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Date : 2014-12-16
Description : VOCene #24 2014
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In this Issue:
    1. Submit An Article to the Annual VOC Journal!
    2. Climbing Wall Logo Competition 

The Regular Stuff:
    3. Recent Trip Reports
    4. Upcoming Trips
    5. Message Board Highlights
    6. Ms. Manners

1. Submit Your Trip Report to the Annual VOC Journal!

Calling all adventurers - from first-time to old-time VOCers:
Have you been on a memorable or epic trip lately?  We want to publish your TRIP REPORT in our annual journal! Simply submit the report to  

Pictures can be submitted in JPEG format (resolution should be at least 300 dpi). Be sure to include a caption for each photo and who took it.

Don't hesitate - submit your report today! 

Your Friendly VOC Journal Editor


2. Climbing Wall Logo Competition!

We've decided on a name for the new climbing wall: The Aviary! I'd like to get a head start on a few things like having signs/banners made, getting staff shirts, and maybe even something as snazzy as membership cards. I'd love a cool logo for the gym!

The following might provide inspiration: 
The name: The Aviary. This is following the UBC Thunderbird theme, and the fact that the gym space is tall and narrow.
The colour scheme. The wall is mostly a grey colour ("Stone" - RGB 201,207,204) with accent areas in a light blue ("Azure" - RGB 51,128,184)

The final version will need to be in a vector format (SVG, etc).

There is now a deadline set of December 31st at midnight! There is ntohing like saying Happy New Year like a good old logo submission!


3. Recent Trip Reports

Multi-modal Adventures on Mt Bishop in the North Shore
The Seymour Valley Trailway is a serious pleasure to ride on a commuter bike, and the Spur 4 road is nearly as nice. No mountain bike needed for either of the roads (although that might be nicer, depending on how comfortable you are riding a bike with skinny tires off road.) It was a great warm up and cool down, and the ~12k of biking went by quickly (1.5 hours each way). We were on the trail by 10am. The hiking trail is steep, with lots of good quality fixed lines and some decent scrambling parts. No exposure in the steep stuff, so it feels safe enough...


4. Upcoming Trips


Joshua Tree Christmas Rock!  Wed. Dec. 17th - Sun. Jan. 4th
Don't know how to lead ice?  Screaming barfies sound unpleasant? How about camping at -30C or insane amounts of morning faff?  Come to the mecca of winter trad climbing instead and enjoy belaying in the warm desert sun with climbing literally within your campsite. Depending on drivers and available free time, people can come and go as they please. No pre-trip meeting.  Organizing rides and partners should be done here or by email.

Beginner Friendly Backcountry Skiing  Wednesday, December 17th
Are you finished exams and want to try backcountry skiing? We will go for the day up to Red Heather in Garibaldi Park or maybe Mount Seymour (depending on how many cars are available). If people are keen, some people could make this an overnight trip. This will be an entirely beginner friendly trip so you do not need to have any experience outdoors or with skis (except for a desire to learn). This is a tentative trip because there has to be enough snow for us to ski. Pre-trip meeting was Monday, December 15th at 6:00 PM in the clubroom.

"Beginner friendly" backcountry ski trip to Taylor Meadows  Sat. Dec. 20th - Sun. Dec. 21st
I'd like to take a reasonably sized group up the Garibaldi Lake trail, camp at Taylor Meadows and see if we can't have a bit of fun in the snow up there. I haven't actually been up there during the winter, but I hear the skiing is nice and friendly. A group has been up there two weeks ago and apparently they had lots of fun. You might notice that I put "beginner friendly" in scare-quotes. That's to say that while this trip is indeed friendly towards beginners, it is winter time, it's going to be cold, days are short etc, and you need to be adequately prepared and have the necessary gear. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, December 17th, at 6:00 PM in the clubroom.

Nephew of Icicles  Fri. Dec. 26th - Sun. Jan. 4th
Last year's peculiar winter triggered a severe outbreak of icestokinitis, the mad iceman disease, during which hordes of vocers wandered off to the wilderness to franticaly swing sharp metal bits into seemingly frozen parts of their environment (including but not limited to, refrigerators). This trip is not instructional and depending on where we go, people should be comfortable camping for several days in the backcountry in fairly cold conditions (think -20 degrees). People should also know how to put on a harnes and belay. However, it is not a problem if you have never ice-climbed before since ice climbing for beginners only involves top-roping. This trip will likely be going to the Rockies and therefore requires cars suitable for that journey (snow tires are mandatory unless you have a dying wish). Depending on how many people sign-up, I may organize a pre-trip later on. Space is very limited by the number of car spots.

New Years Powder Slaying at Waddington Hut  Fri. Dec. 26th - Sun. Jan. 4th
Continuing the tradition of past years, a VOC group will be heading to Brian Waddington Hut over New Years. The days are short and cold, but the skiing is excellent and the hut is warm and friendly (note: warm if you have lots of your friends with you)! This trip is a loosely organized, with small groups do their own objectives for the day and choosing the length of their stay. Each group needs to be self-sufficient (both while at the hut and getting to the hut) and comfortable making their own decisions. AST-1 or equivalent is highly recommended. The terrain at the hut and this trip itself isn't beginner friendly, although beginners are welcome if they make arrangements to have someone help lead them. No pre-trip meeting is scheduled, please sign up on the Wiki here.



Winter Longhike 2015: Mount Seymour  Sat. Jan. 10th - Sun. Jan. 11th
Winter Longhike is coming up! This is an introductory trip for winter camping. We'll be a large group of keen people that want to experience a totally new face of the white backcountry. We'll be having great fun and learning new skills such as building our very own snow shelter (or if you're ambitious enough, a snow castle). There will be a prize for the most elaborate snow-cave :D Other activities likely to happen include (but are not limited to): Backcountry food cook-off, sing-alongs, and great skiing on Sunday. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, January 7th at 6:00 PM in Buchanan A202.

The Aviary Logistics Meeting  Tuesday, January 13th
With the opening of The Aviary fast approaching, Id like to have a public info/discussion session where we can go over some of the details of how the wall will be run. Ill go over the results of the survey Ive conducted, and present my thoughts on some of the following points: Membership pricing structure, open hours, staffing, route-setting and programs. Well also go over more general concerns, get feedback and suggestions from everybody, and start up the stoke for what is going to be an EPIC facility! This event will be at 6:30 PM, location TBD.

Stepson of crampon (Beginner friendly ice climbing)  Fri. Jan. 16th - Sun. Jan. 18th
This will be beginner friendly but you should know how to belay someone on a top rope. No previous ice climbing experience is necessary but winter camping experience will help. I'll take people according to the committed sign-up order. Committed sign-up will open on January 7th. I will probably limit the group size to 12 people, but don't worry, more ice climbing trips will follow. I have a Modo van with snow tires booked so unless the winter doesn't come, this trips is a go! Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, January 14th at 6:00 PM.

Avalanche Skills Training Block C (AST-1)  Sat. Jan. 17th - Sun. Jan. 18th
Every year the VOC works with Canada West Mountain School in order to provide its members with discounted rates on avalanche safety courses, with the intent to help students mitigate the risks of backcountry skiing. The courses available to VOC members run from November thru February and in total include four sessions of Avalanche Skills Training I (AST I), and one session of AST II. This trip requires sign up in advance in the clubroom, along with payment. Cost is $230 (course and avy kit) + $110 (Whistler Pass). There will be an in-class session on the evening of Tuesday the week before. Note: registration closes early, so contact Ted Angus ASAP if you wish to participate!

TeleSchool at Mt. Seymour  Saturday, January 17th
Wish that you had a chance to learn how to tele ski in a controlled environment, with a teacher and without a giant pack on your back? Do you know the basics but want to hone those mad skills with the help of someone who can *actually* ski?  Do you want a chance to show off your beautiful style while imparting knowledge to others? If you answered yes to any of the above questions than the VOC Tele-School is the trip for you!  This will be a one day instructional even held at the Seymour Mountain resort on the North Shore.  Groups will be organized with a teacher based on skill levels.  These groups will include, 1) 'I have never skied before', 2) 'I can downhill ski, but dont understand how to bend my knees', 3) 'I know the basics but would like to be better', and 4)  'I am an awesome skier and shouldn't be at school'. Pre-trip meeting will be Tuesday, January 13th at 6:00 PM in Buchanan A202.

Exposure Volume II: SAR Fundraiser Movie Night  Tuesday, January 20th
Details forthcoming! Check out the trailer here.

Intro to Backcountry Skiing  Sat. Jan. 24th - Sun. Jan. 25th
Intro to Backcountry Skiing is a trip aimed at people who can ski already who want to get into backcountry skiing and tent camping. The objective of the trip is to camp and do some skiing above camp, or climb a peak and ski down (not just skiing to camp and back). Participants should ski well enough that they will be able to descend through forest with a pack on without hitting trees, but they do not have to look remotely good while doing it (this is called Survival Skiing). The trip is a one night excursion to an area with simple terrain and no hut. Participants stay in tents and cook in a snow kitchen, while getting some advice on travelling in the backcountry and winter camping from the more experienced trip leaders. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, January 21st at 6:00 PM in the VOC Clubroom.

Slipstream Wilderness First Aid Training  Saturday, January 31st
Ever wondered what you would do if you or a friend was inured in the backcountry? Slipstream First Aid is once again offering the VOC a roughly 40% discount on their 50-hour and 90-hour Wilderness First Aid courses. These courses have been taken by members of the VOC in the past and have recieved very positive feedback. To keep things flexible, Slipstream is allowing us to purchase course vouchers that are good for one year from purchase. With your voucher you can select any course date and location that works for you. Please signup using the signup tool by early February. Please see Slipstream's website for course dates and info. 

Discounted prices are as follows: 50-hour course: $285 + tax = $320; 90-hour course: $475 + tax = $535.


5. Message Board Highlights

a. VRCG Fundraiser at the Hive: December 19th from 6 to 9pm, The Hive and the VRCG will be hosting a Christmas comp. The $5 entry goes completely to Escalando Fronteras.

b. Check out the message board for numerous for sale items, including outdoor gear, tire chains and more!

c. You can still get your Climbing Stoke going despite the rains! Alternatively, you can also start getting stoked about skiing or stoked about ice climbing! Or, get your Mountain Bike Stoke on year-round. Check out these threads for awesome videos, photos and more!

d. Can't get enough climbing and eager for more? Check out the The indoor climbing faff thread!


6. Ms. Manners
Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? If so, email it to to your friendly neighbourhood VOCene Editor and it'll get forwarded Ms. Manners for review. Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away.


Dear Ms. Manners,

Is it true that we will not hear from you again until January? We will miss your brilliant wisdom!

Santa's Elves


Dear Santa's Elves,

It is true that I will be away during the university closure over the next two weeks and that you will not hear from me again until the first Tuesday of January! But have no fear! I have highlighted some key January trips which you are now aware of and can sign up early for to ensure a spot! I hope you, and everyone else, has an awesome break this holiday season and will come back to celebrate with us (or celebrate with us over the holidays as well!) in the New Year! 

Ms. Manners


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