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Date : 2014-07-22
Description : VOCene #7 2014
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VOCene #7: July 22, 2014

In this Issue:
1. Recent Trip Reports
2. Upcoming Trips
3. Interesting Opportunities
4. Message Board Highlights
5. Ms. Manners
1. Recent Trip Reports
Mt. Rexford / Nesakwatch Spires (July 12-14)
A journey complete with multi-pitch climbing and stream bathing, a large group of VOCers enjoyed Mt. Rexford and the Nesakwatch Spires.

Upwards to Panorama Ridge in Foggy Garibaldi (July 5)
A group of VOCers braved a rainy and foggy forecast to reach Panorama Ridge in a day (~30 km) to see a lovely view of pure white!

A newbies first summit at Semaphore Lakes
Enjoy this delightful trip report in comic-strip style, from the perspective of a first-timer on a trip to summit Locomotive and much of Face Mountain near Semaphore Lakes.
2. Upcoming Trips
Cirque Peak - Place Glacier scrambling  Fri. Jul. 25th - Sun. Jul. 27th
The intention is to tak ethe Cirque peak from the place glacier approach: a very difficult approach according to the scrambles book. If possible, the trip organizer would like to leave Vancouver as early as possible Friday night, drive to the trailhead in three hours, and then hike in mostly in the dark - if there is an overwhelming majority preferring a Saturday hike in that is fine. Pre-trip meeting Wednesday, July 23rd at 7:15 PM in the clubroom.

Mt Robie Reid scrambling  Fri. Jul. 25th - Sun. Jul. 27th
Summer is here, and it is time for some scrambling! The objective is Mt. Robie Reid, a ~2000m peak located north of Mission. The trip will involve a steep (steeper than the grouse grind and longer) trail section, followed by a 3rd-4th class scramble in the alpine to reach the summit. As the trailhead is near sea level, the trip will involve ~2000m of elevation gain in a day. Depending on the snowpack, ice axes may be necessary. The pre-trip meeting was said to be last night (Monday, July 21st) at an undisclosed location. E-mail the trip organizer for more details.

Super Extreme Helicopter-Action-Brew-Wood trip Episode II - the return of the fire  Saturday, July 26th
You always wanted to see a helicopter really close? Maybe touch it? See it like 10 times landing and taking off again, carrying massive chunks of wood? You wanted to watch this helicopter delivering these logs to one of the greatest huts in BC? 
You always wanted to give back to some fraction of mankind, maybe by making sure that some people are warm, dry, mold free and happy - for a change? Pre-trip meeting Wednesday, July 23rd at 6:30 PM in the clubroom.

Barr Creek bridge upgrade, phase 1  Sat. Jul. 26th - Sun. Jul. 27th
This marks the 3rd and final season of trail building on the south side of the valley, assisted by a series of access and activity grants from MEC (4 seasons if you count route finding); with a length of 12.5 km this has been by far the VOC's most major trail building undertaking. The route is brushed and marked all the way to the hut, and the major switchback sections finished. However many tasks remain - mostly good old fashioned hard labour moving dirt to create a footbed along the (substantial) sidehill portions. Pre-trip meeting Wednesday, July 23rd at 7:00 PM in the clubroom (yes there does appear to be overlap with the pre-trip meetings of two other trips this weekend- more friends!).

Day Trip to the Lions  Saturday, August 2nd
So a few years ago the organizer went up most of the Lions with a few friends but did not make it to the top! So if you're keen on doing a day hike there, please sign up! The organizer indicates that they are not a fast hiker so, they want to get an early start, and if you've been up here before and want to help during the hike, please indicate so. The organizer wants at least 1 experienced person to come on this trip (depending on the size of the group). The pre-trip meeting has been set for Thursday, July 31st at 12:18 AM (?), outside of the VOC clubroom or potentially at the beach. You may want to contact the organizer to confirm time and place of the pre-trip meeting :)

Long weekend Harrison Hut Trail Building Extravaganza Workhike  Sat. Aug. 2nd - Mon. Aug. 4th
Another long weekend, another great opportunity to go work on the trail of our most remote hut, the Harrison Hut. After a giant landslide cut it off from the outside world, the VOC managed to establish - over the course of many years and with the invaluable help of countless volunteers - a new trail. Depending on the number of people and drivers we get and what their preferences are, we can drive to the trailhead Friday evening, then hike in early Saturday. Details will be figured out soon. Please direct questions to the message board thread. The pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, July 30th at 7:00 PM in the clubroom.

Castle Towers intermediate-advanced scrambling  Sat. Aug. 2nd - Mon. Aug. 4th
Castle Towers scrambling from Cheakamus Lake parking lot. This year I'm thinking three short days with extra time on the summit. I will not be making safety calls for the group, this trip is not beginner friendly, make your own decisions, climb what you want and get back to the campsite at the agreed time. Join me in the scramble to the castle towers but make your own safety calls. The pre-trip meeting will be Thursday, July 31st at 6:00 outside of the clubroom.

Tantalus Range Camp (Beginner friendly)  Sat. Aug. 2nd - Mon. Aug. 4th
Day 1: Hire a jetboat to cross Squamish River from Brackendale. Cost is approximately 50 dollars per person round trip with a minimum of 5 people. Hike trail to Lake Lovelywater and set up camps. Day 2: From camp we have plenty of options: technical climbing and/or easier scrambling. Options are Alpha Mtn, Serratus Mtn, Mt Tantalus, Mt Niobe and Mt Pelops, Omega Mtn. Day 3: Hike back to Squiamish river, cross the river by jetboat and heading back to Vancouver.
3. Interesting Opportunities
Want to participate in a water quality study?
Waterlogged: a citizen science project that looks at how different land uses affect water quality. In this, we provide participants with a sample bottle, an icepack, and instructions on how to take a sample from a stream or river. When the sample is returned to us, we analyze it for water quality (specifically organic matter). Our aims are to look at differences in water quality in the region - by involving the community, we are also aiming to provide education around how science actually works, and how different types of land uses (urbanization, logging, etc) affect water quality. All of the information collected, and the comparison between water from different areas, will be freely available on our website for the community to use. Check out this link if you want to get involved!

MEC Outdoor Nation: outdoor activity initiative
MEC is starting an initiative called 'Outdoor Nation' targeted at people ages 18-27. This is a initiative to try to encourage people to get outside. MEC is looking for partners in this venture. They are setting up 3 summits, gatherings of about 150 people to discuss how to get people outside. The first of these will be held in Squamish on September 20th-21st. They are looking for the VOC to commit to send 8-10 people to this summit. (All expenses paid). We would like to send some students to this summit, so we are opening the opportunity to you! If you would like to go, send an email to Caitlin Schneider or Artem Babaian, or post here. Please describe why you would want to go. We also need people to commit to this. We will let you know by the end of july for sure

Feeling charitable? Help resupply North Shore Search and Rescue
4. Message Board Highlights
Remember to check out the indoor climbing FAFF and Squamish Climbing FAFF for opportunities for both indoor and outdoor climbing experience and fun! Also, remember to post pictures of your awesome adventures for others to enjoy as well!

Want to hear more about the developments of our new and upcoming climbing wall to be located in the new SUB? Check out the VOC climbing wall report: July 17th!

Vancouver Island waves and wandering August 4-9
Lia Dengler is looking for some people to join in Vancouver island adventures! She has 2 spaces in her car, which might still be available. Currently, they are going surfing in Tofino August 5-6. Check out this thread to express interest.

Ride available to Calgary on July 31th and scrambling in the Rockies August 4th-15th
Kathrin Lang will be driving from Vancouver to Calgary on July 31th if anyone needs a ride. I'll drive Kamlopps, Revelstoke, Golden, Lake Louise, Banff,... you can hop on or off at any of those locations! Check out this thread for details.
5. Ms. Manners
Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? If so, email it to to your friendly neighbourhood VOCene editor and it'll get forwarded Ms. Manners for review. Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away.


Dear Ms. Manners,

I keep getting e-mails from the club telling me that I need to return the gear I have rented out, but I need to use it again this weekend! And coming to think of it, I will likely need this gear all season as well. Each e-mail I receive makes me feel guilty. How can I make them go away?

Guiltily Annoyed


Dear Guiltily Annoyed,

You do not seem to be one of the lucky club members who does not feel this guilt upon receiving their weekly e-mail! Many a member have kept gear for months on end for exactly these reasons, and have blissfully ignored these reminder e-mails. 

The best solution to make this guilt go away would be to return your gear so that other club members can use the gear. Remember, the gear is there for ALL club members and not just you! If you have had it for one weekend and need it for another, look at the trip agenda to see if there are any upcoming beginner friendly trips in which other members may need your gear, or ask a quartermaster for an extension. Bringing quartermasters delicious baked goods can always help get yourself a gear extension!

It does pose a problem if you feel you will need the gear every weekend, however. The logical solution to that is to BUY your own gear! And then the e-mails will disappear for good! Wala! Amazing! If you do not have the funds to purchase your own gear on account of finances sucking the life out of you, then perhaps consider taking a few weekends off here and there and returning your gear for a weekend to make it available for other club members, and then take gear back out the week after. It may not be the exact same gear, but remember once more that the club gear is not YOUR gear... hence why the e-mails keep coming ;)

Also remember that you need to do a work hike for the club at least once a year to be able to take out this gear from the club. If you have not done one already, look into the Harrison Work Hikes, the Brew Fire Wood Adventure, or other volunteer positions for events such as Club Days and Long Hike. The more work hikes you do, the less guilty you can feel about keeping gear out a little longer than asked of you...

Ms. Manners

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