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VOCene #13: September 23, 2014

Hello VOC Member. If you have renewed your Membership for the coming year, then congratulations! We hope the coming year will be a good one. If you haven't, your membership will end on September 30th and you won't be hearing from Ms Manners any more or reading about what's happening next week. But fear not, you can still renew! 
If you are not in the greater Vancouver Area and do not think it worth while to re-join because you can't go on trips, etc, then you can apply for an honorary/inactive membership so you still get to hear what everybody else is doing if you wish! Otherwise, I hope the past year was fun.
In this Issue:
1. Tip(s) of the Day!
     a. How to Have a Smooth Driving Experience

2. Rock Party Tickets and Volunteering
     a. Buy your tickets!
     b. Remember to renew your membership before!
     c. Volunteering
     d. Music Requests?

3. VOC Info Night- Tuesday, September 23rd (TONIGHT!)
4. Call for Slide Show Presenters
5. Recent Trip Reports
6. Upcoming Trips
7. Message Board Highlights
8. Ms. Manners


1. Tip(s) of the Day!

a. How to Have a Smooth Driving Experience
You've offered to provide a car for a VOC trip. That's great! The perks are that you're almost guaranteed a spot on any trip and that you have final say in a number of things such as what music gets played and where you'll stop to eat. But you also have some responsibilities. Here are a few tips for a smooth driving experience. What do you think of this article? Comment here!


2. Rock Party Tickets and Volunteering

a. Buy Your Tickets!

Want to join us for our biggest party of the year AND learn to rock climb? Rock Party is a full-weekend event (October 5-6th) hosted in Squamish where you receive a full day of instruction in small groups on any level of rock climbing appropriate to you (never climbed before, learn to build anchors, learn to lead sport, learn to lead trad), AND get to participate in a party complete with Party tent, DJ, Burgers, Alcohol for purchase if over 19 years of age, hot tub and candy necklaces! 

Tickets are $40 for a tenting spot and $60 for a cabin spot. Be sure to get your ticket early as they sell out fast! You can purchase tickets during gear hours, or in the clubroom between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM each week day when we hold Office Hours. 

b. Remember to renew your membership!

Rock Party occurs on the first week of October (October 5th and 6th) and therefore immediately after when your membership will expire on September 30th. If you intend to attend, or have purchased a ticket already but have failed to renew your membership, remember that you must renew your membership before attending  Rock Party! Also, you must be a member in general to attend! So friends of members are not eligible to purchase a ticket unless they themselves are also club members.

c. Volunteering

You can now sign up to volunteer for Rock Party! Please make sure that you have already purchased a ticket before signing up for a slot, as you cannot volunteer at an event that you are not at. Volunteering for one of the positions at Rock Party does count as a work hike, which is required of you in order to rent all of the lovely gear that the club has to provide. Sign Up for a Time Slot Here!

d. Music Requests?

Have music requests? Please provide them here asap if you want them to be heard at Rock Party!


3. VOC Member Info Night ∑ Tuesday, September 23rd (TONIGHT!)
Are you new to the VOC and/or wanting to know more about the club? If so, come to MATH 100 at 6:30 on September 23rd. There you can learn about what trips are typically run, how to rent gear, and much, much more. All are welcome. Feel free to bring your friends!


4. Call for Slide Show Presenters

Have you done an amazing trip either locally or somewhere else in the world? Do you want to share your experience? Then why not make a slide show and present it to the club? 

We will have ongoing slideshows on Wednesdays at around 7pm starting in October. If you know someone who has done some great trip, you can also make suggestions and we can email them and ask for a slideshow. 

Either comment on the message board thread or send an email to Steff at to sign up to present a slideshow, or suggest someone who has a trip worth sharing!


5. Recent Trip Reports

First Times at Brew
"Itís morning. The view around Brew Hut looks a lot like a rip off of a wraparound HD TV nature program. Or maybe it was the other way around-I canít remember. On one hand, the view from the top floor window looks a lot like a little square of Technicolour mountains being beamed straight into my neurons. On the other, the heaviness in my legs feel pretty real. Itís a good time to take a breather from your busy life and taken in the pinky-violet skies without deeper thoughts-maybe not so much to realize you forgot to pack a breakfast for the hike back..." Read more!

Glacier School: G1
Want to know what awesome things are learned at Glacier School each year? Check out this amazing recap of all the skills learned, including rope travel, self arresting, anchor building, crampon usage and crevasse rescue. Complete with amazing pictures!

Team Bad Idea Slays the Sands
"Let me begin by informing you that all of Peru from its coastline to about half way inland is a complete desert. More so than you imagine. Imagine it. Now it is twice as empty, dry, and desolate. The first desert adventure takes place in Paracas, a gorgeous beach town. Upon arriving, I immediately rented a bike for the rest of the day and blasted off onto the peninsula..."

Best Scramble-to-Suffer ratio: Marhor to Needle Traverse
"At 9pm on a Friday night, after tossing around a few other ideas, Piotr and I decided that Marhor-Needle traverse sounds like a fun way to spend a day, and by 7am the next morning we were on the way to the Coquihalla summit. I have done Needle Peak recently and thought itís a fantastic short scramble, only wishing it was longer. Having done a bit of homework I discovered that indeed, it can be linked with the nearby Marhor peak via the ridge between the two. I was stoked for the idea, even if the reports mention 2 exposed cruxes along the ridge that made me a bit uneasy. But with rope and a bit of gear, I felt confident we could do it without getting into trouble, seeing as other groups have done it without any gear..."


6. Upcoming Trips


VOC Social+Beginner Friendly Intro to Tea Drinking ∑ Wednesday, September 24th
New to the VOC and looking to socialize with other club members old and new? Come drink tea, throw frisbees, make new friends, see old friends, lie in a hammock, walk on a slack line and be merry. We will meet under the trees by the big VOC flag between Irving, the old SUB, Brock Hall and the New Sub, right next to east mall. 49.267811, -123.251753. Bring your backcountry stove, favourite tea bag and tea vessel and we will share the art of tea making (a neccasary skill for advanced VOC trips) Everyone is welcome. In the event of inclement weather, this may be moved indoors. Indoor location TBA. Event starts at 6:00 PM.



Westcomb Outerwear Sale ∑ Fri. Sep. 26th - Sat. Sep. 27th
Westcomb outerwear is having their annual sale bash bonanza! It includes mens and womens shell jackets, fleeces, and downies. Their sample items start at 80% off of retail and last years stock at 50%. The times are Sept 26: 2pm to 6pm, Sept 27: 10am to 2pm. Address: 1305 Odlum Drive here in Vancouver. No need to register! Just show up and say you are from the VOC.

Wedgemount Lake Area Scrambling (Beginner Friendly!) ∑ Sat. Sep. 27th - Sun. Sep. 28th
It's scrambles season and the Wedgemount Lake area has a lot to offer! The tentative plan is to head up to the campsite on Saturday, and depending on the time and energy level, we can explore the lake area or attempt one of the lesser scrambles. Then on Sunday we can do another scramble before heading home. Of the scrambling options, Mt. Cook and Mt. Weart are the one's that I'm somewhat familiar with and understand to be reasonably accessible. Mt. Weart is more ambitious than Mt. Cook so, once again depending on the group, we could potentially split into two teams: a beginner group on Mt. Cook and a more advanced group on Mt. Weart. Pre-trip meeting is Wednesday, September 24th at 6:30 PM in the clubroom.

Indian Arm Sea Kayaking Trip- Beginner Friendly! ∑ Sat. Sep. 27th - Sun. Sep. 28th
This is the annual adventure in which we kayak up the Indian Arm. We will be renting double kayaks from Deep Cove (approximately $100/person), or you can bring your own kayak if you have one, have knowledge of kayak safety, and the means to transport your kayak. We will leave from Deep Cove on Saturday morning (depart in boats at 9:00 AM, arrive an hour earlier) and kayak up to the top of the Indian Arm, where we will camp at Granite Falls. Note: this trip is in high demand! Priority will be given to those on the committed list in numerical order AND show up to the pre-trip meeting. We can take 16 people in addition to the people with kayak rescue training indicated, and potentially a few extras if they have their own boats. Pre-trip meeting will be Tuesday, September 23rd at 6:30 PM (TONIGHT!).

Day Trip to Somewhere Nearby ∑ Saturday, September 27th
None of the potential locations require a lot of expensive boring driving, and you will probably get home in time for an afternoon nap. (1) Mt Strachan, N peak, via Cypress ski area. (2) Mt Seymour, peak #3, via Seymour parking lot. (3) Thunderbird Ridge & Eric the Red Trail, via Skyline Drive. (near Grouse). Participants get to decide which destination we are going to, by email.  Destination #3 is Translink accessible.  You will need shoes of some sort (no flip-flops), a jacket, a lunch, a litre of water. Trip will take 4-5-6 hours depending on which destination we choose. We will not have a pre-trip meeting; email Roland Burton with questions.

Coliseum Mountain Day Hike Beginner Friendly ∑ Sunday, September 28th
Looking for something fun this weeked? Come Hike to the top of Colliseum Mountain. Details Bring sturdy hiking boots, make sure they do not give you blisters. If you have not worn them before, wear them to school for a day and see if they are comfy. The hike will be all day. Bring sufficient food. Remember there are no garbages on the trail. Leave no trace and pack out what you pack in! Pre trip meeting in the at 6pm on Wednesday September 24th in SUB room 215, or under the trees in front of Irving where the slacklines usually are (and where the welcome event is!). 



Rock Party: The VOC Event Formerly Known As Longhike ∑ Sat. Oct. 4th - Sun. Oct. 5th
As described above, we are selling tickets for a weekend of climbing and partying! Saturday is a full day of climbing instruction of one of 4 different levels (details on Rocks Levels can be found here). Saturday is a big party with a party tent, DJ, alcohol for purchase (for 19+ attendees), burgers provided and a hot tub! One of our biggest events of the year, and one of the Must-Be-At Parties of a lifetime! pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, October 1st at 6:00 PM in MCML 166. Be sure to have purchased a ticket already!

Long Bike (Bike to Long-Hike, Beginner Friendly) ∑ Fri. Oct. 3rd - Sun. Oct. 5th
"it is not neccessary to be strong, but to feel strong". So in that spirit lets save a minute quantity of CO2 emissions and bike to long hike (Rock Party). Everyone is welcome, if you can commute to UBC, you can probably get to Squamish with enough resolve. To do this trip you need a working bike with slick tires (unless you think you can do it on knobbies). You probably also need a rear carrier although you can probably organize for others to bring up your stuff. You also need a strong pair of legs. I'll take care of the technical stuff such as bike repair etc. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, October 1st at 5:30 PM, location TBD (please check Trip Agenda).

Workhike: Trail work for Murrin Park's new climbing crags ∑ Sunday, October 5th
Didn't get the volunteer position you wanted for Rock Party but still want to get your work hike in this weekend? The Squamish Access Society, those awesome people that build and maintain trails and climbing routes in Squamish, need your help. If you like to climb and (plan to) climb regularly in Squamish, you should come and join. After swarming most of the crags in Squamish for Rock Party this is a chance for the VOC to show that we also contribute to the work on the facilities. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, October 1st at the Rock Party (Longhike) pre trip meeting (MCML166).

Squamish River Fishing Trip!! ∑ Saturday, October 4th
We plan on heading up to the beautiful Squamish River for a day trip on Oct 4 for some early salmon. I am aware that Long Hike/Rock Party will be going on the same weekend but we want to get out on the water for people to get some experience before the salmon run really heats up. We will have some spare equipment but I encourage anyone who has a fishing rod to bring it and we will try to set up a good rig for it. Fishing license is required, can be purchased. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, October 1st at 6:00 PM, location TBD.


7. Message Board Highlights

a.  New crags opened? A fairly mild winter seems to have had the scrubbers and cleaners out in their numbers. Over 40 new routes in Squamish and counting including an entirely new area at Murrin called The Commonwealth with 13 trad routes @ 5.6 to 5.10c. Check it out!

b. Haven't gotten in enough climbing yet and want more despite the upcoming rains? Check out the The indoor climbing faff thread!

c. You can still get your Climbing Stoke going despite the coming of fall! Alternatively, you can also start getting stoked about skiing! Check out these threads for awesome videos, photos and more!

d. AT skis vs telemark skis: which do you prefer? Check out the discussion here and add your two cents!  

e. Sept 27, 2014: Presentation "A Geologist's View of Sea-to-Sky country": Friends of Garibaldi Park Society and BC Parks is presenting Dr. Bob Turner with "A Geologist's View of Sea-to-Sky country". Saturday September 27,2014, 7pm, at the Ranger Station at Garibaldi Lake. Bob Tuner us a retired Geologist with the Geological survey of Canada and Author of "Vancouver:City on the Edge". If you cannot make this event, stay tuned for a special presentation AT UBC on December 3rd from the same speaker!


8. Ms. Manners
Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? If so, email it to to your friendly neighbourhood VOCene Editor and it'll get forwarded Ms. Manners for review. Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away.


Dear Ms. Manners,

I am new to the club, and keep hearing the term FAFFing from everyone and have no idea what it means! I tend to smile and nod to not look ignorant. I also heard that we might Ninja Camp on the first night before heading out bright and early the next day, where we might experience some Type 2 Fun. What do these terms mean???

Clueless and Confused 


Dear Clueless and Confused,

As often happens when a group of people become segregated from their society, the VOC has created some language of its own and has adopted language from other sources that may not be in the common population. You can find a whole glossary of terms adopted by the VOC! 

As the glossary suggests, FAFFing stands for "F*ing Around *F*ing Forever". Let's imagine the word is "Fluttering". It is defined as "wasting time by doing absolutely nothing." Technically you should probably waste the time of others on your trip; just wasting your own time is not sufficient. Arriving at the trailhead with nothing in your pack and most everything scattered in your car is classical faffing. So stop Fluttering Around and minimize the FAFF at meetings or when getting your stuff out of cars and be prepared. It is often a good idea to incorporate FAFFing time into your schedule, however, to avoid delays.

Ninja Camping is a very useful activity and involves camping for free! It is camping where it is not specifically forbidden, and where nobody will likely find you, and there's nobody coming around to collect camping fees. There are a few places quite close to Squamish where this can be done. Remember to practice Leave No Trace Ethics, however, to avoid degrading the ecosystem and alerting authorities who MAY start checking these areas! Ninja Camping is most effective with small groups as large groups are very loud and obvious, unless the location is secluded enough where being loud is not an issue.

Type 2 Fun is something you don't enjoy at the time, but will enjoy in retrospect and will probably do again (although maybe not until you've completely forgotten how miserable you were at the time). Your first real bushwack will likely be type 2 fun. With enough experience you will find many things that were once type 2 fun become type 1 fun for you. What is Type 1 Fun? This is what you normally think of as fun - you enjoy it at the time AND in retrospect. Like eating ice-cream, skiing pow when you know how to do it, or crossword puzzles with that special someone.

In the glossary, you can find definitions for other terms that have at one time or another been regularly used in the club! Including, AYL, AT, Type 3a Fun, High Output, spondonacle, and many more! So if you do not know what club members are saying, brush up on the lingo to avoid confusion and getting into a bad situation!


Ms. Manners 

CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or additions to the VOCene Editor. 
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