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Date : 2014-08-18
Description : VOCene #9 2014
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VOCene #9: August, 18, 2014

In this Issue:
1. Recent Trip Reports
2. Last chance to sign up: MEC Outdoor Nation September 20-21
3. Upcoming Trips
4. Call for people with sea kayak rescue skills! Indian Arm Sept 27-28
5. Interesting Opportunities
6. Message Board Highlights
1. Recent Trip Reports
Traversing North Garibaldi Park
On a multi-day traverse, some intermediate VOCers were taught to hone their skills by Sam McCoy through white-outs and clear skies. Initial set backs altered their plans from the Misty Icefields to the beautiful Garibaldi regions, including aspects of the Wedge-Currie traverse, the Spearhead and McBride. 

Helicopters, Fire, and Neon Orange Cheese-Rolling Brew Hutting
Five VOCer's embarked on a journey to help transfer firewood up to the Brew Hut to provide fuel for the winter. This story includes pictures of beautiful scenery and awesome pictures of the helicopter!

The Mountains Are Calling: VOC Tantalus Trip, August 2-4 2014
Very well written and full of insight and inspiring quotes, a new VOC member recounts her experience in the Tantalus Range, her very first VOC trip. Lovely pictures to accompany the inspiring tale! Hopefully the first of many trips to come for her and many others. A must read! Especially for those new to the club, who want to dive in head first, learn new skills and become more active in the club.

Quote: "I had not experienced the alpine before, not in the way that I did this weekend...  I failed to mention to myself or the VOC that I hadn’t backpacked since high school, that I had never needed to be self-sufficient in terms of gear, that when I said “I’m in shape” I meant running marginal distances on a clear track or obviously marked trails with nothing to carry except my own weight."

Nesakwatch Spires, August 2nd-4th 2014
This is a summary of a very nice long weekend with excellent alpine climbing on good rock and a superb camp atop of a large flat boulder with all the routes in full view.
2. Last chance to sign up: MEC Outdoor Nation September 20-21
MEC is starting an initiative called 'Outdoor Nation' targeted at people ages 18-27. This is a initiative to try to encourage people to get outside. MEC is looking for partners in this venture. They are setting up 3 summits, gatherings of about 150 people to discuss how to get people outside. The first of these will be held in Squamish on September 20th-21st. They are looking for the VOC to commit to send 8-10 people to this summit. (All expenses paid). The goal is to come up with projects to encourage outdoor activities after some discussion. The projects will then be presented and the top 3 will get funding right away, with the possibility to apply for funding later as well. 

We would like to send four more members to this summit, so we are further extending the opportunity to you! If you would like to go, send an email to me or Artem Babaian, or post on the message board thread. Please describe why you would want to go. We also need people to commit to this. We will let you know ASAP if you are selected. 
3. Upcoming Trips
Glacier school G2 · Sat. Aug. 23rd - Sun. Aug. 24th
Glacier school 2 is for students with previous glacier experience that want to apply these skills by actually climbing a peak. Details to be sorted out at the pre-trip meeting, Tuesday, August 19th (TOMORROW!) at 6:00 PM, location TBD.

End of summer climbing in Skaha! · Sat. Aug. 23rd - Fri. Aug. 29th
This trip will be self-organized with respect to climbing partners and food, but the hope is for us to get some carpooling going and some camaraderie around the campfire. All levels of climbing ability are welcome, however gear won't be provided. A week of climbing is a large commitment for some, so when signing up please note the amount of days you can commit to. That way we can organize rides back and no one gets stranded.

Harrison Hut Renovation · Sat. Aug. 23rd - Mon. Sep. 1st
Still need to get a work hike in this year? The VOC has several projects.  One project this year, is building an outhouse at Harrison, and covering the Hut in corrugated steel.  Material has been purchased, trucked to the helicopter fuel cache near the Meager bridge. We will need at least 4-5 people who can afford to take a week off. If "Interested" I'll assume you might be good for part of the week; if "Committed", you might be good for the whole week. E-mail Roland Burton for more details regarding trip prep.

Alpine climbing somewhere · Thu. Aug. 28th - Tue. Sep. 2nd
This is a tentative trip! This is a serious alpine climbing venue and is NOT an instructional trip.  Parties must be self sufficient and due to the variety of objectives and long approaches groups may be on there own for several  days.  The mountains are big, the routes are long so it is advised that you climb with a partner that you have climbed with before, if you want to arrange with other trip members, it would be good to get out and climb together a bit before we go. E-mail Neil MacKenzie for more details if interested.

Mountaineering Camp @Cathedral Park · Sat. Aug. 30th - Mon. Sep. 1st
The annual mountaineering camp is a largely self-organized trip where experienced participants from groups to pursue objectives of their choice.We'll be camping at the same area and re-group for the evening social gatherings. Cathedral park offers objectives for all levels of knowledge ranging from hiking to alpine climbing. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, August 27th in Buchanan B313.

Imagine Day Main Event 2014 · Tuesday, September 2nd
The VOC will have a booth for Imagine UBC day where we will answer questions and provide information to prospective members. The exact location is TBD, but will be along Main Mall (look for our VOC flag and the awesome volunteers). If you are interested in volunteering for this booth (and fulfilling a workhike), see the wiki page to signup for a time slot.

VOC BBQ at Tolmie beach · Wednesday, September 3rd
Bring your favourite food and drink and we'll bring the barbeque. Come to learn more about the club, meet some other members, or run into old friends. Everyone is welcome. Slacklines and frisbees are encouraged! We'll be set up at Spanish Banks/Locarno Beach near the base of Tolmie St. Look for a large group in the field with lots of bikes around, and hopefully a banner that says VOC.

Mt Harvey Day Trip on a Thursday · Thursday, September 4th
Mt Harvey is just N of the Lions and we get there via the Harvey Cr road, same like the Binkert Trail to the Lions.  Harvey is actually taller than the W lion, but no "scrambling" is required unless you got lost, so unlikely you will fall off  I have 2 seats available in the car; email Roland Burton or post on the message board thread if you want them.  Of course if you have a car, you are welcome to bring it. The parking shouldn't be stressful as this is a Thursday, so not a weekend. The trip will be called off if it rains.

Glacier School G1 · Sat. Sep. 6th - Sun. Sep. 7th
Glacier School is a 2-day (weekend) course intended to give students enough basic skills that they are not a total liability as a member of a 3 (or more) person glacier rope team, such that more experienced members may feel comfortable trusting their life to them on a rope. For more detailed information check out the info booklet. The prerequisites for being a student at glacier school are minimal: Students must have overnight backpacking experience, a good attitude, and good general fitness. Sign up early as this trip fills up fast! Pre-trip meeting will be Tuesday, September 2nd at 7:00 PM in Buchanan B313.
4. Call for people with sea kayak rescue skills! Indian Arm Sept 27-28
On the weekend of September 27-28, the annual beginner friendly (for real) trip kayaking up the Indian Arm will be held. The boats are already booked for rent, but now we need 1-2 more people with kayak rescue skills to join the trip! If you are interested and available, please contact Cora Skaien or post on the message board thread.
5. Interesting Opportunities
Want to participate in a water quality study?
Waterlogged: a citizen science project that looks at how different land uses affect water quality. In this, we provide participants with a sample bottle, an icepack, and instructions on how to take a sample from a stream or river. When the sample is returned to us, we analyze it for water quality (specifically organic matter). Our aims are to look at differences in water quality in the region - by involving the community, we are also aiming to provide education around how science actually works, and how different types of land uses (urbanization, logging, etc) affect water quality. All of the information collected, and the comparison between water from different areas, will be freely available on our website for the community to use. Check out this link if you want to get involved!

CPAWS Fundraiser - MEC Big Wild Challenge
The MEC Big Wild Challenge 5km and 7km Trail Run in Capilano Park is on August 17th. It will be a great opportunity to get out together, get active, and make a difference for BC's forests, wildlife, mountains, and oceans. You can sign up as a team or as individuals. Once you’ve registered, you will have the option to create a fundraising page to help raise funds for wilderness protection. All of the funds raised through the MEC Big Wild Challenge will go to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society to protect Canada’s at-risk wilderness. Mountain Equipment Co-op will match every dollar raised, doubling our impact on protecting Canadian wilderness. All of the run details and registration info can be found here. 

Temporary Full Time Job, Medical Chart Scanning in Burnaby 
This goes out to all you FUN-employed VOCers! A VOCer's colleagues need some charts scanned as part of the process of moving to electronic medical records. Pay is 13$/hour. Minimum 6 hour shifts, 7 days a week, for 2 weeks or more. Work is in Burnaby. Must have clear criminal record and be willing to sign privacy consent form. Call Nadine 604-816-5544.
6. Message Board Highlights
Remember to check out the indoor climbing FAFF and Squamish Climbing FAFF for opportunities for both indoor and outdoor climbing experience and fun! Also, remember to post pictures of your awesome adventures for others to enjoy as well!

Alex Honnold was sited in Squamish attempting 290 free solos in one day for his 29th birthday!

Check out valuable Downloadable PDF Topo maps available to club members.

A VOC member is moving out and needs to sell some gear! Check out this message board thread to see if any of the gear interests you.

Ms. Manners
Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? If so, email it to to your friendly neighbourhood VOCene Editor and it'll get forwarded Ms. Manners for review. Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away.


Ms. Manners has unfortunately not received any good questions from her viewers this month, and also been away for the last few weeks, on top of having just spent a few hours consulting with the VOCene Editor to bring you VOCene #9 and must run off to volleyball right away. Please send your interesting questions to the VOCene Editor so she can pass them on to Ms. Manners.

Ms. Manners does want you to go out, play safe and have some fun! Enjoy the last few weeks of August!


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