic! Your current membership will not expire until September 30, 2014 unless you have registered in the last few days (in which case your membership expires in 2015). Just a reminder that memberships fees have been increased as a result of increased insurance rates, and prices for the upcoming year are $40 for students and $60 for non-students. Also remember that at least one work hike a year (old examples) is required to rent out gear from the club.

2. Son of Rock, May 10-11
This is the annual spring learn-to-rock-climb event in Squamish.  This is for people who have never before touched rock, all the way up to learning to lead trad.  One day of instruction on Saturday and an optional day of climbing on Sunday. Camping will be done at the Chief campground, but there are no reservations.

The pre-trip meeting on May 7th in Buchanan B 313 is generally mandatory to arrange rides and instructors.  We have harnesses, shoes and helmets (yes, you absolutely need a helmet or we will not let you climb) for rent from the club, but you will need your own belay device and locking carabiner (but these can be shared between two people if you take the intro course, rock 1). Be sure to sign up as committed early as this trip has a lot of demand!

3. Upcoming Trips and Workhikes

  a. Harrison Hut Outhouse- WORKHIKE, Ongoing
Help building the Harrison Hut Outhouse. This workhike opportunity will take place in Rolands backyard and he has already started. Just contact him and coordinate times with him. There are many days and many different tasks so plenty of space for all of you. This is the prefect opportunity for everyone who wants to help the club, wants to keep renting gear, wasn't able to find a workhike yet.

  b. Phelix Hut, May 2-4
Come this weekend/potentially longer rain or shine, skis, snowshoes, boots whatever! Pre-trip has passed and Natalie has no cell phone and limited internet access. 

  c. VKC White Water Festival, May 2-4
This is not a VOC event, and this is not intro to river kayaking, but there is support for beginners as well as clinics you can sign up for. Check out the details for the festival here:  You should register before hand or remember to bring registration fees on site since this event is not free.

  d. Misty Icefields Traverse, May 4-14th

This is a classic coastal ski traverse from Pitt Lake near Vancouver to Little Lillooet Lake or Whistler. The traverse travels through rugged remote terrain. That said the glaciers offer relatively low hazard travel and the traverse is fairly straight-forward. Don't underestimate the amount of effort this requires though. There is also a lot of terrain management, route finding, slog work and potential for being weathered for a few days.
  e. Mount Seymour Summit Spring Ski-Touring, May 4th

Ben Heaps is looking to tour Seymour Peak from the parking lot. Planned: a short day, only 6 kilometers return. Intermediate to advanced skiers only. AST is must have. There is no powder up there obviously, spring snow conditions.

  f. Climbing, May 6-9

Rhian has a few spare days at the start of May and plans to spend them climbing somewhere. He is not fussed where and is definitely open to suggestions. He would do an overnight trip or a couple of day trips if its suits better.

  g. Help the Squamish Access Society

The Squamish Access Society, those awesome people that build and maintain trails and climbing routes in Squamish, need your help. Murrin Loop Trail is nearing completion but still needs some work crews to work on the trail. This trail is designed to connect existing and potential crags on a 2 Km loop with an outstanding destination viewpoint for the hiking public.

They would need about 12 to 15 people between 9:30am and 11am on Sunday, May 11th. Note that this is the weekend of Son of Rock, when we offer climbing instruction on Saturday and where people do what they want on Sunday. So, you could work on the trail until 11am, feel happy about giving back to the Squamish climbing community and afterward you can climb for the rest of the day or do whatever you like (swim in Murrin lake?)

   h. Additional Useful Information
Be sure to check out the message board for great discussion on outdoor topics and options for gear as many people are selling gear currently.

4. Meet the New Exec!

President: Clemens Adolphs
Hi, I'm Clemens, your new president. I'm 3 years into my physics PhD and love climbing, scrambling and back country skiing. I'm excited to be president because I owe my ability to do all these awesome things to the VOC and want to give something back to the club this way.

Vice President: Ian Johnston
Hi all, I'm the vice president for this upcoming year, which means I'm responsible for organizing Long Hike and other social events. I AT ski in the winter, and scramble in the summer.

Treasurer: Caitlin Schneider
Hi Everyone! I am Caitlin, the treasurer.  I was treasurer last year and hope to continue to keep track of all the club's money and all the club's grants, putting your club fee to the best use possible.  I love to go whitewater kayaking (all the time), and skiing, hiking and scrambling, and I like to knit.  I am hoping to become a better climber this summer. 

Secretary: Artem Babaian
My name is Artem. I like to climb. If you like to climb too, message me and maybe we can climb

Membership Chair: Vickie Irish
Hi my name is Vickie, I love snowboarding, hiking, climbing and anything to do with the outdoors

VOCene Editor: Cora Skaien
Hi, I am Cora. Last year I was the Vice President of the club and the year before I was Public Relations. I like hiking, climbing and kayaking mainly, but enjoy anything in the outdoors in general. I am a Master's student currently studying ecology and I love all of the field work I get to do in the outdoors. This year, I hope to bring news to everyone about the wonderful opportunities that the club provides for our amazing members. I hope we all have a great year!

Trips Coordinator: Jens Vent-Schmidt
Hi, I'm Jens, a grad student in Experimental Medicine and originally from Germany. I've been a member of the VOC for two years and one of last years Quartermasters. This year, as Trips Coordinator, I will organize instructional trips such as Glacier School and I will help you to organize many Beginner Friendly Trips :) I've been doing outdoor stuff all my life but my main interests are climbing (rock, alpine, ice, ...) and backcountry skiing.

1. Cassandra Elphinstone 
I love spending time outdoors; climbing, mountaineering and (learning to) ski. The VOC was one of the reasons I was interested in coming to UBC and in the last two years it has exceeded my expectations. I hope as a quartermaster, I can help more people learn about and access the backcountry.
2. Gabe Frame
I'm one of the new quartermasters. I'm super stoked to welcome new members to the club and learn more about gear. I am mostly interested in climbing (ice and rock) but anything outdoors and/or involving stoke interests me. Outside of the VOC I will be a third year biology major this september. I will also be the volunteer coordinator to the BC mobile opportunity society this summer, so if anyone wants to go hiking and participate in a great volunteer organization, please don't hesitate to contact me :)
3. Julien Reinard
Hello. My name is Julien Renard: 1m86, 70kg (all wet), green eyes and a slightly positive ape index. Currently (and forever) a Ph.D. student in electrical engineering, I joined the club three years ago which introduced me to the wonderful world of rock climbing and mountaineering. I have learned that my academic background makes me an expert in obsolete technologies and organized chaos. Keen to help the club, I will gladly put these skills to good use as a quatermaster, for the second time.
4. Krista Cawley 
Hi, my name is Krista and I am a Quartermaster for the VOC this year. My favourite things to do outside are kayaking, slacklining, climbing and skiing (but all outdoor adventures are fun!). I also like gear - a lot - so I hope to see you in the clubroom soon!
5. Tianna Sturdy
Tianna is off tree-planting this summer.

Journal Editor: Amanda Johnson
Amanda is a two-time spelling bee winner. She enjoys swimming in lakes, roasting marshmallows and gardening.  She will have a blast putting your adventures from this year into print, so please hand in trip reports!

Archivist: Anne Darby
Iím a graduate student in Library and Information Science with a characteristically un-librarian adventurous streak and a slight hiking addiction. You can probably guess why I was interested in the archivist position; as so, Iím very excited to bring some order to the VOC library collection. If youíre looking for a particular title, or need help finding anything (really, anything!), Iím more than happy to help!

Public Relations: Stephanie Grothe
Climbing, skiing and getting on top of mountains makes me extremely happy. I'm active in the VOC since 3.5 years, was secretary, then president. Now I'm public relations person, so this year I will mostly organize slideshows and answer emails to the club.

FMCBC/ACC Rep: Emilie Gibeau
Hi my name is Emilie! I grew up in the Rockies in Canmore, AB and as a kid was lucky to spend a lot of time in the mountains. Last winter I started working for the Alpine Club of Canada which rekindled my love for the mountains and introduced me to the world of mountaineering. Currently, I'm finishing the last few days of my first year at UBC and am really looking forward to a great year on the VOC exec, meeting more people who share a common passion for the outdoors, and in general getting more people stoked on what the club has to offer!

Trails Coordinator: Magda Price
Magda is excited to be the first ever VOC trails coordinator! This year, we'll be focused on completing the trail up to the mystic Harrison Hut outside of Perberton, as well as some upkeep on the Brew hut trail. Trail & hut maintenance is a great way to get in your workhikes while exploring BC. Magda's favourite VOC activities are: hiking, scrambling, climbing, kayking and cycling. Ask her someday to teach you how to juggle!

Huts Coordinator: Nathan Starzynski
Did not provide a description.

Climbing Wall Coordinator: Corey Kelly
I'm a PhD student and rock climber. I hope to make our new climbing wall as awesome as possible! My other hobbies include music and having a beard.

Swag Master: Ted Angus
Hi, my name is Ted. I am a Masters student in mechanical engineering. I am excited to be the new swag master to get the club some good deals on the gear that members want. My hobbies include hiking and climbing. I am a fan of red wine and am a dark chocolate addict. My other interests include reading, some music, holistic vegan medicine, and Wicca.

Useful Person: Roland Burton
I am Roland the un-dead; the Burton Hut is named after me.
I am retired; my employer says I am too old to be useful; I like to be
Mostly I do beginner friendly stuff because I am too used up to enjoy
trying to keep up with the keeners.


5. Miss Manners

Dear Miss Manners,

Why has the numbering system gone down to #1 when it is May?

Sincerely, confused

Dear Confused,

Our academic and financial year has come to an end, and as a result, we have a new numbering system and a new VOCene producer! That is right, Miss. Manners has changed appearances once again, as have many of the faces of the exec positions (see above). Therefore, we will start the count over!

Miss Manners

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