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Date : 2015-02-17
Description : VOCene #32 2015
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VOCene #32: Tuesday, February 17, 2015

In this Issue:
Special Features
    1. Donate in Memory of Steph and Neil or to Support Elena's Family
    2. Want to get more involved in the club? Join the VOC Exec!
    3. Call for Slideshow Presenters
    4. VIMFF February 13-21

The Usual Suspects:
    5. Upcoming and Ongoing Trips
    6. Message Board Highlights

Special Features

1. Donate in Memory of Steph and Neil or to Support Elena's Family

It is not too late to donate to BC's Search and Rescue in memory of Stephanie Grothe and Neil Mackenzie. Please see the donation page here. Donations close soon (just over a week left) and we are just short of our fundraising goal!

You can also donate to support the family of the deceased Elena Cernicka to support her husband and their two young boys here.


2.  Want to get more involved in the club? Join the VOC Exec!

Why should you consider running for an executive position for the VOC on March 25th? Executive positions are not only for the most experienced or extreme VOCers, but are also for anyone who seeks responsibility or wants to become more involved in the club. 

Being on the exec increases opportunities to get to know other club members through executive meetings and get-togethers, and also through an increased awareness of the activities being hosted each week, which exec members are encouraged to support and attend. Your responsibilities as an exec member are what you make them, but the added responsibility of running two trips a year on top of your position-specific duties often offers the opportunity to increase your involvement and meet more people. Furthermore, being on the exec can be very fulfilling and provides you with the opportunity to make suggestions regarding changes that you feel could benefit the club.

The positions that are available are described more specifically (here), but are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Chair, VOCene Editor, Trips Coordinator, Quartermaster(x5), Journal Editor, Public Relations, Archivist, FMCBC/ACC Rep, Huts Coordinator, Trail Coordinator, Climbing Wall Coordinator (new climbing wall in the fall!), and Swag Master. You must be a UBC student to run for an executive position. Execs meet once a week for meetings at a time that fits most exec members schedules. Execs must organize a minimum of two trips in a year in addition to their executive position responsibilities (e.g. Public Relations Rep organizes weekly slideshows when applicable)

Nominate yourself or others here


3. Call for Slide Show Presenters

Have you done an amazing trip either locally or somewhere else in the world? Do you want to share your experience? Then why not make a slide show and present it to the club! 

We will have ongoing slideshows on Wednesdays at around 7 PM until the end of the semester. If you know someone who has done some great trip, you can also make suggestions and we can email them and ask for a slideshow. 

If you or someone else is interested, send an email to Tianna at


4. VIMFF February 13-21

Sticking around for the Reading Week? Check out the awesome line up at VIMFF with shows every night until February 21st! Climbing, kayaking, mountaineering and environmental themes show on different nights.

The show you want sold out? Check out the message board in case club members are trying to sell tickets they have already purchased!


The Usual Suspects

5. Upcoming and Ongoing Trips

Creeeeek Climbing · Fri. Feb. 13th - Sun. Feb. 22nd
I like skiing; I really do. But I miss climbing more it seems. So in an effort to kick start the season early I'm keen to head down to Indian Creek for an epic week of warm stellar climbing on beautiful splitter craaacks. This trip will take place during reading week between Feb 13th-22nd and you'll need to be self sufficient in terms of belaying and lead climbing (or at least find yourself a willing rope-gun). Note it's all Trad climbing at the creek. Driving seems to be the best/cheapest option, probably split between two days each way would make it manageable. Spaces limited by the number of cars provided by you wonderful people. There is no pre-trip meeting, please e-mail trip organizer for details.

Sphinx Bay Camp · Sat. Feb. 14th - Sun. Feb. 22nd
Sign Up on the Wiki. Want to get skiing over the break? Want to bag amazing peaks, get 2000 foot runs, or just hang out in an amazing setting - but not quite sure where or how to do it? Answer: Sphinx Bay. Back in the day, the VOC used to swarm up to Sphinx Bay for their annual Spring Ski Camp - this generally happened during exams, but it was a large event, often involving food drops by aeroplane to extend the party. We even built the Burton Hut up there. More recently it seems that we havn't quite been sure whether or not Garibaldi Lake is frozen during exams - so let's do it during Reading Break. The VOC is often hanging out around Sphinx Bay anyway, this should just help people get together. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, February 11th at 6:00 PM in the clubroom.

Ski Trip for some Snu Snu. Advanced-Beginner Friendly · Saturday, February 21st
Sometimes, Snow is lovely-it's gorgeous, fun, and catches you softly when you fall. Sometimes Snow breaks your heart-it turns unpredictale and hard, pelts and sandpapers your face with a howl, obscures your vision, and sometimes it even buries and suffocates you. Whatever happens though, you keep coming back to Snow. Now that's true love. The trip organizer would like to make this an advanced-beginner friendly outing-this means that the following is required: some back country skiing experience, physical fitness, and attendance at the pre-trip meeting. E-mail the trip organizer for details.

Beginner Friendly Day Hike - Saturday, February 21st
Reid wants to organize a beginner friendly day hike to a location that is transit accessible! The trip will most likely occur on Saturday of this coming weekend, and should be suitable for all. The weather currently looks amazing for a hike, so check the trip agenda (linked above) to see when the trip comes into fruition and for more details! 



How to Become a Great Trip Leader (Fundamentals)! · Thursday, February 26th- TENTATIVE
Ever led a trip before but you’ve felt that your skills could use refinement? Or wonder why some trip organizers consistently get full trips year after year and you wish yours did too? Or did you just attend the Becoming a Trip Leader discussion and wish to expand beyond the basics? Whatever your reason, there is a solution! Join me, Zack Wentz, an AMGA certified Single Pitch Instructor, to discuss the skills that make a good leader into a great leader! Topics covered will include: leadership attitudes, hard vs. soft skill development, decision-making, future development, and more! This is a fundamentals course in leadership development, so no prerequisite knowledge is necessary. Get stoked to keep the stoke going out there! Event will be at 6:00 PM, location TBD.



Chillwack River Valley Skiing (Beginner Friendly) · Sat. Feb. 28th - Sun. Mar. 1st
The Chilliwack River Valley is a place rarely visited on skis by the VOC. Maybe that's for good reason; maybe it isn't. This is a trip to find out. But if it looks anything like this, it should be fantastic. We'll be exploring Flora Peak just north of Chilliwack Lake. We'll start on a trail, then break off around treeline and camp somewhere near Flora's west ridge. Sunday morning, we can head up to the summit, ski a few laps, or just hide in our sleeping bags. This trip is beginner friendly. Skiing will likely be a bit steep on the trail, and we will gain about 800m elevation on Saturday, depending on where we set up camp. If you have already done some hut trips, this should be a great trip to expand your skills. If you have neither skiing nor camping experience, you're in for type two fun, but you're welcome to join. Pre-trip meeting will be Monday, February 23rd at 6:00 PM at the Gallery in the UBC Sub. 


6. Message Board Highlights

a. Want to get together with people for skiing, climbing indoors or trail running? Check out the Whistler FAFF thread,  The indoor climbing faff thread, and the Trail Running FAFF Thread.

b. You can still get your Climbing Stoke going despite the rains! Alternatively, you can also start getting stoked about skiing or stoked about ice climbing! Or, get your Mountain Bike Stoke on year-round. Check out these threads for awesome videos, photos and more!

CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or additions to the VOCene Editor. 
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