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Date : 2016-05-10
Description : VOCene #2 2016
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Varsity Outdoor Club
VOCene #2, May 10 2016

** Past trips
* A group of optimists again gathered for evening skiing at Cypress.  After a bit of hiking and skinning, the group skied down with the sun setting over the Howe Sound. Picture courtesy of Nicole Ong.

* Son of Rock happened this past weekend. Amongst many things, people climbed, swam in the river, sat around a bonfire and were treated by the spectacle of a proton arc and the aurora! Picture taken by Lena Förstel.

* Throwback to Unusual climbs in Garibaldi in 1958 ( by Artem Babaian. A new throwback will be posted every fortnight on Tuesday!


** Upcoming Trips

Climbing and skiing extravaganza (  (beginner) - May 11 --- Squamish & Cypress
Spend a day climbing in Squamish, followed by an evening skiing at the now closed Cypress ski resort. Sign up asap if you want to go, as this is happening tomorrow.

Climbing Trip ( (beginner/intermediate) - May 13 - 15 --- Vantage, WA
Use those skills you learned at Son of Rock. Vantage has some easier climbs (5.6, 5.7), but you need to be able to lead to set up top ropes. This is not an instructional trip. Pre-trip is in the clubroom at 6pm tonight!

Galiano on Wheels ( (beginner) - May 14 - 15 --- Galiano Island
Explore Galiano Island by bike! The trip size is limited. Pre-trip is in the clubroom at 7.15pm tonight!

Summer Stokefest 1 (  (beginner) - May 14 - 15 --- Murrin Park, Squamish
Beginner-friendly hiking, climbing, and camping. All in one weekend! Pre-trip tomorrow at 6pm in the clubroom.


Pemberton Icefield traverse (  (intermediate) - May 19 - 22 --- Pemberton Icefield
Glacier and overnight ski experience is essential. The idea is to do a ski traverse of the Pemberton Icefield. The group intends to leave Thursday evening, camp at the trailhead, set out early Friday morning and be back to the cars by Sunday.

Brew hut or Lizzie (  (beginner) - May 21 - 23 --- Brew or Lizzie Creek
This trip will go to one of two destinations: Lizzie Lake Trail or Brew Hut. Indicate your preference on the sign up! Get some trail work or hut work done and enjoy the beautiful surrounding areas.

** Message board highlights
* Grandwall climbing equipment 40% off (,114609) --- an order will be placed on May 17th
* Can anyone give Owen a ride up to Whistler (,118081) this Thursday?
* Roadtrip in the US (,118053) (8 days) --- looking for ideas
* US Westcoast road-trip in July (,118081) --- looking for ideas and partners
* Rockies trip with parents (,118074)  --- looking for ideas


** Ms. Manners
Dear Ms. Manners,
What distinguishes a contrail from a proton arc?
Sceptical Climber

Dear Sceptical Climber,
Let's put on our physics glasses. A contrail is a cloud formed from the exhaust of an airplane when water vapor condenses and freezes around particles in the exhaust. Contrails can be seen at night, although they are often irregular and quickly disperse due to winds in the atmosphere. A proton arc is formed when protons emitted by a solar storm interact with the atmosphere. As you and the many climbers at Son of Rock and in Squamish saw this past weekend, the proton arc formed a smooth, straight arc across the sky in the East-West direction which lasts longer than a contrail and is also brighter. It is generally accompanied by the typical aurora, as was the case this weekend. If that isn't enough to convince you that you saw a proton arc, then you probably never will be convinced.
Ms. Manners
P.S. for a more technical explanation, see here ( .

Ms. Manners is the VOC's resident expert on mountaineering and outdoors etiquette, and answers questions from VOCers once a week in her advice column, here. Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? Email the VOCene editor and it will be forwarded on to Ms. Manners, with a reply posted the following week.

CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or additions to the VOCene Editor.

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