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Date : 2015-03-03
Description : VOCene #34 2015
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VOCene #34: Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

In this Issue:
Special Features
    1.Want to get more involved in the club? Join the VOC Exec!
    2. Call for Slideshow Presenters
    3. Annual VOC Climbing Competition- March 17th

The Usual Suspects
    4. Recent Trip Reports
    5. Upcoming Trips
    6. Message Board Highlights

1.  Want to get more involved in the club? Join the VOC Exec!

Why should you consider running for an executive position for the VOC on March 25th? Executive positions are not only for the most experienced or extreme VOCers, but are also for anyone who seeks responsibility or wants to become more involved in the club. 

Being on the exec increases opportunities to get to know other club members through executive meetings and get-togethers, and also through an increased awareness of the activities being hosted each week, which exec members are encouraged to support and attend. Your responsibilities as an exec member are what you make them, but the added responsibility of running two trips a year on top of your position-specific duties often offers the opportunity to increase your involvement and meet more people. Furthermore, being on the exec can be very fulfilling and provides you with the opportunity to make suggestions regarding changes that you feel could benefit the club.

The positions that are available are described more specifically (here), but are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Chair, VOCene Editor, Trips Coordinator, Quartermaster(x5), Journal Editor, Public Relations, Archivist, FMCBC/ACC Rep, Huts Coordinator, Trail Coordinator, Climbing Wall Coordinator (new climbing wall in the fall!), and Swag Master. You must be a UBC student to run for an executive position. Execs meet once a week for meetings at a time that fits most exec members schedules. Execs must organize a minimum of two trips in a year in addition to their executive position responsibilities (e.g. Public Relations Rep organizes weekly slideshows when applicable)

Nominate yourself or others here


2. Call for Slide Show Presenters

Have you done an amazing trip either locally or somewhere else in the world? Do you want to share your experience? Then why not make a slide show and present it to the club! 

We will have ongoing slideshows on Wednesdays at around 7 PM until the end of the semester. If you know someone who has done some great trip, you can also make suggestions and we can email them and ask for a slideshow. 

If you or someone else is interested, send an email to Tianna at


3. Annual VOC Climbing Competition- March 17th

It's that time again. Climbing season was forever ago. You've touched nothing but plastic for months now, and you're getting pretty good at it. We'd like to give you a convenient opportunity to show off your ability to pull t-nuts through plywood in the name of sendage.

Come to the annual VOC climbing competition at the Norm climbing wall! We'll have a friendly-format comp, as well as crate stacking and sock wrestling.

The Events:
-Climbing (male & female)
-Crate Stacking (unisex)
-Sock-stripping battle (unisex)

Theentry fee is $5, which covers prizes for to the winners in each category as well as door prizes (drawn at random). Please use the sign up tool so we have an idea what to expect in terms of numbers!

What to bring:
-Harness *
-Climbing Shoes *
-Belay Device
-Chalk (optional)
-Helmet (crates will fall from the sky)
-Clean socks, the more colourful the better (If you're participating in sock stripping)
* Can be rented during gear hours


The Usual Suspects

4. Recent Trip Reports

Day-trip to Mt. (Cassandra) Elphinstone
When I woke up on Saturday morning to a clear, blue sky I knew that it was going to be a great day. I had been on the Sunshine Coast many times before but I had never even heard of Mt. Elphinstone before it was announced on the trip agenda. As an avid local hiker, I knew this was an opportunity I couldnít pass out on. My boyfriend and I made it to the Horseshoe Bay terminal at 9 am for the 9:20 ferry where we met everyone for the first time (thank god for cell phones!). On the ferry ride, we spent most of our time on the deck where we got a great view of Howe Sound and all the respective islands. The ferry ride was short-live but it gave us enough time to build our excitement for the coming hike...


Remember to write up your latest adventure and post a trip report for all to read! :)


5. Upcoming Trips


Slideshow - Croatian Cycle Touring ∑ Wednesday, March 4th
Slideshow! Magda will show pics of her Croatian cycle tour, July 2014. This event will start at 7:00 PM in Buchanan A202.

How to Become a Great Trip Leader (Fundamentals)! ∑ Thursday, March 5th
Ever led a trip before but youíve felt that your skills could use refinement? Or wonder why some trip organizers consistently get full trips year after year and you wish yours did too? Or did you just attend the Becoming a Trip Leader discussion and wish to expand beyond the basics? Whatever your reason, there is a solution! Join me, Zack Wentz, an AMGA certified SINGLE Pitch Instructor, to discuss the skills that make a good leader into a great leader! Topics covered will include: leadership attitudes, hard vs. soft skill development, decision-making, future development, and more! This is a fundamentals course in leadership development, so no prerequisite knowledge is necessary. Get stoked to keep the stoke going out there! This event will start at 6:00 PM in Buchanan  D313.



Garibaldi Neve (Intermediate Friendly) ∑ Fri. Mar. 6th - Sun. Mar. 8th
Have you ever wanted to ski the Garibaldi Neve? Me too! A group of myself and four others have plans to do a version of the Neve starting on Friday, March 6, and returning on Sunday, March 8. We want five more people to join us, for a total of two cars.The lake is frozen! We will go from diamond head to Rubble Creek, on the standard route, staying at the Elfin Lake Hut and Sphinx (Burton) Hut. I personally want to attempt a summit of Garibaldi, but if a group doesn't want to we can certainly split into two groups. Maybe the two cars can even travel opposite directions, swapping car keys in the middle of the traverse. I made the trip three days so we have plenty of time for climbing mountains and skiing! If weather and/ or avi conditions are poor, a completely different objective may be selected. We can figure all of this out at the pre-trip. This will be an intermediate-friendly trip. Everyone should have their AST I and Glacier School 1, or equivalent experience. This does not mean you have to be an amazing skier (I am not), nor be named Uli Steck; it just means you have to be comfortable surviving a winter weekend in the mountains, and have some basic knowledge. Pre-trip meeting will be Tuesday, March 3rd (TODAY!!!) at 6:15 PM in the clubroom.

Hotsprings for Optimists ∑ Fri. Mar. 6th - Sun. Mar. 8th
We, Anton and Toby, are trying to get to the Sloquet Hotsprings on the weekend of 6-8th March. From the description on the site and some guide books it looks pretty promising. Because the drive to the Sloquet Springs is rather long (5h) we are planning to drive to the "trailhead" (as far as we can go with the cars) on Friday, camp there, and then hike in on Saturday. Thus we should have lots of time at the Hotsprings on Saturday. Sunday we go back then. The trip is for optimists, because we won't promise you that we'll reach the Hotsprings (because it depends on the road conditions). But it'll be an adventure nonetheless. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, March 4th at 6:00 PM in the clubroom.

Spearhead traverse - intermediate friendly ∑ Sat. Mar. 7th - Sun. Mar. 8th
The weather looks stellar and the snow is good up high. After some pre-email faff with interested members, we'll do the Spearhead traverse this coming weekend. If you have not been part of the email-faff, but are interested in this trip and feel confident, please sign yourself up as interested and email me (i.e. the trip organizer, Jens). The large group will be split into independent sub-groups of 6 formed by two rope-teams of 3. Each sub-group decides their own route and objectives. We'll try to find a common spot for camping. Everyone has to be comfortable with glacier-travel, rope management and has participated in AST-1 or similar experience. Pre-trip meeting is Wednesday at 6 PM at the clubroom. We'll organize the sub-groups and rope-teams. This will be followed by crevasse-rescue practice in the rope-teams.



Climbing in the Desert - Vantage, WA ∑ Fri. Mar. 13th - Sun. Mar. 15th
Last year rainy weather for Winter Longhike prompted a mass migration of VOCers south of the border to Vantage, WA, for some early spring climbing. It would be great to follow up that tradition again this year, complete with relaxing around a bonfire in the evening and enjoying all the warmth and sage brush the area has to offer! This trip will be welcoming to all skill levels but non-instructional. It will also be mostly self-sufficient, meaning participants will need their own climbing partner, gear, tent partner, and food. A pre-trip meeting will be organized to establish driving, food acquisiton, topography maps, and other details for the trip. While the details of travel are yet to be determined we will likely leave on Friday evening, set up camp upon arrival, and enjoy a full weekend at the site. Participants are welcome to arrange other plans if they wish to stay longer, or to arrive on Saturday. E-mail the trip organizer for more details!

The Joy of Climbing. [ Beginner Instructional Trip ] ∑ Saturday, March 14th
The Joy of Climbing is a celebration of all things rock. This engagement will take virgin rock climbers (you) to stroke/pull/caress on some granite. Don't worry if it's your first time, there will be 'instructors' there to make sure you do everything safely and keep our members protected. The curriculum covered will be Rock 1, focused on teaching to tie-in, belay and climb safelty on top-rope. Pre-trip meeting will be Tuesday, March 10th at 6:30 PM in the clubroom.

Bear Trap Telemark Festival - Manning Park ∑ Sat. Mar. 14th - Sun. Mar. 15th
Manning Park is hosting a telemark ski festival March 14-15. View details here. There will be races, lessons, and possibly discounted lift tickets. I'll post more detail when I have them for intrested parties. This isn't an offical trip, just an announcement that this event is happening. Happy skiing!

High Angle Self-Rescue Series ∑ Sat. Mar. 14th - Sat. Apr. 4th
Ever found yourself in a situation where your partner was in trouble but you didnít know what to do and needed to enlist outside help? Ever wondered what you would do in the event your partner gets severely injured while on a committing climb? Or are you just an experienced climber hoping to push their limits and knowledge-base, and wanting to have a backup in the event of an emergency? For whatever situation you fall into, thereís a solution! Join me, Zack Wentz, a certified AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, to show you the basic skills necessary to rescue yourself and your partner in a high-angle environment. See link above for the curriculum. Pre-trip meeting time and location is TBD.


6. Message Board Highlights

a. Climbing season has arrived early with this beautiful sunny weather! Check out the Squamish Climbing FAFF thread!

b. Trail running is awesome all year round! Check out the Trail Running FAFF thread!

c. Norm Climbing Wall Availability: want to climb at the norm? Check out the available times!

d. Gear advice: Stoves and other camping gear

e. Garibaldi lake is frozen!!! This means that ski traverses in the area can be accessed via the lake!

f. Looking for a place or for a roommate? Room for (Sublet) Rent May-August; Room For Rent - 18th and Cambie April 1;  looking for a room/ flat May 1

g. Free ride(s) to San Francisco March 19, and back to Van April 4 or 5


7. Ms. Manners
Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? If so, email it to to your friendly neighbourhood VOCene Editor and it'll get forwarded Ms. Manners for review. Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away.

CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or additions to the VOCene Editor. 
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