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VOCene #10: September 2, 2014

Not getting enough of the VOCene? No worries! Starting this week, you will now receive the VOCene WEEKLY as opposed to once every two weeks, to be filled in on upcoming adventures more regularly.

In this Issue:
1. Call for Instructors: "Long Hike" 2014 (Oct 4-5)
2. Imagine Day Booth: TODAY! (Sept 2)
3. Clubs Days Sept 16-18: Get your work hike in!
4. Submit your trip report yo the VOC annual journal!
5. Recent Trip Reports
6. Upcoming Trips
7. Interesting Opportunities
8. Message Board Highlights
9. Ms. Manners


1. Call for Instructors for "Long Hike" 2014
This years Longhike takes place on October 4th and 5th, so its the right time to ask for potential instructors. If you have climbing experience, please consider teach one of the four classes. This is a great way to give back to the club, and even if you don't climb 5.12s your skills and knowledge are still be valuable. Volunteering to instruct does count as a workhike, BUT please ensure you have the required knowledge and are extremely confident in instructing the level you volunteer for.

Unfortunately, due to Sunwolf raising their costs, we would like to ask instructors for twenty dollars this year. This helps to keep costs affordable for all attendees.

More Information: Approximate curriculum, Trip link 

If you're interested in helping out, please send me an email at:

Please note that the name of Long Hike IS CHANGING this year. We have used the same name as we have more the past several years here so as not to create confusion, but please keep your eyes out for a new name over the coming month.


2. Imagine Day Main Event 2014 · Tuesday, September 2nd (TODAY!)
Come drop by the VOC Imagine Day Booth! We will answer questions and provide information to prospective members. The booth will be along Main Mall, somewhere between Agricultural Rd and Crescent Rd (Koerner Library to the Rose Garden). Look for our VOC flag and the awesome volunteers! We will be there from 1:00-5:00.

3. Clubs Days 2014 · Wed. Sep. 17th - Fri. Sep. 19th; Volunteer!
Clubs Days is a three day event where the VOC has a booth and will be able to showcase the awesome trips and adventures had throughout the year, as well as answer questions for interested new members and sell Longhike tickets. The location will be in the SUB, but the booth location is TBC. Look for our flag and awesome volunteers! 

We will need volunteers to help with the booth for these days! Please sign up on the wiki (this will be the easiest workhike all year). This will be on the 17th, 18th, and 19th. If you have any questions, feel free to email the membership chair.

4. Submit your Journal to the Annual VOC Journal!
Have you been on a memorable trip lately? The Varsity Outdoor Club journal wants to hear from you! Every year, the VOC publishes a journal full of the most memorable and exciting trip reports. If you feel you have a trip report you want published in this year's journal, please e-mail the VOC journal editor:

5. Recent Trip Reports

Harrison Hut Trail Workhike (August 2-4)
"That being said – when the VOC calls for help on a workhike, be ready to jump in. And don’t forget a bent shovel." Read this story fo a new VOC member helping out on his first work hike, contributing to efforts on the Harrison Hut Trail.

Alpine climbing in the Manatee Group (Aug 1st – 9th)
"Somewhere above the Lillooet valley a great tower of rock rises out of the glacier below, imposing itself upon the surrounding landscape. The group to which it belongs, the Manatees, is a remote place. It sees just a few visits a year, but those who make the trip leave with memories impressed – the NE buttress of the Wahoo Tower is not an image easily forgotten. Two of those visitors were VOCers Nick Matwyuk and Lena Rowat, having passed through the group on skis in a previous winter. Naturally, the idea of a summer return to climb the tower began to germinate..."

How I Learned My Limitations in Mountaineering: G2 at Slalok Mountain and Matier Glacier
Read this harrowing tale of seven VOCers who embarked on a journey up to Slalok Mountain and across the Matier Glacier, complete with unexpected rock fall, episodes of self arresting, and both alpine and rock climbing. "Disclaimer: distances, angles and sizes of things are in relation to how I perceive them (in a terrified state), and may have been perceived differently by others... medoum-bear sized rock broke lose and came towards us!"

Harrison Hut Bridge Repair (June 1, 2014)
Read the details of the work being done on the Harrison Hut from June 1st. It is never too late for an update and a great story!

6. Upcoming Trips

VOC BBQ at Tolmie beach · Wednesday, September 3rd
Come join us at the bottom of Tolmie Street for some fun, frisbee and food. Bring your own food to put on the barbecue! This is the last barbecue of the summer! Hopefully the weather holds up! Barbecue will begin again in approximately May 2015.

Glacier school G1 · Sat. Sep. 6th - Sun. Sep. 7th
Glacier School is a 2-day (weekend) course intended to give students enough basic skills that they are not a total liability as a member of a 3 (or more) person glacier rope team, such that more experienced members may feel comfortable trusting their life to them on a rope. For more detailed information check out the info booklet. The prerequisites for being a student at glacier school are minimal: Students must have overnight backpacking experience, a good attitude, and good general fitness. Sign up early as this trip fills up fast! Pre-trip meeting will be Tuesday, September 2nd (TONIGHT!!!!!) at 7:00 PM in Buchanan B313.

Mt. Baker - (Intermediate Friendly) · Sat. Sep. 13th - Sun. Sep. 14th
A number of people have expressed an interest in a late summer mountaineering trip up Mt. Baker. Ideally, this trip will take the Coleman Deming route to the summit, described as one of the least technical and more straightforward routes. The plan is to leave from Vancouver early on Saturday morning with a camp on Baker planned for that evening, followed by an alpine (early) start and push for the summit. That should give us a good amount of time to descend and be back in the city by the evening. G1 or the equivalent skills being mandatory (familiarity with snowfields, crampons, self-arrest, walking in a rope team, and crevasse rescue)! Pre-trip meeting will be on Wednesday, September 10th at 6:00 PM outside of the clubroom.

Back to School Anchor Refresher Clinic (Beginner Friendly!) · Saturday, September 13th
Been trudging along all summer hesitant to hit the great outdoors because your anchor skills weren’t what they used to be? Been climbing all summer and realized you could up your anti on your anchor-building skills?! Well have no fear; the Wenticle is here! Join me, Zack Wentz, a prospective AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, to show you the ropes (or in this case cord and webbing and also many ropes) on anchor building! Skills taught will include: basic equipment, anchor system basics, assessing fixed gear, and constructing anchor systems.

7. Interesting Opportunities
Want to participate in a water quality study?
Waterlogged: a citizen science project that looks at how different land uses affect water quality. In this, we provide participants with a sample bottle, an icepack, and instructions on how to take a sample from a stream or river. When the sample is returned to us, we analyze it for water quality (specifically organic matter). Our aims are to look at differences in water quality in the region - by involving the community, we are also aiming to provide education around how science actually works, and how different types of land uses (urbanization, logging, etc) affect water quality. All of the information collected, and the comparison between water from different areas, will be freely available on our website for the community to use. Check out this link if you want to get involved!

Room available in 4 BR VOC house, 22nd and Columbia
Starting September 1st, Ian Johnston, Alfred Larsen and myself have the lease for a 4BR house at 107 22nd West Avenue and are looking for a 4th roommate, preferably also starting for September. Rent is approximately 660 + Utilities. If you're interested, shoot me an email or call 604 600 4654 who is happy to answer your questions. (Note: if this room is already taken, the VOCene Editor apologizes; the message board suggests not).

8. Message Board Highlights
A. Remember to check out the indoor climbing FAFF and Squamish Climbing FAFF for opportunities for both indoor and outdoor climbing experience and fun! 

B. Remember to post pictures of your awesome adventures for others to enjoy as well!

C. Although not yet over, summer is coming to and end soon, so it is time to start our Ski Stoke and Ice Climbing Stoke with these great photos and videos!

D. Looking for sleeping bag advice? Read this thread discussing different winter sleeping bags, pros and cons.

E. 24 year climber airlifted off chief: "No, not a VOCer. Apparently, he was on Rock On on a 5.7, didn't place any protection and had a factor 2 fall past the belay ledge. Mostly his leg was injured but nothing too serious according to the Search and Rescue guy but getting him out there was pretty difficult if seemed." This is a reminder to remember to be safe! Wear the proper gear and protect your route, even if it seems easy. You never know when a hold will decide to break on you, a bat/bird will fly in front of your face, or something will fall on you from above, although these may not have been factors in this incident. Expect the unexpected!

F. $80 60 m single ropes on sale! Check out details here if interested.

G. Be sure to check out these links to gear being sold or given away!

H. Looking for advice on good first aid supplies? Check out this link here!

9. Ms Manners
Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? If so, email it to to your friendly neighbourhood VOCene Editor and it'll get forwarded Ms. Manners for review. Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away.

Dear Ms. Manners,

When does my membership expire and how much are the annual fees this year? What happens when my membership expires?

Stoked to Sign Up Again


Dear Stoked to Sign Up Again,

If you purchased your membership before May 1, 2014, then your membership will expire on September 30, 2014 (in 29 days!). if you purchased your membership after May 1, 2014, then your membership is still good until September 20, 2015. 

The rates for membership have increased due to the increased costs of insurance for members, and membership for the 2014-2015 year is $40 for UBC students and $60 for non-UBC students (associate members). 

When your membership expires, you will no longer have access to the Trip Agenda, the Message Board or gear from the clubroom, and you will no longer receive the much-anticipated weekly VOCene. Further, you are no longer covered by insurance on club trips and need to sign up again to be able to attend trips. If you are no longer in the area but still wish to be able to read the message board, you can sign up as a VOC alumni (this does NOT include UBC alumni, only CLUB alumni), however, you will not have access to gear rental and therefore it is encouraged to be an associate member instead of an alumni member if you still wish to rent gear and go on trips.

We hope to see you again in the new year! Every year hosts most of the same annual trips, as well as numerous unique trips that are loved by so many members. Regardless of your skill level, we appreciate your presence on trips and hope to help you learn more in the areas that you wish to learn more! We hope to welcome you again in the coming year!

Ms. Manners


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