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VOCene #14: September 30th, 2014

IMPORTANT! If you joined before May 1, 2014, your membership expires today! 

You can renew your membership in the clubroom during gear hours. Check out the types of memberships here. E-mail Vickie at if you have any questions. If you do not renew, you won't be hearing from Ms Manners any more or reading about what's happening next week.


In this Issue:
1. Tip(s) of the Day!
    a. Good Climbing Partner Traits

2. Rock Party- ~10 TICKETS REMAIN!
    a. Description
    b. Volunteering

3. Call for Slide Show Presenters
4. Recent Trip Reports
5. Upcoming Trips
6. Message Board Highlights
7. Ms. Manners


1. Tip(s) of the Day!

a. Climbing Partner Traits
8 easy guiding principals to being a fantastic climbing partner in the VOC. Very timely and appropriate for those going to Rock Party this weekend, or climbing elsewhere!


2. Rock Party: The VOC Event Formerly Known As Longhike · Sat. Oct. 4th - Sun. Oct. 5th

a. Description 

Join us for a weekend of climbing and partying! Saturday is a full day of climbing instruction of one of 4 different levels (details on Rocks Levels can be found here). Saturday is a big party with a party tent, DJ, alcohol for purchase (for 19+ attendees), burgers provided and a hot tub! One of our biggest events of the year, and one of the Must-Be-At Parties of a lifetime! Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, October 1st at 6:00 PM in MCML 166. Be sure to have purchased a ticket already! Only ten tickets remain!

b. Volunteering

You can now sign up to volunteer for Rock Party! Please make sure that you have already purchased a ticket before signing up for a slot, as you cannot volunteer at an event that you are not at. Volunteering for one of the positions at Rock Party does count as a work hike, which is required of you in order to rent all of the lovely gear that the club has to provide. Sign Up for a Time Slot Here!


3. Call for Slide Show Presenters

Have you done an amazing trip either locally or somewhere else in the world? Do you want to share your experience? Then why not make a slide show and present it to the club? 

We will have ongoing slideshows on Wednesdays at around 7pm starting in October. If you know someone who has done some great trip, you can also make suggestions and we can email them and ask for a slideshow. 

Either comment on the message board thread or send an email to Steff at to sign up to present a slideshow, or suggest someone who has a trip worth sharing!


4. Recent Trip Reports

Is your recent trip report not highlighted below? No worries! It should be edited soon. We simply have a back-log of trip reports that need editing by the editors.

In search of an Epic on Shuksan
"In the early mists of time, when the world was but a primordial soup, Alex and I made a plan to go climbing. As the months drew by Alex suffered many a sleepless night (due to the arrival of his son, Amund, not from fear of the coming adventure!) and I was sure that this arrangement would never come to pass. On my part, I made a good attempt to renege on this promise by severely twisting my ankle, but it healed quickly and Amund behaved himself to allow his dad out for his first mountaineering trip of the year. Steph had been keen for another attempt on Shuksan so, as a merry band of three we headed down to Washington to climb what Fred Beckey describes as ‘the crown jewel of the Cascades’ by the uber-classic Fisher Chimneys..."

Castle Towers (September 20-21, 2014)
Beautiful photos and an epic journey to Castle Towers! "I was pretty stoked when we started up polemonium ridge as I knew it meant we were close to where we would camp for the night. Unfortunately the stoke faded the third or fourth time I got to the top of a ridge thinking “this is it, it won’t be long now” just as another appeared on the horizon. Similar to how one feels when running up a down escalator with no end in sight.."

Team Bad Idea Goes Underground
"“Little TNA” tested their contortion abilities in what they would later describe as type 4 fun: it is fun while you are doing it but you are not eager to repeat it. It is only fun because you know how much the person behind you is enjoying him/herself and can laugh at them. They spent around 3 hours, mostly on their knees or flat on their stomachs, exploring various nooks and crannies of this cave..." Beautiful photos to accompany an entertaining tale!


5. Upcoming Trips


Rock Party: The VOC Event Formerly Known As Longhike · Sat. Oct. 4th - Sun. Oct. 5th
As described above, we are selling tickets for a weekend of climbing and partying! Saturday is a full day of climbing instruction of one of 4 different levels (details on Rocks Levels can be found here). Saturday is a big party with a party tent, DJ, alcohol for purchase (for 19+ attendees), burgers provided and a hot tub! One of our biggest events of the year, and one of the Must-Be-At Parties of a lifetime! pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, October 1st at 6:00 PM in MCML 166. Be sure to have purchased a ticket already!

Long Bike (Bike to Long-Hike, Beginner Friendly) · Fri. Oct. 3rd - Sun. Oct. 5th
"it is not neccessary to be strong, but to feel strong". So in that spirit lets save a minute quantity of CO2 emissions and bike to long hike (Rock Party). Everyone is welcome, if you can commute to UBC, you can probably get to Squamish with enough resolve. To do this trip you need a working bike with slick tires (unless you think you can do it on knobbies). You probably also need a rear carrier although you can probably organize for others to bring up your stuff. You also need a strong pair of legs. I'll take care of the technical stuff such as bike repair etc. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, October 1st at 5:30 PM, location TBD (please check Trip Agenda).

Workhike: Trail work for Murrin Park's new climbing crags · Sunday, October 5th
Didn't get the volunteer position you wanted for Rock Party but still want to get your work hike in this weekend? The Squamish Access Society, those awesome people that build and maintain trails and climbing routes in Squamish, need your help. If you like to climb and (plan to) climb regularly in Squamish, you should come and join. After swarming most of the crags in Squamish for Rock Party this is a chance for the VOC to show that we also contribute to the work on the facilities. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, October 1st at the Rock Party (Longhike) pre trip meeting (MCML166).

Squamish River Fishing Trip!! · Saturday, October 4th
We plan on heading up to the beautiful Squamish River for a day trip on Oct 4 for some early salmon. I am aware that Long Hike/Rock Party will be going on the same weekend but we want to get out on the water for people to get some experience before the salmon run really heats up. We will have some spare equipment but I encourage anyone who has a fishing rod to bring it and we will try to set up a good rig for it. Fishing license is required, can be purchased. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, October 1st at 6:00 PM, location TBD.



VOC slideshow: Harrison hut and trail work · Wednesday, October 8th
Since August 2010, when half of Mt. Meager collapsed in one of the largest worldwide landslides since 1945, the VOC's Harrison Hut has been an elusive place as kilometers of the road and 2 bridges needed to get there were destroyed.  Since then Christian Veenstra, Ben SP, Jeff Mottershead and many more VOC volunteers have been working on a new 12 km route on the other (geologically stable) side of the valley - the VOC's most ambitious trail project to date. After 4 years of of route-finding trips, rock moving trips, route-clearing trips, trail building trips, and bridge building activities the route is more of less complete this year. Finally, this summer a crew of VOC led by Roland Burton renovated the hut and constructed a new outhouse. This event is at 6:30 PM in Buchanan A202.

Thanksgiving climbing · Fri. Oct. 10th - Mon. Oct. 13th
Thanksgiving long weekend gives us the opportunity to have an extra day a bit further afield than we can get for most weekends. So let's start the migration of VOCers to other fall climbing locations. Tentatively, we'll plan for Smith Rock in Oregon, since it can get very busy and Americans don't get the long weekend (yay! Smith can be very busy). Alternatives include Vantage, Leavenworth, Skaha, or beautiful Squamish. This will be determined depending on weather before the pretrip meeting. To get most places efficiently, drivers will probably want to leave on Friday. As with other climbing trips, this isn't instructional. Pre-trip meeting is Wednesday, October 8th at 6:00 PM, location TBA. 

Beginner-friendly Scrambling at Phelix with fancy mulled wine · Sat. Oct. 11th - Mon. Oct. 13th
TENTATIVE: There is currently a wildfire on a nearby mountain, and this means the access road is closed until further notice. We'll have to hope that it'll be open by then. If that doesn't work out I'll think of another equally beginner-friendly hiking destination. Pre-trip meeting will be on Wednesday, October 8th at 6:00 PM in the clubroom.

VOC Fall Gearswap: Sell your surplus gear/buy used gear · Wednesday, October 22nd
The VOC Gearswap is an outdoor gear buy and sell event. If you have some extra gear that you no longer need, come sell it. If you are looking to buy used/new outdoor gear for reasonable prices, come on out. Actual swapping of gear is encouraged as well. There will also be a "free table" - if you have items that could still be used by others but are not fit for selling, or you'd just like to give them away, please consider putting them in the free pile (no junk please).


6. Message Board Highlights

a. You can still get your Climbing Stoke going despite the coming of fall! Alternatively, you can also start getting stoked about skiing or stoked about ice climbing! Check out these threads for awesome videos, photos and more!

b. Haven't gotten in enough climbing yet and want more despite the upcoming rains? Check out the The indoor climbing faff thread!

c. Interesting in knowing how to get around biking in Vancouver? Check out this thread! Be aware that bikes can be stolen, however, and keep your eyes out for other club member's stolen bikes (1, 2).

d. Looking for some gear? Check out these threads: gear, camera and road rager.

e. Room available Nov 1st in large house full of climbers and skiers

f. Debunking Shoulder Season: Unsure what to do during this time of rain before snow? Check out this thread for suggestions!

7. Ms Manners

Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? If so, email it to to your friendly neighbourhood VOCene Editor and it'll get forwarded Ms. Manners for review. Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away.


Message from Ms. Manners:

Stay safe this weekend kids! Rock Party is a lot of fun! Go out and let loose, "Rock Out with your Chalk Out", but remember to play it safe while having a great time! Hopefully the weather is nice to you all!

Ms. Manners


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