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Date : 2015-03-10
Description : VOCene #35 2015
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VOCene #35: Tuesday, March 10th, 2015
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In this Issue:
Special Features:
    1. Want to get more involved in the club? Join the VOC Exec!
    2. Call for Instructors for Erockita- THIS WEEKEND!
    3. Annual VOC Climbing Competition- March 17th
    4. VOC Annual Banquet and General Meeting- March 25th
    5. VIMFF Best of Fest- March 30th

The Usual Suspects
    6. Recent Trip Reports
    7. Upcoming Trips
    8. Message Board Highlights

1.  Want to get more involved in the club? Join the VOC Exec!

Why should you consider running for an executive position for the VOC on March 25th? Executive positions are not only for the most experienced or extreme VOCers, but are also for anyone who seeks responsibility or wants to become more involved in the club. 

Being on the exec increases opportunities to get to know other club members through executive meetings and get-togethers, and also through an increased awareness of the activities being hosted each week, which exec members are encouraged to support and attend. Your responsibilities as an exec member are what you make them, but the added responsibility of running two trips a year on top of your position-specific duties often offers the opportunity to increase your involvement and meet more people. Furthermore, being on the exec can be very fulfilling and provides you with the opportunity to make suggestions regarding changes that you feel could benefit the club.

The positions that are available are described more specifically (here), but are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Chair, VOCene Editor, Trips Coordinator, Quartermaster(x5), Journal Editor, Public Relations, Archivist, FMCBC/ACC Rep, Huts Coordinator, Trail Coordinator, Climbing Wall Coordinator (new climbing wall in the fall!), and Swag Master. You must be a UBC student to run for an executive position. Execs meet once a week for meetings at a time that fits most exec members schedules. Execs must organize a minimum of two trips in a year in addition to their executive position responsibilities (e.g. Public Relations Rep organizes weekly slideshows when applicable)

Nominate yourself or others here


2. Call for instructors for Erockita

Looks like we have around 24 students interested in the Erockita instruction trip. In order to instruct in safe conditions, we'd like to have one instructor per 3 students on average. So far we are 3 instructors (Kat, Artem, and Emmanuel) so 5 more are wanted. 

You don't need to be a strong climber or even to know how to lead. We'll only cover Rock 1 activities, so we just want you to check the students belay technique and that they use the gear properly (harness, helmet, belay device). 

Think that could be you? Think no further and contact Emmanuel! 


3.  Annual VOC Climbing Competition- March 17th

It's that time again. Climbing season was forever ago. You've touched nothing but plastic for months now, and you're getting pretty good at it. We'd like to give you a convenient opportunity to show off your ability to pull t-nuts through plywood in the name of sendage.

Come to the annual VOC climbing competition at the Norm climbing wall! We'll have a friendly-format comp, as well as crate stacking and sock wrestling.

The Events:
-Climbing (male & female)
-Crate Stacking (unisex)
-Sock-stripping battle (unisex)

Theentry fee is $5, which covers prizes for to the winners in each category as well as door prizes (drawn at random). Please use the sign up tool so we have an idea what to expect in terms of numbers!

What to bring:
-Harness *
-Climbing Shoes *
-Belay Device
-Chalk (optional)
-Helmet (crates will fall from the sky)
-Clean socks, the more colourful the better (If you're participating in sock stripping)
* Can be rented during gear hours


4. VOC Annual Banquet and General Meeting · Wednesday, March 25th

Every year, VOC members get together at the Annual banquet to celebrate another amazing year in the club, elect new executive members, get free VOC journals and dance the night away! Many Details are TBD, but some things that will likely happen are:

(1) Potluck! (Please bring some food to share with everyone, and your own eating surfaces and utensils) 
(2) Dance and a DJ 
(3) Announcements of this year's Photo Contest Winners 
(4) Presentation of submissions from this year's Video Contest 
(5) Release of this year's journal 
(6) Elections for exec positions (nominate yourself or others here)
(7) Socializing (alcohol sold at the venue- bring money!) 
(8) and other general meeting business (year end finances, etc.) 

Location: Thea's Lounge, Thea Koerner House, 6371 Crescent Road V6T 1Z2

We hope to see you all there!


5. The Best of Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival 2015 [Film] · Monday, March 30th

Come out and watch the selection of the best adventure films of 2014. This year's films explore nature by skiing, climbing, fly camping, rafting and mountaineering. The exact films to be aired this year are still TBD, but check out the trailer here. We will have raffle and door prizes.

Tickets can be purchased in the clubroom or online ahead of time, or at the door.

Time: 7:00 PM, doors open at 6:30 PM
Location: UBC Norm Theater
Cost: Advance tickets: $12, $15 at the door


The Usual Suspects

6. Recent Trip Reports

We have no trip reports to report! Please remember to write about your recent outdoor experiences and post a trip report on our website :) Then we can share your story with the rest of the club!


7. Upcoming Trips


VOC slideshow: first ascent in Patagonia · Wednesday, March 11th
Come out to hear about the first ascent of Volcan Aguilera! After several attemps since the mid-1980's Camilo Rada's team decided to approach the mountain in a somewhat counter intuitive way that would involve a much longer approach through previously unclimbed passes. After finding their own route through the seracs, bergschrunds, and ice mushrooms the team successfully made the first ascent of one of Patagonia's most remote peaks. They went on to climb 4 other virgin peaks on the way back. Join us Wednesday March 11th to find out more about this impressive trip! Until then check out these pictures and get stoked :)



Climbing in the Desert - Vantage, WA · Fri. Mar. 13th - Sun. Mar. 15th
Last year rainy weather for Winter Longhike prompted a mass migration of VOCers south of the border to Vantage, WA, for some early spring climbing. It would be great to follow up that tradition again this year, complete with relaxing around a bonfire in the evening and enjoying all the warmth and sage brush the area has to offer! This trip will be welcoming to all skill levels but non-instructional. It will also be mostly self-sufficient, meaning participants will need their own climbing partner, gear, tent partner, and food. A pre-trip meeting will be organized to establish driving, food acquisition, topography maps, and other details for the trip. While the details of travel are yet to be determined we will likely leave on Friday evening, set up camp upon arrival, and enjoy a full weekend at the site. Participants are welcome to arrange other plans if they wish to stay longer, or to arrive on Saturday. Pre-trip meeting will be on Tuesday (today!) at 6:00 PM in Buchanan D213.

Erockita [ Beginner Instructional Trip ] · Saturday, March 14th
The Joy of Climbing is a celebration of all things rock. This engagement will take virgin rock climbers (you) to stroke/pull/caress on some granite. Don't worry if it's your first time, there will be 'instructors' there to make sure you do everything safely and keep our members protected. The curriculum covered will be Rock 1, focused on teaching to tie-in, belay and climb safelty on top-rope. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, March 11th at 6:30 PM in the clubroom.

Bear Trap Telemark Festival - Manning Park · Sat. Mar. 14th - Sun. Mar. 15th
Manning Park is hosting a telemark ski festival March 14-15. View details here. There will be races, lessons, and possibly discounted lift tickets. I'll post more detail when I have them for intrested parties. This isn't an offical trip, just an announcement that this event is happening. Happy skiing!

High Angle Self-Rescue Series · Sat. Mar. 14th - Sat. Apr. 4th
Ever found yourself in a situation where your partner was in trouble but you didn’t know what to do and needed to enlist outside help? Ever wondered what you would do in the event your partner gets severely injured while on a committing climb? Or are you just an experienced climber hoping to push their limits and knowledge-base, and wanting to have a backup in the event of an emergency? For whatever situation you fall into, there’s a solution! Join me, Zack Wentz, a certified AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, to show you the basic skills necessary to rescue yourself and your partner in a high-angle environment. See link above for the curriculum. Pre-trip meeting time and location is TBD.



Annual VOC Climbing Competition · Tuesday, March 17th
It's that time again. Climbing season was forever ago. You've touched nothing but plastic for months now, and you're getting pretty good at it. We'd like to give you a convenient opportunity to show off your ability to pull t-nuts through concrete in the name of sendage. See full details in section number 2 above. This event will start at 6:00 PM and be at the climbing wall behind the Norm Theater in the sub.

Slideshow - Everest Region of Nepal! · Wednesday, March 18th
In the spring of 2011, I [Sam] spent four weeks trekking in the Everest region of Nepal.  I’d anticipated it since childhood, and it was one of the few experiences of my life that matched all my expectations.  All told, I spent about 12 days over 5,000 meters and saw several of the world’s highest mountains... This event will be held in Buchanan A202 and will start at 7:00 PM. 



The Classic Garibaldi Neve Traverse (Beginner Friendly) · Sat. Mar. 21st - Sun. Mar. 22nd
According to John Baldwin (who wrote the book on skiing this region) the Garibadi Neve is "THE classic glacier traverse of the Coast Mountain". It's a must-do for every budding backcountry skier. In the spirit of tradition, we'll be relying on the route description from 1983's A Guide to Ski Touring in the Lower Coast Range, published by our very own VOC. The Diamond Head Chalet is no longer, and we use avalanche transceivers instead of 20m of red cord, but the mountains haven't changed, right? This trip is beginner friendly in the sense that everyone will be friendly to beginners. This should not be confused with "easy". The traverse is 40km long and requires about 750m elevation gain per day with an overnight pack. Moderate slopes and well-graded switchbacks will be the most difficult skiing. You should have at least been on backcountry skis before, and summer backpacking experience will be very helpful. Pre-trip meeting will be Tuesday, March 17th at 6:00 PM.

Beginner-friendly Coquihalla trip for skiers · Sat. Mar. 21st - Sun. Mar. 22nd
Beginner-friendly non-ambitious overnight ski trip to the Coquihalla area for people with some previous ski experience (you should be comfortable skiing an intermediate/advanced run in a resort). Nicole Ong and I (Alexander) have the tentative plan to head up to the Needle Peak/Flatiron area ( to do some skiing in moderate terrain in a stunning location followed by camping in the snow up high (let's all pray for cold weather and snow). Avalanche training is highly desirable, but not required - but all participants must bring Avy Beacon, Probe and Shovel. Pre-trip meeting will be Wednesday, March 18th at 5:00 PM, location TBD.


8. Message Board Highlights

a. Climbing season has arrived early with this beautiful sunny weather! Check out the Squamish Climbing FAFF thread and get your climbing stoke on!

b. Gear for sale or for free: skis, snow shoes/down jacket

c. Highball Bouldering in May? Check it out here!

d. Want to try something new? Dumpster Diving Near UBC!

e. Room available April 1st in a VOC house

f. Figure Skating at UBC! A new club on a trial run. Check it out if you are keen!

g. Elfin Lake vs Sphinx Hut? Weigh in on the discussion!


9. Ms. Manners
Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? If so, email it to to your friendly neighbourhood VOCene Editor and it'll get forwarded Ms. Manners for review. Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away.

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