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Date : 2015-01-20
Description : VOCene #28 2014
Content :
VOCene #28: Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

In this Issue:
1. Public Memorial Service for Stephanie Grothe, Neil Mackenzie and Elena Cernicka  Thursday, January 22nd- NOTE: CHANGE OF LOCATION-TBD

Special Features:
    2. Submit an Article to the VOC Journal-Deadline January 24th
    3. Climbing Wall Logo Competition- Deadline January 31st
    4. Photo Competition- Deadline January 28th
    5. Wilderness First Aid Discount Opportunity! Sign up by Mid-February

The Usual Suspects
    6. Join the VOC Exec!
    7. Upcoming Trips

1. Public Memorial Service for Stephanie Grothe, Neil Mackenzie and Elena Cernicka  Thursday, January 22nd

On Sunday, January 11th 2015,  Stephanie Grothe, Neil Charles Mackenzie, and Elena Cernicka perished in a mountaineering accident on Joffre Peak in Pemberton BC. 

The UBC Varsity Outdoor Club is holding a public memorial service to celebrate their lives. All friends, families, and general public are invited to this event.

Time: Thursday January 22, 6-9pm (official service 7-8pm)

Location: UBC Campus, location TBD

Many of us have fond memories of these three remarkable individuals. In order to share these memories, a set of books will be created and given to the families. There will be space available at the memorial for you to pass on your thoughts, stories, and feelings in person. You are encouraged to bring a pre-prepared standard letter-sized (8x11'') sheet of paper with a photo, poem, drawing, or whatever format you would like to use to express yourself. We will collect them at the event for each individual and include them in those books. Furthermore, you are also welcome to send your message to , if you are not able to attend the service.  You can also share your memories of Steph at the link here and of Neil at the link here. 

A fundraising campaign, in names of Stephanie and Neil, is set up here. As agreed by their families, all proceeds will go to the British Columbia Search And Rescue community. Any donation is much appreciated and will help the SAR teams who risk their personal safety to be there when we need them the most. A donation box will also be available at the memorial to collect cash donations. You can find a fundraising campaign for Elena's family here.

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with their families and friends.


2. Submit Your Trip Report to the Annual VOC Journal! Deadline January 24th

Calling all adventurers - from first-time to old-time VOCers:
Have you been on a memorable or epic trip lately?  We want to publish your TRIP REPORT in our annual journal! Simply submit the report to  

Pictures can be submitted in JPEG format (resolution should be at least 300 dpi). Be sure to include a caption for each photo and who took it.

Don't hesitate - submit your report today! The deadline for all articles is January 24th!


3. Climbing Wall Logo Competition!- Deadline January 31st

We've decided on a name for the new climbing wall: The Aviary! I'd like to get a head start on a few things like having signs/banners made, getting staff shirts, and maybe even something as snazzy as membership cards. I'd love a cool logo for the gym!

The following might provide inspiration: 
The name: The Aviary. This is following the UBC Thunderbird theme, and the fact that the gym space is tall and narrow.
The colour scheme. The wall is mostly a grey colour ("Stone" - RGB 201,207,204) with accent areas in a light blue ("Azure" - RGB 51,128,184)

The final version will need to be in a vector format (SVG, etc).

There is now a deadline set of January 31st at midnight! There is nothing like saying Happy New Year like a good old logo submission!


4. Photo Competition- Deadline January 28th

It's time to pick your best pics and submit them to the VOC's annual photo competition!  

The pictures can be submitted in the following categories:

A) Landscapes  Waterfalls, mountains, sunsets, etc. People are not the focus of the shot. 
B) Action Shots  Photos of people outdoors and in action, usually climbing, skiing, or mountaineering.
C) Flora and fauna  Plants and animals only. A good place for macro's.
D) Club Activities  Parties, longhike, winter longhike, glacier school, and all other club activities. 
E) Portraits  Portrait of a person. Preferably in an outdoor setting, and of someone in the club. 
F) Miscellaneous  Anything that doesn't fit in the other categories.

To submit your photos, simply upload them to the VOC gallery with the appropriate tag.  Step-by-step instructions can be found here:

If you upload your pictures to the gallery, they'll automatically contain your name. The next step is to give them a tag for the relevant category. The format is : 
a-contest2015, b-contest2015, c-contest2015 etc for the six categories above. CAPITALIZATION IS IMPORTANT. Use lowercase letters throughout. 

Deadline is January 28th. Photos will be judged in the last week of January 2015.  Prizes are presented at the annual VOC banquet at the end of March. Maximum six submissions per person. The competition is open to VOC members only. May the best photos win!


5. Slipstream Wilderness First Aid Training Discounts

Slipstream First Aid is once again offering the VOC a roughly 40% discount on their 50-hour and 90-hour Wilderness First Aid courses. These courses have been taken by members of the VOC in the past and have recieved very positive feedback. 

To keep things flexible, Slipstream is allowing us to purchase course vouchers that are good for one year from purchase. With your voucher you can select any course date and location that works for you. Please signup using the signup tool by early February.

Discounted prices are as follows: 50-hour course: $285 + tax = $320; 90-hour course: $475 + tax = $535.


6. Join the VOC Exec!

Why should you consider running for an executive position for the VOC on March 25th? Executive positions are not only for the most experienced or extreme VOCers, but are also for anyone who seeks responsibility or wants to become more involved in the club. Being on the exec increases opportunities to get to know other club members through executive meetings and get-togethers, and also through an increased awareness of the activities being hosted each week, which exec members are encouraged to support and attend. Your responsibilities as an exec member are what you make them, but the added responsibility of running two trips a year on top of your position-specific duties often offers the opportunity to increase your involvement and meet more people. Furthermore, being on the exec can be very fulfilling and provides you with the opportunity to make suggestions regarding changes that you feel could benefit the club. 

The positions that are available are described more specifically (here), but are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Chair, VOCene Editor, Trips Coordinator, Quartermaster(x5), Journal Editor, Public Relations, Archivist, FMCBC/ACC Rep, Huts Coordinator, Trail Coordinator, Climbing Wall Coordinator (new climbing wall in the fall!), and Swag Master. You must be a UBC student to run for an executive position. Execs meet once a week for meetings at a time that fits most exec members schedules. Execs must organize a minimum of two trips in a year in addition to their executive position responsibilities (e.g. Public Relations Rep organizes weekly slideshows when applicable). 

Being on the exec is a very social experience and also looks great on your resume! Keep in mind that you do not have to be a pro to run for a position, so do not let that deter you. We are seeking people who are reliable, responsible and passionate about the club to run for any of the positions listed above. Nominate yourself for any of the positions you are interested in at the link provided above. Elections occur at the Annual Banquet on March 25th, so be sure to have nominations in by then. Good luck! 

Nominate yourself or others here


7. Upcoming Trips


VOC Slideshow - Baby-hiking in the Sierras  Wednesday, January 21st
Ever felt a little bored in camp while on a long backpacking trip? Or perhaps that your pack was a little too light? One possible solution to these problems is to have a baby, and bring them hiking! You will soon find yourself with a brutall heavy pack, running around after your baby without any time to set up the tent, and with some of the most amazing memories and quality family time you could imagine. Really, all a child wants it to spend time with their family, and maybe go outside and play. On a long trip they get both, and you won't have any distractions (except maybe nagivation, the weather, food, water). But not any artificial seeming distractions like work or email. Come on our and share photos and memories with Christian, Line, and Fenya of an 8 day unsupported hike along a portion of the Pacific Crest / John Muir trails through the high Sierras, their first major trip together as a family of 3. This event will occur at 7:00 PM, most likely in Buchanan A202.

Public Memorial Service for Stephanie Grothe, Neil Mackenzie and Elena Cernicka  Thursday, January 22nd
See details above



Intro to Backcountry Skiing  Sat. Jan. 24th - Sun. Jan. 25th
Intro to Backcountry Skiing is a trip aimed at people who can ski already who want to get into backcountry skiing and tent camping. The objective of the trip is to camp and do some skiing above camp, or climb a peak and ski down (not just skiing to camp and back). Participants should ski well enough that they will be able to descend through forest with a pack on without hitting trees, but they do not have to look remotely good while doing it (this is called Survival Skiing). The trip is a one night excursion to an area with simple terrain and no hut. Participants stay in tents and cook in a snow kitchen, while getting some advice on travelling in the backcountry and winter camping from the more experienced trip leaders. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, January 21st at 6:00 PM in the VOC Clubroom.

Beginner Friendly Trip to Elfin  Sat. Jan. 24th - Sun. Jan. 25th
Dmitri and I are thinking of heading to Elfin this weekend, and we will both be on snowshoes. Beginner snowshoers and skiiers are welcome to join! Please sign up as interested, and I will e-mail with details. If there are many people interested, then we will plan to meet in person. We will head up Saturday, and coem back Sunday not too late. No pre-trip meeting at this time; organize by e-mail.

Intro to Backcountry Snowshoeing @ Mt. Seymour (**Uber Friendly!!**)  Sunday, January 25th
It's about that time of year where everyone outdoorsy receives wool socks as stocking stuffers and down jackets as holiday gifts from relatives; yet you may claim to be outdoorsy but actually don't have a clue on where to start. Or you may be starting a new term here at UBC, see these mountains looming over the city, but have no idea where to begin your exploration. Wait no longer, your trip is here!! Join me for a day-trip snowshoeing the backcountry of Mount Seymour Provincial Park! Mount Seymour Provincial Park is one of my favorite local winter exploration spots; access is easy and you'll likely see beautiful views. And because this trip is labeled as **Uber Friendly**, this means that this trip is designed for you to have little to no experience traveling in the backcountry and trips like this will be the best place to start. Get stoked to get after your winter adventure grind! Pre-trip meeting will be Tuesday, January 20th at 6:00 PM in the VOC clubroom (TONIGHT!).

North Shore Trail Running (Beginner Friendly)  Sunday, January 25th
Exploring the possiblities of trail running on the North Shore. Route isn't set it stone yet but possibilities are Rice Lake Loop or Lynn Valley Loop. Roughly we'll make it up to the North Shore trailheads nice and early (8:30 AM), go for a run and grab some coffee/snacks afterwards. Weather looks like it will rain so that's going to be an added challenge, instead of getting discouraged we'll fight through the mud as long as it's not a torrential downpour. All are welcome, come see some beautiful forests and enjoy the morning outdoors. If you have any questions post it up on the message board or ask me (Reid) or Artem.



Becoming a Trip Leader Roundtable  Monday, January 26th
Have you wanted to lead trips but thought to yourself:

I'm not an expert at _______ I wouldn't feel comfortable leading a trip and being responsible for others
I'd love to go and try _______. I've been wanting to do it forever but it's hard to find other people interested in it.
I want to lead a trip to ______ but all that VOC techno bable has me dazed and confused!
Or have you lead trips before and have sage-like knowledge to pass down the generations? Then this is the evening for you!

The idea is to empower more members to lead and/or organize trips, especially beginner friendly trips where we can have amazing adventures in the outdoors. This will be the time and place where new and old members can ask questions, pose thought experiments and get the inside/honest scoop from one another. The logistics behind planning a trip, the resources you have at your disposal as well as pitfalls to avoid will be discussed. It's meant to be an informal roundtable where we can talk as a group about questions people have. In the meantime check out the wiki for organizing a trip. This event will run from 6:00-7:15 PM, location TBD. 

Wiki page Editing  Tuesday, January 27th
You think the VOC Wiki is kinda messy? You wish someone cleaned it up and made pages more accessible? 

Well, Wikis are kept alive by those using them, which means that you are that someone. Let's edit together, since that's a lot more fun. We will start on Jan 27st around 6.15pm, location TBD but somewhere around UBC. If you have a good idea for a location (ideally good Internet connection, space for 3-10 people and potentially coffee/tea) please leave a comment. 
I'll be there to help with any technical questions related to the wiki (I used to be a MediaWiki coder, so I have fairly extensive knowledge of all the technical stuff). However, we will require people with some actual knowledge about the club, about trips, locations, huts, etc. to edit and improve pages. 

If you don't have a good idea on how to improve the wiki, don't worry. There are some easy things you can help out with. 

No signup tool, but it'd be cool if you could leave a comment on the message board in case you want to come.

Room TBD. Meet up from 6:15-8:00.

Pretty Faces Movie Screening  Wednesday, January 28th

Come watch Pretty Faces with us. There will be a dollar or two fee to cover the cost of the movie. Location BUCH A202, i.e. the usual slideshow room.

You can watch the trailer here

Start: Wednesday, Jan. 28th, 7:00 pm
Location: BUCH A202

Photo Contest Judging  Thursday, January 29th

This is an evening of artistic appreciation. Bring your creative flair and something edible to share. May the best photos win! 

Time: Thursday, Jan. 29th, 6:00 pm
Location: 2916 Forest Sciences Centre MAP


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