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Date : 2015-02-03
Description : VOCene #30 2015
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VOCene #30: February 3rd 2015

In this Issue:
Special Features
    1. Memory Books for Elena, Steph and Neil's families- February 3rd
    2. Wilderness First Aid Discount Opportunity! Sign up by Mid-February
    3. Want to get more involved in the club? Join the VOC Exec!
    4. Climbing Wall Logo Voting

The Usual Suspects
    5. Recent Trip Reports
    6. Upcoming Trips
    7. Message Board Highlights
    8. Ms. Manners

Special Features

1. Memory Books for Elena, Steph and Neil's families

Memory books for Elena, Steph and Neil's families will be bound next week. Please submit your letter-size page by Tuesday February 3rd to the clubroom for inclusion. You are also welcome to send your message to:


2. Slipstream Wilderness First Aid Training Discounts

Slipstream First Aid is once again offering the VOC a roughly 40% discount on their 50-hour and 90-hour Wilderness First Aid courses. These courses have been taken by members of the VOC in the past and have recieved very positive feedback. 

To keep things flexible, Slipstream is allowing us to purchase course vouchers that are good for one year from purchase. With your voucher you can select any course date and location that works for you. Please signup using the signup tool by early February.

Discounted prices are as follows: 50-hour course: $285 + tax = $320; 90-hour course: $475 + tax = $535.


3. Want to get more involved in the club? Join the VOC Exec!

Why should you consider running for an executive position for the VOC on March 25th? Executive positions are not only for the most experienced or extreme VOCers, but are also for anyone who seeks responsibility or wants to become more involved in the club. 

Being on the exec increases opportunities to get to know other club members through executive meetings and get-togethers, and also through an increased awareness of the activities being hosted each week, which exec members are encouraged to support and attend. Your responsibilities as an exec member are what you make them, but the added responsibility of running two trips a year on top of your position-specific duties often offers the opportunity to increase your involvement and meet more people. Furthermore, being on the exec can be very fulfilling and provides you with the opportunity to make suggestions regarding changes that you feel could benefit the club.

The positions that are available are described more specifically (here), but are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Chair, VOCene Editor, Trips Coordinator, Quartermaster(x5), Journal Editor, Public Relations, Archivist, FMCBC/ACC Rep, Huts Coordinator, Trail Coordinator, Climbing Wall Coordinator (new climbing wall in the fall!), and Swag Master. You must be a UBC student to run for an executive position. Execs meet once a week for meetings at a time that fits most exec members schedules. Execs must organize a minimum of two trips in a year in addition to their executive position responsibilities (e.g. Public Relations Rep organizes weekly slideshows when applicable)

Nominate yourself or others here


4. Climbing Wall Logo VOTING!
Submissions are in are we are no longer accepting more! But now it is time to vote for YOUR favourite climbing logo of the 10 submissions. Click on the link above, and note that there is a now a voting link in the initial post. Look through the 10 options, and cast your vote! Stay tuned for when voting will end.


The Usual Suspects

5. Recent Trip Reports

Remember, all your articles that you submit to the journal are EXCELLENT to also post on our website as a trip report! In fact, we strongly encourage it! 

So all authors of articles submitted to the VOC Journal should be consider posting their articles on the website as well. Thanks!

Zoa Peak Loop: Not The Default Trip
Driving out of Vancouver, we had yet to decide where we’d be skiing that day, despite over thirty emails that had gone back and forth between us the previous week. The weather was unseasonably warm and rainy, so we weren’t expecting good snow. Our original plan was my suggestion to climb some an esoteric peak in Manning, Mount Forddred (I liked the name). This was shot down after a short discussion, due to the low snow conditions. Our backup plan was also discarded when we drove past it and again noticed a lack of snow on the approach. We were left with our default trip, Zoa Peak...

Bicycling has many aspects to it. There are road riders, commuters, mountain bikers, etc. On a recent commute I decided to go into uncharted waters....literally...

Terrain park skills and snow cat skills
Lacking any tales that involve me having any skills I have two that involve other people's skills. First up is a glorious display at the terrain park at Mt. Washington...


6. Upcoming Trips


VOC clothing Swap · Tuesday, February 3rd
Do you have extra clothes that you never wear? Do you need some fresh clothes to brighten your waredrobe? Do you just want to sit around and drink some wine? A clothing swap is an event wear people can bring some of those extra unused clothes and trade them for others. You can bring normal clothes, formal clothes, outdoor clothes, whatever... At the end of the night all clothes that are left over will be donated (or you can take yours back home). Arrive at Caitlin Schneider's house (see address on club page) any time after 7 PM!



Avalanche Skills Training Block D (AST-1) · Sat. Feb. 7th - Sun. Feb. 8th
Please follow this link for info regarding AST courses:

Norvan Falls Picnic - (Super Beginner Friendly) · Saturday, February 7th
This is a very easy day-hike, perfect if you're just wanting to get outside and explore the North Shore. Me (the trip organizer Artem) and Kat are going to take an easy day and have a nice picnic near the Falls. We will share good cheese, bread and other delicous goods on our red plaid blanket (wicker basket optional). You don't have to have any previous hiking experience, we can go over everything you need and have a great day. If it's poor-er weather we're still going to go but bring a tarp to picnic under = D. Pre-trip meeting will be Thursday, February 5th at 6 PM, location TBD (check clubroom perhaps, and also check the website for updates).



Daughters of Ice (Beginner Friendly) · Fri. Feb. 13th - Mon. Feb. 16th- TENTATIVE
Beginner Friendly Ice Climbing Trip likely to Marble Canyon. Depends on conditions and availability of a car. Learn the fundamentals of ice-climbing on top-rope and have a great time : ) More info can be found on the wiki page.

Snow Lover's Getaway at Manning Park · Fri. Feb. 13th - Sun. Feb. 15th
Hey there snow lovers! Join the VOC for a romantic* get away out at Manning Park over Valentine's weekend: drive up and camp on Friday, ski the groomed runs on Saturday, and then finish out the weekend with a tour on Sunday. This trip is not instructional. You need to be reasonably competent on skis and self sufficient within your group. If you've never been on a pair of skis and you've never camped in the snow, this trip is not for you. If you've only been on skis once (like at teleschool) but enjoy sleeping in the snow, that's perfect! This is a good opportunity to practice both!  The pre-trip meeting will be held on Thursday, FEB 5, at 5:30pm the week BEFORE the trip. This is because the trip organizer needs to submit a group discount form 1 week prior to our trip. It's a significant discount so it's worth planning ahead. Cost: Lift tickets will be $40 ($35 + tax @ 12%) per person. You must pay this fee IN CASH in person at the pre-trip meeting before you can come on the trip.

Creeeeek Climbing · Fri. Feb. 13th - Sun. Feb. 22nd
I like skiing; I really do. But I miss climbing more it seems. So in an effort to kick start the season early I'm keen to head down to Indian Creek for an epic week of warm stellar climbing on beautiful splitter craaacks. This trip will take place during reading week between Feb 13th-22nd and you'll need to be self sufficient in terms of belaying and lead climbing (or at least find yourself a willing rope-gun). Note it's all Trad climbing at the creek. Driving seems to be the best/cheapest option, probably split between two days each way would make it manageable. Spaces limited by the number of cars provided by you wonderful people. Pre-trip meeting will be Tuesday, February 10th (time TBD) in the clubroom.

Advanced Avalanche Skills Training (AST-2) · Sat. Feb. 14th - Wed. Feb. 18th
This session is for AST-2, which is for more advanced skiiers who have also already taken AST-1. Details can be found here:

Sphinx Bay Camp · Sat. Feb. 14th - Sun. Feb. 22nd
Sign Up on the Wiki. Want to get skiing over the break? Want to bag amazing peaks, get 2000 foot runs, or just hang out in an amazing setting - but not quite sure where or how to do it? Answer: Sphinx Bay. Back in the day, the VOC used to swarm up to Sphinx Bay for their annual Spring Ski Camp - this generally happened during exams, but it was a large event, often involving food drops by aeroplane to extend the party. We even built the Burton Hut up there. More recently it seems that we havn't quite been sure whether or not Garibaldi Lake is frozen during exams - so let's do it during Reading Break. The VOC is often hanging out around Sphinx Bay anyway, this should just help people get together. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, February 11th at 6:00 PM in the clubroom.

Ski Trip for some Snu Snu. Advanced-Beginner Friendly · Sat. Feb. 14th - Sun. Feb. 15th -TENTATIVE!
Sometimes, Snow is lovely-it's gorgeous, fun, and catches you softly when you fall. Sometimes Snow breaks your heart-it turns unpredictale and hard, pelts and sandpapers your face with a howl, obscures your vision, and sometimes it even buries and suffocates you. Whatever happens though, you keep coming back to Snow. Now that's true love. I'd like to make this an advanced-beginner friendly outing-this means that the following is required: overnight back-packing experience, some back country skiing experience, physical fitness, and attendance at the pre-trip meeting. Pre-trip meeting will be on Tuesday, February 10th at 6:00 PM in the clubroom.


7. Message Board Highlights

a. Outdoor Education Opportunity: Explore Outdoor teaching with BC's Adventure Learning Experts- February 4th and 27th.

b. Want to get together with people for skiing, climbing indoors or trail running? Check out the Whistler FAFF thread,  The indoor climbing faff thread, and the Trail Running FAFF Thread.

c.  VRCG/VOC Membership Agreement: $10 discount, which reduces the VRCG membership cost to $20! 


8. Ms. Manners
Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? If so, email it to to your friendly neighbourhood VOCene Editor and it'll get forwarded Ms. Manners for review. Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away.


Dear Ms. Manners,

I hear that the VOC hosts a number of trips over reading break. How do I get on one of these trips?

Eager VOCer


Dear Eager VOCer,

You are correct! There are a number of trips organized over the break, or on weekends bordering either side of the break. Please check the trip agenda for specific details, but in essence we have trips planned mostly for climbing and skiing! Be sure to check the requirements of the trips to see if you are eligible, and then sign up early! Be sure to check when the pre-trip meetings are, as they may be THIS WEEK instead of next week for some trips.

If you do not get a spot on one of the trips, or want to do another kind of trip (e.g. hiking, snow shoeing), then consider organizing a trip yourself through either the trip agenda or the message board. You can often find other keen VOCers who, like you, also want to get away on a trip over reading break.

Good luck!

Ms. Manners

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