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VOCene #6 2005/2006-October 17, 2005

Wow! I did not think that I could possibly sit in front of the computer any longer. During this busy time of mid terms and papers and projects the VOCene has become my mental warm down. It’s like spinning on a bike, how easy it is. If you are not like me because you either a) don’t have the same amount of work as I; or b) are just better with your time than me, you will be overjoyed to hear that the real mental warm downs a.k.a club trips, are, like all your assignments, still on the agenda. And their all about the rock…


1.	South America Slideshow 
2.	Skaha Rock Climbing
3.	Hike Saturday 22nd
4. 	Smith Rock Climbing


1.	Song books and T-shirts available in Clubroom
2.	Return Long hike gear
3.	BC scrambles guide now Available.


Nothing…so your editor is going to run with it.
1.	Slideshow-party recap

IV. News from the “Outside” World

1.	ACC monthly meeting- John Baldwin Presentation
2.	Andy Selters-History of Mountaineering Presentation.


1.	Slide Show

When: October 19, 2005: 7pm
Where: VOC Clubroom
What: High and snowy in South America
Who: Tyler Linn
Bonus: Free Popcorn
Hello, just wanted to let people know that I will be doing a slideshow in the clubroom on Wednesday night at 7pm. The official title is "High and Snowy in South America" but there will be a lot of not so snowy photos of interesting places such as Lake Titicaca, La Paz, Machu Pichu, the Nazca Lines, and even a couple from Brazil. The rest will be of climbing in the Cordillera Blanca and hiking in the Colca Canyon.

There will be free popcorn and prizes for all you mountain geeks out there...


2.	Skaha Rock-Climbing

What: Rock climbing trip

Where: Skaha, in Penticton, a 5-6 hr drive towards the interior of BC in the dry Okanogan Valley

When: Oct 29-30

Who: 30 spots. If there is a lot more people interested, we'll camp.

Typically, this has been an advanced trip where already independent climbers just go up for a cranking', sporty weekend.

If there is interest, I'm willing to lead a rock 1/2 group for newer climbers and set up a couple of top ropes on Saturday. Max 10 people.

For the last couple of years, we've crashed on the porches and lawn of my parents' house in Penticton. However, if there is more than 30 people, we'll camp.

To Bring:
-Your car!! full of people!!

-Beginner climbers: shoes, harness, (and a rope will make you vastly more independent)-all rentable from the club or MEC

-Your hikers, not flip-flops...the approaches are all at least a decent 15minute hike.

-A costume! Especially to climb in!

-A headlamp so we can do the caves, (but I'd be more stoked on a Naramata wine tour in the rare event that the weather is bad)

-Warm clothes & camping gear. It's chilly that weekend!

****Sign up outside the clubroom. There will be a pretrip meeting on Oct 26 at 6pm to sort rides and make the call about camping or staying at the house!****

3.	Smith Rock Oregon Rock Climbing

When: Nov11- 14, 2005
Who: Mr. Frimer a.k.a “jer”

How better to remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could be free than to free some way sick volcanic tuff down in Central Oregon. Three day trip, leaving Thursday afternoon, returning Sunday night. 9-hour drive each way. Yeah, it's long. But it'll have been raining hard for over 2 months by then. The drive will be worth the sun. Everything there from 5.5 up, top roping, lead, sport, multipitch. Little nubbins on the face -- that's the deal. Check in a few weeks for more info, sign-up, and trip meeting/ ride organization

II. Club News

1. Please Return Longhike Gear

Okay, so a lot of gear got given out, some of it accounted for, and some of it not....if you have longhike gear, PLEASE return it ASAP. If you didn’t leave a deposit on it, you can leave it in the clubroom even if a quartermaster is not there, and it will be dealt with....If you did leave a deposit, you must come in either mine or Jessie's gear hours, and we will give you back your sweet sweet UBC ID or cash (and the one person who gave me American cash, I forgot who you are, so remind me - else it's mine!)...

Also, someone has a whole pile of club ropes somewhere, and we'd like those back...Hopefully the Honour system will prevail, otherwise we'll have to tighten up for the future...

-The QMs

2. T-Shirts and Songbooks Available

	We've got T-shirts for sale for $10 and songbooks for $8. Come on into the clubroom at Noon-1 or during Jessie or Dan's gear hours to come take a look!

Trish :)

3.Scramble Guide Books

The books are now available in the Clubroom. The cost is a mere 20 dollars, come and get um’they are going fast.

III. TRIP REPORTS-noticeably empty despite my pleasant attempts to pull some words out of our active contingent.
Wine and Cheese at the VOC house

I first saw Jordan’ posting on the message board about 5 days before the event, and thought to myself hmmm… “That sounds like it will be fun, I think I’ll go by after work” As the week progressed I learned that I was not the only one that felt this way. What I pictured as a small quiet gathering was about 24 beers away from becoming a full on rager! The clubs new projector was carefully guarded by the majority of the exec. that dutifully attended. The cornucopia of cheeses and crates of wine contributed to the casual ambience and many photos and films were shared and a lot was learned. Some of the highlights were: what to do when you’re bored in Northern Alberta by Oker. I will never look at a sign board the same again! Next, how to save 50 bucks on your next purchase by Jay! Oh, and Ice climbing on Alberta’s big routes, not for the beginner, but the photos inspire. Well, caving with Fuller, Richard, and Boris looked well…how can I put this…sort of like fun, only different, truly a eye opening slide show. Oh, song books rule, especially when some random dude walks up and starts belting out a tune like he was born to sing it. Trish plays guitar and Wine tastes good out of a mug too, especially after 5 people have tried to pull the cork out of the bottle by hand. I think there may be a game in there somewhere????? Summer was not that long ago and Hawaii, Vantage, and Australia looked warmer than here. I hope it snows soon it has away of soothing the “wet coast”. Overall the only wine and cheese were the types found on the table, don’t miss the next gathering wherever it may be.

IV. News from the “OUTSIDE” World.

1.	A presentation sponsored by the Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Section

The Ways to the Sky:A Multimedia Mountaineering History Show by Andy Selters

This state-of-the-art digital production with historical mountaineering
images from the 1870s to the present day, celebrates he spirit of mountaineering, from the explorers like John Muir and Conrad Kain through the tales of Fred Beckeyto the modern ˇüber-climbers.

Location: Anza Club, 3 West 8th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M8

Date: 7:30 PM, Thursday November 24, 2005
Tickets: $10 in advance, $12 at door.
Available at Mountain Equipment Co-op (Broadway store), 
or the next ACC Section Socials Tues. Oct. 25 and Nov. 22, 
or call 604-878-5272, 
or e-mail

2. Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Section
Slide Presentation

John Baldwin: "Beyond the Tahumming: Other alpine Traverses in the Coast Mountains".
Tuesday October 25, 2005 at 7:30 p.m.
Location: Floral Hall, Van Dusen Gardens, West 37th Avenue & Oak Street,
The October Avalanche Echoes is now available on our website at: 
Quote of the week: "Anything I've ever done that ultimately was worthwhile initially scared me to death." anonymous. 

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