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Date : 2014-05-28
Description : VOCene #3 2014
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In this issue:
1. Recent Trip Reports
2. Upcoming Trips
3. Message Board Highlights
4. Ms. Manners
1. Recent Trip Reports
…But will it stay upright? Tour D’ Indian Arm kayak race
With a new boat, Dmitri Oguz relays his adventures in a kayak race in the Indian Arm.

Bicycling on Galiano and Salt Spring Islands
Caroline Jung and Spencer Rasmussen share their experience biking through the beautiful Gulf Islands on a 4-day trip. Complete with beautiful photos!

Rolling Down Patagonia
Check out Skyler's most recent adventures cycling near Patagonia.

2. Upcoming Trips
Beginner Friendly Intro to Scrambling: Black Tusk and Panorama Ridge May 31-June1
This is an introductory trip to over-night hiking and scrambling. The number of participants depends on how many experienced members will come out and as usual on the number of car-spots available. Priority will be given to the least experienced people. Note, however, that this trip is extremely currently and if you do not make it on this trip, perhaps consider one of the two below. Pre-trip is Wednesday (TONIGHT!) at 6:00 PM in the clubroom.

Saltspring island bike trip May 31-June1
Chris Yuen is planning on a trip with a few non-voc friends on Saltspring island.  The plan is to bike around, summit the little mountains, camp by the ocean, and see the touristy things like the supposedly famous markets, cheese factories and vineyards. If you're up for some fun in the sun this weekend on short notice, email or call Chris at 778.829.1218.

Weekend Sport Climbing (Semi Beginner Friendly) May 31-June 1
Want to practice outdoor sport climbing and leading? Sam is running a trip to Area 44 and Chekamus Canyon this weekend, offering refresher lessons as a follow up from Son of Rock. There is no formal pre-trip meeting and details will be sorted out by e-mail. The success of this trip is dependent on finding drivers.

VOC BBQ at Tolmie beach Wednesday, June 4th
Now that the weather is warm and sunny, it is time to have monthly barbeques on the beach! Bring your favourite food and drink and we'll bring the barbeque. Come to learn more about the club, meet some other members, or run into old friends. Everyone is welcome. Slacklines and frisbees are encouraged!

Scrambling at Phelix · Sat. Jun. 14th - Sun. Jun. 15th June 14-15
Phelix is beautiful and lovely and has some great scrabbling and lakes to swim in. This is an overnight hut trip, beginners are welcome but you should have at least backpacked before. This is currently a tentative trip!

Men's Day hike June 15
In Germany, Men's Day is celebrated on Ascension Day which sadly is no stat holiday in Canada. Therefore, we'll celebrate a fusion event by doing the traditional hike on Canadian's Fathers Day. The trip destination will be revealed closer to the date and might be accessible by bike / public transportation.


3. Message Board Highlights
Squamish Climbing Faff
Want to get outdoors and climb more but do not have regular climbing partners? Or perhaps you and some friends are looking for rides out? Then join the Squamish Climbing Faff where you can gain access to opportunities to get out and climb, even without a climbing partner.

Indoor Climbing Faff
Perhaps you also want to climb indoors during the week, or prefer indoor climbing over the outdoor variety. Then check out the Indoor Climbing Faff thread where you can also meet up with a bunch of other climbers and enjoy some good indoor training.

Ladies Only Climbing Trip
Deb Conrady is currently gauging interest for a ladies only climbing trip, date tentative. If you are female and feel inspired to participate in a woman's only climbing event, then check out the details. 

Trip Partner(s) Sought
if you are more adventurous and have a high level of experience, perhaps consider contacting Lorrys from France who is looking for trip partners for climbing, mountaineering and skiing.

North Coast Trail Opportunity
Always wanted to hike the beautiful North Coast Trail? Well this is your chance to jump on an amazing opportunity for two where the logistics of getting there are already sorted out (you will need to cover your own costs)! Check out the details here

Weekly Frisbee
Want to get together and play recreational ultimate frisbee? Then meet at the beach at the bottom of Tolmie Street every Wednesday at 7:00 PM. See you there TONIGHT!

Want to Share YOUR awesome adventures?
We have a whole thread dedicated to people sharing photos and stories about their awesome adventures! Please post your photos here to share your fantastic times and stoke with others.

Sales and Advice?
Check out the VOC message board for other great tips on hand care, gear sale opportunities, and to read posts about giving and receiving advice on gear, trips and more!

4. Ms. Manners

Dear Ms. Manners,

I really want to go on a trip this weekend, but the trip is more than full! What can I do?


Dear Panicked,

It does happen from time to time that trips become too full, as is the case with the Scrambling trip this weekend to Black Tusk and Panorama Ridge. I would encourage you to be hopeful and to still attend the pre-trip meeting if this is your first trip choice because sometimes this will be enough to get you on the list! However, the trip might still be too full, in which case, you should consider one of the other awesome trips this weekend (e.g. climbing or Salt Spring Island biking), OR create a trip of your own where you plan a destination and get a group of people together! This can be done officially on the Trip Agenda Page, or on the Message Board. You do not have to be an expert in a skill to lead a trip. However, you should aim to have people with reasonable skills on your trip and plan trips that the safety requirements are manageable by at least some participants. Good luck!

Ms. Manners

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