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Date : 2014-06-11
Description : VOCene #4 2014
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In this Issue:
1. Recent Trip Reports
2. Upcoming Trips
3. Activity Partners Sought and Tentative Trips
4. Message Board Highlights
1. Recent Trip Reports
Victoria Day Climbing: In Which Tim Emmett and Fred Beckey Were Ross-ist
Read the story of a bunch of VOCers who went climbing in Squamish over Victoria Day Long Weekend and came across a few climbing celebrities.

May long weekend  Harrison Trail work
Although far away, the trail to the Harrison Hut is coming along nicely! Read about the most recent trail work here. Members are encouraged to organize more trips to this wonderful hut in the near future, particularly on long weekends (due to the nature of the long drive).

Beginner Friendly Intro to Scrambling: Black Tusk and Panorama Ridge
Did you miss out on this wonderful trip? We do apologize for trips being over-filled at times, but hopefully this trip report will inspire you to make a second attempt for a visit! This trip report is complete with WONDERFUL pictures of the beautiful area! I strongly recommend viewing them.

A full weekend  Bridges, Pemberton Icecap, and Squamish-Cheakamus Divide
Despite the bad snow year and arrival of a bundle of joy, Veenstra is back with an epic two-day adventure to first fix the Harrison Hut Bridge and then perform an 80 km ski traverse on day 2. Read more about this story, complete with wonderful pictures, here. 
2. Upcoming Trips
Beginner-friendly Meager Creek Hotspring trip  Sat. Jun. 14th - Sun. Jun. 15th
The previously advertised men's day hike has been transformed into a weekend hot springs trip to celebrate this year's father's day. The pre-trip meeting is tonight (Wednesday, June 11th) at 5:30 at Kits Beach, entrance to the pool.

Scrambling or other stuff at Phelix  Sat. Jun. 14th - Sun. Jun. 15th
Phelix is beautiful and lovely and has some great scrambling and lakes to swim in. This is an overnight hut trip, beginners are welcome but you should have at least backpacked before. The pre-trip meeting is tonight (Wednesday, June 11th) at 6:30 in the clubroom (or just outside).

Intro to Bouldering  Saturday, June 21st
Squamish is not only known for amazing trad climbing and splitter cracks, it's also a world-class bouldering area. Below the face of the Chief can be found hundreds of granite blocks, full of beautiful climbs. Outdoor bouldering is pretty different from route climbing, or even from bouldering in a gym. On this trip, Moos hopes to show people how much fun it can be! The only essential gear you should bring is a pair of climbing shoes, and a chalkbag, and this trip is aimed at people with little to no experience. Crashpads will be arranged. There will be no pretrip meeting, but rather organization of rides will occur through the usual email faff.

St-Jean Baptiste scrambling+climbing  Sat. Jun. 21st - Sun. Jun. 22nd
June 24th is St-Jean Baptiste, a Quebec holiday. Since celebrating during the week is not convenient (have to work...), let's celebrate it on Saturday night! So, the plan is to do a scramble on Saturday, possibly Tricouni, go on a camping (not too family oriented), try to make a campingmade poutine (never done it, please don't be too critical), celebrate, then go climbing in Squamish the next day. This trip is beginner friendly, and non-Quebecois individuals are definitely welcome! Some climbing experience would be handy though. Pre-trip meeting will be June 18th, at 6:30 PM in the clubroom.

Beginner friendly trip to Joffre lakes NOT A WEEKEND  Mon. Jun. 23rd - Tue. Jun. 24th
As Jim has pointed out, this trip is NOT on a weekend but is rather during the week. Joffre Lakes has a fantastic effort-to-amazing views ratio. It is a roughly 2 hour hike into the campsite, which is on the upper Joffre lakes and next to the Matier glacier. From there we can scramble up Mt. Tzil or Mt. Taylor. The whole thing is very beginner friendly, so if you want to get into hiking and see some amazing views Jim strongly encourages you to join. Pre-trip meeting will be June 18th, at 7:00 PM in the clubroom. (These lakes have no relation to Joffre from Game of Thrones).

Rock climbing Powell River  Fri. Jun. 27th - Tue. Jul. 1st
While Squamish is world-famous and well developped, Powell River seems to have at least as much rock but is a lot more quiet and has plenty of unclimbed rock. This trip takes about 5 hours to reach the destination on account of multiple ferry crossings (beautiful!). This trip is not beginner-friendly and everyone has to be self-sufficient (at least lead sport) in their climbing. Trip details and general faff will be organized closer to that date.

Tricouni, Ashlu fsr site camping daytrips intermediate scrambling  Sat. Jun. 28th - Sun. Jun. 29th
Tricouni is one of my all time favorite scrambles, I did it 6 years ago, awesome terrain and views! Short daytrip. Saturday night car camping bring a 6 pack. And Ashlu second day! This is an intermediate trip, advanced scramblers are also allowed. Must be confident enough to complete Ashlu in 14 hours. Ice axe skills required.
3. Activity Partners Sought and Tentative Trips
Marc-Antoni is looking for activity partners for the weekend for some local climbing and hiking.

Natalie is looking for some fellow climbers to make the drive to Vantage or Leavenworth for a weekend of climbing this weekend.

Want to climb closer to home in Squamish? Check out the Squamish Climbing FAFF, or the Indoor Climbing FAFF.

Jack is looking for activity partners to join in a trip to Mt Baker in the coming weeks. Check out details here.
4. Message Board Highlights
Want to learn about The Hive's 5-card punch passes for $50? They will be sold at the Hive on July 4th!

Looking for something to fill your week day evenings? Come out to Wednesday Evening Frisbee at the grass patch by the beach at the bottom of Tolmie Street (TONIGHT!).

Been renting gear but have not done a work hike yet? Sign up to volunteer at Long Hike 2014! Currently we are looking for an individual to hold the Serving it Right License for the event, in which one must be sober for the duration of the event. More volunteer positions (flipping burgers, etc.) will be posted in the coming months.

Want some awesome belay shades at a discount price? Check out the details here.

Looking to volunteer in a beautiful outdoor setting and help Disabled individuals enjoy the outdoors as well? Check out details here!

Learn more about Lyme Disease and how to protect yourself this summer.

Want to share your stoke?
Remember to post pictures of your awesome adventures here to share your stoke with other club members!

Miss Manners (remember to respect you activity partners!)

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